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Titles are cosmetic rewards for completing various parts of the game. These are showcased under the player's character name.

Achievement titles[edit | edit source]

Title Achievement Category Achievement
Adventurer Travel Dragons Travel Between Worlds
Break formation Instance Thousand Mountains River - Not Tired
Guest from a Dustless World Instance Thousand Mountains River - Filling the Sea
High Repute on All Continents General High Repute on All Continents
Know-it-all Travel Encyclopaedia of Monsters
Lucky Cat Travel The Path to Prosperity Lies Ahead of You
Master Travel Head for Heights
Red General Under a Good Star
Shadow Travel You Have Three Tricks!
Tattered Clothing Life Dirty and Wet
Ten Thousand Books Collectibles Ten Thousand Books
The Chosen Instance You Leap Higher Than the Sky
The Girl's Heart Heroic The Girl's Heart
Treasure Hunter Travel A Thousand Mountains and Rivers
Whirlwind Travel You can't hit me!

Sword Master Adventure titles[edit | edit source]

Title Acquisition Method
Deepest Hell and Three Evils (Fire, Blood, Knives) Complete Chapter Three - Wuzhao Nocturnal Spirit
Sword on the Waves Complete Chapter Four - Secret of the Demonsword
Community of Fubu, Kowloon Complete Chapter Six - Demon Chaos in Chang'an
Drunken Dancer Complete Chapter Seven - Fate of Fairies
Moonrise on the Singing River Complete Chapter Nine - Cult of the Devastators

Temporary titles[edit | edit source]

Title Acquisition Method
Good Chest Opener N/A
Glowing Luck Star Moon Festival event

Other titles[edit | edit source]

Title Acquisition Method
Awash in Relaxation Premium Battle Pass - Season 1
Bewitcher N/A
Butterfly Shadow N/A
Charming Dragon N/A
Exubitrix's Nyang N/A
Fashionista! Reach 5000 Appearance
Jade Oath Student Reach Student 1
Monster's Bane N/A
Sharp-Witted Pioneer Beta access
Spirit Tamer N/A
The Guest in a Black Cloak N/A
The Knowledgeable One Vendor - Mingchen

6 Gold 666 Silver

100 000 Erodition Coins