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Warrior is one of the 3 new character classes playable in Swords of Legends Online. It is represented by Crystal Warriors and Spirit Warriors.

The elite guards of the Floral Palace, specialised in the use of long blades, carry within them the blood of the Firestone Clan and the Spirit Foxes, but they appear human. Unlike the regular Floral Palace guards, they take a secret medicine for their cultivation which is made from soulstones, which gives them extraordinary strength and tenacity. Apart from that they're talented at processing and polishing all sorts of soulstones, which they refine intojade and jewels that possess the purest Soulforce. By using them on their weapons and apparel, they magically increase their attack and defence.

They fight using long blades. Moreover, they can transform their skeletons into gold iron and dress their bodies in a phantom armour made from soulstones. They are exceptionally resistant. They can also summon stone tablets and pillars engraved with fire runes from the earth as a form of defensive magic. The jade and gems on their blades display different light effects in combat depending on the action they're used for. When performing certain actions their left forearms become crystallised, which changes their combat style.

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