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This page will contain upcoming confirmed features and releases.

Engine and Performance increase[edit | edit source]

Chinese developers are working on upgrading their own engine into Unreal Engine 4. It has been said that it might arrive during the 2nd half of 2022.

Roadmap[edit | edit source]

During developer livestream, roadmap for rest of 2021.

Roadmap no. 1 2021
Roadmap no. 2 2021

Classes[edit | edit source]

At least three new classes have been confirmed for the game:

- Ranger

- Foxmage

- Warrior

Warrior will be having secondary class of Samurai.

With every new class, you will get one extra character slot for free.

Localisation[edit | edit source]

When game was released at the beginning of July 2021, Gameforge officially stated that localisation regarding text and voice acting will be flawed.

They did say that it will be taking them few more months to finish, due to the fact that this game has been out for a long time in China and there is a lot that must be translated for multiple different languages.

Pets[edit | edit source]

Images of listed pets below have been data-mined from the game client, however name or acquisition methods are still unknown.

Solo-pet-monkey.jpg Solo-pet-squeak.jpg Solo-pet-chunky-rubber-duck.jpg Solo-pet-fire-rat.jpg Solo-pet-frosty.jpg Solo-pet-cat-with-fish.jpg
Solo-pet-cat-with-fish.jpg Solo-pet-ox.jpg Solo-pet-mushroom-rabbit.jpg Solo-pet-shiba.jpg Solo-pet-drumming-octopus.jpg Solo-pet-bandit-the-trash-panda.jpg
Solo-pet-hermit-crab.jpg Solo-pet-roo.jpg Solo-pet-wartime-dharma.jpg Solo-pet-tweet.jpg Solo-pet-flopsy.jpg Solo-pet-yutu.jpg
Solo-pet-peaparty.jpg Solo-pet-peapod.jpg Solo-pet-pangu.jpg Solo-pet-happy-bao.jpg Solo-pet-hysterical-bao.jpg Solo-pet-hungry-bao.jpg
Solo-pet-hungry-bao.jpg Solo-pet-humble-bao.jpg