Taihua Mountain: Blade Peak

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Red Dawn Podium in Blade Peak.
Taihua Mountain concept art (source)

A fairy summit on Taihua Mountain located above the Sea of Clouds. One of the five Sword Guardians who protects the mountain lives here. The remnants of the ancestor's swords from the Qin Mausoleum are kept in the Sword Sanctum. Their names are White Cloud and Falling Snow. It almost looks like an illusion.

Taihua Mountain: Blade Peak is the first map the player accesses. This has been the place to which the fragments of the three legendary swords were brought after the battle of Qin Mausoleum 30 years ago. The Taihua Temple is now calling upon students from the Valley of a Hundred Grasses and the Heavenly Ridge to journey to Blade Peak. There the young students of the Qin League will be called upon to reawaken the hearts of the legendary swords and prepare for the next battle in the Qin Mausoleum

Game of Eternity[edit | edit source]

Taihua Mountain card in Game of Eternity

Swords of Legends Online Game of Eternity card description:

The crane cries out high in the clouds. Giant mountains rise up outside the city, surronded by the sunset glow.

GuJian3 Lost Tales card description:

Over the clouds soars a celestial crane, perching atop the mountains after stormy rain.