Valley of a Hundred Grasses

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Map of the zone

The beautiful landscape and lush forests lures in many birds and fury creatures. This place is also known as 'Paradise on Earth'. The Shennong lived here in ancient times. He planted Lunar Crown Trees which symbolised a year-round spring. Now Spearmasters, Berserkers and Mohists live here together to guard the Valley of a Hundred Grasses

Valley of a Hundred Grasses concept art (source)

Valley of a Hundred Grasses is the very first open-world map that players are introduced to after finish the tutorial. This will be the only map available for players until they reach level 5, which they will leave after finishing the main quest and move into the main capital of the game Cloudrise.

In GuJian3 Lost Tales, it's known as Meadows.

Game of Eternity[edit | edit source]

Valley of a Hundred Grasses card in Game of Eternity

Swords of Legends Online Game of Eternity card description:

The proud troops cover the land like blades of grass. Tarnished helmets and armour turned to Yin.

GuJian3 Lost Tales card description (Meadows card):

The brave riders matched, striking with sharp polearms. Long shadows on the grassland, unified and valiant.

Books[edit | edit source]

Information about this place can be found in some books: