Weichuan Highlands

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Weichuan Highlands map.png

Located east of Chang'an, the Wei River flows through the mountains and has carved a winding river valley with cliffs on both sides.

It has been an important military strategic point since ancient times.

The scars left a year ago by the war have not completely healed, and another threat is already looming on the horizon.

Weichuan Highlands is map where player character will be mainly spending their time between levels of 20 till 30.

Weichuan Highlands loading screen
Weichuan Highlands loading screen

The map has multiple Dungeons, such as Frostbitten path.

Blood Ruvia[edit | edit source]

Go to the Weichuan Highlands and use the Akabane Banner to defeat these monsters.

In General, the harder the boss the higher the Rewards

Boss Name Challenge Scale Boss Level GS Ruvian Token Reward Reward Limit
Yuelian Quak Team Beginner 36 36 15 Tokens 18x per week
Angry Water Sprite
Laoshu Camp Guard Beginner 24 24
Master Grave Robber
Crazed Wood Sprite Single 7 Tokens 15x per week
Evil Imperial Guard General

Underworld[edit | edit source]

Weichuan Highlands Underworld.png

Go to the Weichuan Highlands and use the Underworld Lantern to defeat these monsters.

In General, the harder the boss the higher the Rewards -> 2/10/15 Soul Liberation Points, Blue Lotus Notes depends on the Boss itself

The difficulties are beginner 20/gs20, Student 1/gs80, Student1/gs90

Boss Name Challenge Scale Repeat Limit
Spectral General of the Imperial Guard Single Playe 99x
Evil Ghost of Jidong
Headless General
For the Wife
Spirit Fox Rongwei
Confused Wondering Graverobber Soul
Furious Laohu Spectre
Well-bred young lday who died in vain
Gua Batian

Instances[edit | edit source]

Instances of Weichuan Highlands

Name Type Recommended level Recommended gs Recommended Teamsize Important Drops
Frostbidden Path (practice) Dungeon Beginner 22 24 1-10 35gs
Frostbidden Path (easy) Student 1 45 5-10 50gs
Frostbidden Path (hard) 50 60gs
Frostbidden Path (extreme) 75 hero tokens

Connected Areas[edit | edit source]

Intern[edit | edit source]

  • Wood of Veracity Grotto

Extern[edit | edit source]

  • Huaixiu Village
  • Chang'an City

Game of Eternity[edit | edit source]

besides the Dragonstar Formation there are some NPCs which play the Card Game with you

Name Difficulty Coords Reward
List will be filled in future

Materials[edit | edit source]

following Materials are obtainable in the Weichuan Highlands

Each Material has a Elementaltype (Water, Wood, Metal, Fire, Earth) which decides a possible extra drop from gathering, extraction and refining

Name Elementaltype Rarity Exclusive in this Area?
Rattan Crystal Wood Golden No
Tumbleweed Wood Blue Yes
Dust Heart Metal or Earth? Golden No

Fishing[edit | edit source]

following fish-foodstuff are obtainable in the Weichuan Highlands

none of them are exclusive to this area

Name Rarity Type
Tiger Crab Uncommon Fish
Mandarin Fish Rare Fish
Jade Carp Rare Fish
Armed Crab Uncommon Gold Guzzler
Mantis Shrimp Uncommon Gold Guzzler
Sea Grass Monster Uncommon Gold Guzzler
Small Sea Dragon Rare Gold Guzzler
Goldfish Rare Gold Guzzler
Pearl Spirit Rare Gold Guzzler
Octopus Rare Gold Guzzler
Feiyi Epic Gold Guzzler
Toad Epic Gold Guzzler
Fairy Turtle Epic Gold Guzzler
Hermit Crab Epic Gold Guzzler

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Area Exclusive Achievements in that area

Name Objective Reward
Loess Hillside Visit all areas of the Weichuan Highlands 10p + "Over the Mountains"-song
First Arrival in the Weichuan Highlands Arrive in the Weichuan Highlands for the first time 10p
Weichuan Highlands: Dragonstars Activate 7 Dragonstars on the Weichuan Highlands 10p
Traveller Stand on the highest post behind the Imperial Guard Camp in the Weichuan Highlands 10p
Travel 40p + 1 song
Name Objective Reward
Travel Notes on the Weichuan Highlands Complete all the main quests in the Weichuan Highlands 20p + "Weichuan Highlands"-Avatar
Friends Complete the 'Duan Fenglou' Biography-series 15p
Monster Language Girl Complete the 'Monster Language: Written Archive' Biography 10p
Stop the Losses, Before It's Too Late Kill the nocturnal spirit in the Weichuan Highlands before you get 5 stacks of yin Infection 10p
Mine Clearance Expert In the fight against the toads in the Weichuan Highlands, he stepped on three mines in quick succession 10p
Hard Boiled Kill 2 or more langren simultaneously in the Weichuan Highlands and fend off the last Wolf Soul Killer 10p
Marvellous! Weichuan Highlands Defeat all Weichuan Highlands solo and team bosses 10p
Safe Crossing: Weichuan Highlands Complete all expeditions against solo and team Turquoise Lantern bosses in the Weichuan Highlands 10p
Gugugu Dadada Friend, have you heard anything about guguda and Dadagu from the Weichuan Highlands? 15p
Wrong Taoist The windmill which will be hit: It's unjust, I just want to weep 15p
Commemorate Heroic Souls Say farewell for three days 15p
Heroic 140p + 1 Avatar
Name Objective Reward
The Tenth Person Reached the highest level of prestige with the Heavenly Council 20p
Prestige 20p
Name Objective Reward
Adventures on the Frostbitten Path Reach all of the targets on practice 10p
Back to the Frostbitten Path Reach all of the targets on normal 10p
Subjugator of the Frostbitten Path Reach all of the targets on hard 10p
I couldn't care less Defeat Huang Chenshui on normal or hard without any team members being hit by his Torrent of Arrows 10p
Lightning Battle Against Demons Defeat Gui Langjun when he has triggered Deep Grief a maximum of 10 times on normal or hard 10p
Dodgeball Master Defeat Gua Dazhuang on normal or hard without any team member being hit by a ball 10p
Spread the Poison Defeat Han Yi after all team members have been subjected to Dive Deep into Poison 10p
The Trace of the God has no Shadow Complete the Instance on normal or hard without being spotted by a Water Elemental 10p
Conquer the Frostbitten Path Reach all goals on extreme 10p
Looter Unlock all Frostbitten Path achievements 30p
Instance 120p
Name Objective Reward
Tumbleweed Collector Collect Tumbleweed 30 times 10p
Life 10p
Total 330p + 1 Song + 1 Avatar