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The User Interface contains a lot of Elements.

Basic User Interface[edit | edit source]

Headerline settings

Basic User Interface means every UI element which isn't affected by the Interface settings

Name Effect optional? changeable?
headerline shows relevant pre-setted information and shortcuts for options such as "hide players" no you can change what is shown
Picture Style: pre-setted Game filter which greatly affects looks and fps of the game no filter of the game (affects fps and looks)
Time, Ingametime, current Location at the right corner the game shows RL-time, Ingametime (weather) and current location / position no no
Received Items shows the last received Items and prestige no you can hide this menu, by clicking the box
Social menu contains shortcuts to open the Social- / Mentor and Apprentice- / Alliance- / Inbox- / Recruit- and Popup-window-chat menu no no
XP bar at the bottom of the Screen there is a bar which indicates the XP to the next level, by hovering over it you can see the numbers no no
Game Menu Shortcuts Under the Categories Character [C], Inventory [B], Mission [L], Astral Records [Ctrl+Z], Museum of the Continents [Y], PvP [Ctrl+K], Social, Menu [Esc], Shop [U]. which contains multiple additional options if you're hovering over them

Note: Picture Style: Cinematic is very popular as the most beautiful filter, Soft is also very popular as the fps-friendliest

Interface settings[edit | edit source]

The Interface Settings

All of them are changeable in Size and Position.

Most of them can't be deactivated, typically player reduce the size to 50% and move them into a corner

Basic[edit | edit source]

Name Effect optional? changeable?
Player HP shows Player HP No No
Class Resources shows Class Resources No No
Mastery Resource shows Mastery resource No No
Dodge Cooldown Shows Dodge Cooldown No No
Chat Bar shows chat No No
Permanent Buff shows buffs with a min. duration of >24h No No
Permanent Debuff shows debuffs with a min. duration of >24h No No
Player Potrait Image shos Player Portrait (Avatar, Level, PvP-modus-state, Name) No You can change your Avatar, Pvp-modus-state and Level
Accessibility Bar allows to open Shop, Gift Pack Centre, Dragonstar Guide, Combat Stats, Captain's Assistent, Photo mode, Ranking No No
Event Button allows to open login rewards and overview of activities No No
Radar Map Mini map No No
Flight Path Stamina-bar of Flying Power No No
Quest List Shows doable Quests and area quests (heroic events) No You can change which quests are shown (Except heroic events)
Prompt for Special loot items ?? shows special loot i guess No No
Note on new skill Shows new Skills (won't be used much after reaching student 1) No No
Mouse Tip Shows Mouse Lock-state (some masteries don't have the option to choose between mouse (un)lock No No
Personal Threat List Shows Threats to yourself No No

Social[edit | edit source]

Name Effect optional? changeable?
Messages Shows Messages about social activites such as Friendship, Team Invite, etc. No No
Chat Bar Shows open-chatroom for all No You can change which chat is shown and font-size
Team Threat List Shows Threats to every team member No No

Battle[edit | edit source]

Name Effect optional? changeable?
Important Buffs/Debuffs ?? shows important (de)buffs i guess No ??
Combat Buff shows temporary buffs (combat buffs) <24h No No
Combat Debuff shows temporary debuffs (combat buffs) <24h No No
Target Casting Bar Casting Bar of the target No No
Target Effect Bar 1 & 2 Extra Effect Bar to show only pre-setted Effects No No
Threat Surveillance List Shows Threats + Aggro level to yourself No No
Warning if you are under the influence of CC Shows if you're under the influence of any CC No No
Target's Target Shows the Target of the Target No No

Captain's Assisstent[edit | edit source]

These are inactive until you activate and adjust the Captain's Assistent.

Name Effect optional? changeable?
Boss event tip list Shows upcoming pre-setted Boss events No You can change which tips, tip-text, and time
Boss Event Menu Shows upcoming pre-setted Bos events No You can change which tips, tip-text, and time

PvP[edit | edit source]

These are inactive until you are in PvP mode (or Fraction mode) and fight against a Player

Name Effect optional? changeable?
Warning if you are under the influence of CC (pvp) Shows if you are unter the influence of CC in PvP No No

Area exclusive[edit | edit source]

These are inactive until you reach a special Area (typically with a special event)

Name Effect optional? changeable?
Area Inventory Extra Inventory for Extra Area dropps No No
Area equipment slot Shows Equipment for special Areas (overwrite normal Equip) No No

Class exklusive[edit | edit source]

These are inactive and not even shown without the right class

Name Effect optional? changeable? Class
Spirit animal Info Summoner
other information missing

Additional[edit | edit source]

Name Effect optional? changeable?
Additional Effect Bar 1-8 Bar to show Additional pre-setted Effects Yes You can change Transparency, show focus, (De)/Buff and set a list with effects
Quickbar1-8 Bar to quickcast skills Yes You can Lock them, set Lines 1-12 and Row 1-12 (but no more than 12 skills per quickbar) and set "all" which blocks the change of your skills in battle