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Treasure Map inventory interface
Treasure Map inventory interface
Treasure Map treasure on the ground
Treasure Map treasure on the ground

Treasure maps are consumable items that players can use to find treasure chests across the game world as the as the Natural Scientist side class, which result in various rewards.

Treasure Maps and Hidden treasure leisure events have a lot in common, however they are two different activities. Unlike Hidden Treasures, Treasure map treasures are always in shape of a chest, and do not have an unique look or name. They are not also particularly difficult to find either, as they have clear indicators once gotten close enough and they are always laying on the ground, instead of being hidden away somehow.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Treasure maps can be bought at Natural History Academy Merchant NPC located on every map. There are four types of consumable treasure maps players can buy, which vary in their quality:

Every treasure map, except Mysterious Treasure Map - Good, which costs 20 Silver coin, requires Erudition Coins and Treasure Map tokens to be bought.

Natural History Academy Merchant located in Huaixiu Village

Usage[edit | edit source]

After buying a treasure map, it will automatically be added to the inventory Treasure Maps tab. There, player can click on the corresponding map and the Treasure Map tab in the player map will automatically be opened, revealing treasure maps on the right side of the opened window.

Treasure Map tab in player map with one unrevealed treasure map on the right side of the screen
Treasure Map picture before revealing at a Dragonstar

In order to reveal the map, player will need to go to a Dragonstar and use Treasure Compass skill. When it is done, treasure map should change to show a part of the area where the treasure is hidden.

Treasure Map example after revealing

With a revealed treasure map, players need to left-mouse click on it and hover over a proper location on the area map. If the area is correct, there will be a golden glow around the selected map fragment.

Golden glow appears when treasure map is hovered on the proper area

Then, after left-mouse click on the correct location, the treasure zone will be indicated by a green square

Highlighted treasure area with a number on its center, corresponding to the treasure maps list found on the right side of the player's screen
Visual Indicator of Treasure Map Location.

Then players will need to use Treasure Compass Display in order to find a more specific location where the treasure is hidden. Treasure looked for is marked with an X icon on it.

Treasure located on the compass display

Once close enough, it should glow with a golden aura. Treasure can also be heard in-game, indicated by a "glowing" sound, which gets louder the closer the player gets.

Golden aura on the compass display, indicating that player is in a very close proximity to the treasure. Treasure chest is visible right under the compass display on the screenshot

Now the player just needs to go to the treasure and interact with it, using right-mouse click.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Although Treasure Maps description states they require level Student1 in order to be used, players can buy them and they will be automatically added to the Treasure Maps tab inventory anyway. Players will be able to find the treasures.
  • Merchant locations:
    • Baxian Plateau (-308, -325): Zhao Hu. Near the Dragonstar between Wangxian Way and Snowdrift Plateau.
    • Cloudrise (-86, 82): Mingchen. West wing of the Yaotian Palace, Langhuan Pavillion.
    • District of Jiangdu (872, -322): Pan Jun. South side of Yiling Shore.
    • Huaixiu Village (57, 37): Wen Sen. Northeast part of the village.
    • Shanghuai Grassland (-171, 292): Xue Bin. Near Xianjouji.
    • Zhongnan Foothills (19, 87): Ke Jue. Near the Squall Ferry.