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Summoner "DPS"- / "Healer"-weapon 120gs

There are six types of weapons that player character can use. The weapon used defines the class of character.

Weapons types (class based)[edit | edit source]

Greatsword - Berserker

Sword - Spellsword

Harp - Bard

Scythe - Reaper

Staff - Summoner

Weapon types (Masterie based)[edit | edit source]

There is no limitation that says the Weapon is for this specific mastery but some weapons differs in their stats which makes them most likely to be choosed for their mastery

In general the community categorized the weapons in "DPS"-weapons and "Healer"-weapons,

because they have a high Mastery-/Perception for DPS or Healeffect-/Haste for Healer, which are the main-stat for the most classes/masteries

More[edit | edit source]

The current 1.1 patch introduces 90gs with the following 105 and 120gs

A higher quality level means higher stats and higher strenghening level and Talisman levels

Level Upgradeable Talisman Lv
90 5 times 2
105 6 times 3
120 7 times 4