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Unknown NPC representing Summoner class on game's website.
Unknown NPC representing Summoner class on game's website.

The Summoner is one of 8 character classes playable in Swords of Legends Online.

Summoners can specialize either in caster dps or healing support. Summoners use Staff as weapon.

Summoners live in harmony with nature. Their profound knowledge of the natural world makes them powerful allies, as they summon sprites to support them while unleashing ancient spells. Their celestial healing prayers often prove to be the difference between life and death. Summoners are not limited to healing duties, being perfectly capable of inflicting serious damage in combat should the situation require. They can cast spells that grant them control over nature and the creatures of the wild. Their minds working in union with nature, they can also summon a tiger companion which they can ride on their journeys.

In ancient times, the great goddess Nüwa guided numerous clans into the underworld, where they founded Spiritopolis. Many more wanted to follow her, but she had other tasks in mind for them, and she ordered them to stay in the upper world. The Liao clan from Heavenly Ridge was one such group; they stayed in the upper world, where they continued to promulgate Nüwa’s benevolence. Heavenly Ridge, where they gathered, became the place of pilgrimage where the faith in Nüwa has flourished. Believers from around the world come to pay homage to the great goddess there. The priests of the Liao clan, who stay on the surface and welcome the faithful, are known as the Summoners.

Main Skills[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]
Name Type Description Unlock Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Effect
Sky Mending final.png Sky Mending Immune to Control Cleanse - ? None Instant 60 sec. Self Removes crowd control + granting immunity for you and mingshi for 6s
Yang Curse.png Yang Curse Protection The sun looks so bright as it rises ? Instant 55 sec. Self Reduces damage taken by 70% for you and mingshi for 8s

(Q: mingshi can force back the dmg? reflection dmg?)

Spirit Dove.png Spirit Dove Purify The Spirit Dove glides along like a cloud ? Instant 20 sec.


Self Removes movement restrictions + Jump back 10 metres
Flying Goose.png Flying Goose Purify You look as graceful and elegant as a wild goose ? Instant 8 sec. Self Quickly dode in another direction, when used in slowdown state the distance is reduced according to slowing rate and cooldown is increased by +50%
Solitary Light.png Solitary Light / Call back Support Sends out all spirit Animals ? Instant 5 sec (8 in pvp) Self calls all spirit animals back / recalls the dismissed spirit animals
Summon Tiger.png Summon Tiger Support Passive The method described in Nature's Wrath can be used to summon a spirit animal that is familiar to the summoner. Most will summon a spirit Tiger. But some students make other choices, such as the young summoner Feng Ming, who picked the spirit animal Fing. Beginner 4 ~2 sec.


- - As long as you're not in combat, you can summon a white Tiger Spirit animals as your mount, increases movement speed by +85%

*Once learned you can select and use white Tiger on the skills and mount Interface

Glyphs[edit | edit source]
Name Costs Effect
Returned Bird high res.png Returned Bird 1 If Spirit Dove is also in cooldown after using Flying Goose, you can use Flying Goose again within 2 sec
Flying Figure fixed size.png Flying Figure 1 After using Spirit Dove, a circle of light may be left at the location.

Using the skill again within 6 sec returns you to this circle.

Soft Fragrance high res.png Soft Fragrance 1 When using skills which consume Soulforce/mana, 10% of the Soulforce/mana consumed is restored

Masteries[edit | edit source]

Summoner has two masteries available.

Nature's Wrath (Ranged DPS)[edit | edit source]

Offering themselves as nature’s tools, Summoners use their innate ability to summon spirits to attack their opponents. Their powerful Soulforce allows them to channel their spiritual energies into a gleaming beam of light to smite down their foes. Whether it be the fox-like companion Mingshi, or Golden Feather, a creature that will briefly attract the attention of their enemies, Nature’s Wrath Summoners can adapt to various forms of combat.

Nature's Wrath logo
[ here should be a Screenshot of the Skillinterface ]

Skills[edit | edit source]

Commons[edit | edit source]

The following skills will be available no matter the astral blessing chosen

Name Type Description Unlock Cost Cast Time Cooldown Time Range Effect Golden Shell
Racing Fire.png Racing Fire Damage - - None Instant None 20m, 2.8radius Regenerates 5points of Soulforce, Reduces casting time for Flame Curse by 0.6s for 5s low
Flame Curse.png Flame Curse Damage Whirling Flame Inferno 16 Soulforce 1 sec None 20m, 2.8radius - low
Blossom Twinkle (fixed size).png Blossom Twinkle Regenerate Support - - None Instant 40 sec, 2 stacks

(haste -scaling)

Self, 8.4radius Instant resets 1 Nüwa Rune, Place Luminous Lotus for 10sec which Reveals invisible targets and regenerate HP for team members, +100% Regenerate for yourself -
Meteor Explosion.png Meteor Explosion Frenzy Triggers explosion at 7 random positions None Instant 115sec


20m, 3radius Immunity to CC while casting, Activated Meteor Explosion buff (=Regenerates 15p of Soulforce per sec and Flame Curse don't have casting time) low
Nüwa's Dance - Start.png Nüwa's Dance (- start) Damage On a beautiful sunny day such as this the orioles flutter about in the shade, fighting over mates None Instant 60s 20m, 3radius If you hit a target with a smashed Golden shell Nüwa's Dance is triggered -
Radiant Mist.png Radiant Mist - Blade Echo The gleaming sword is enveloped by radiant mist, like a delicate maiden dancing across the clouds 1 Bladehart Instant Uninterrupted Self inspires Bladeheart resonance amongst team members and icreases all attributes for +10% for 30sec -
Morning Fire Curse.png Morning Fire Curse Interrupt The sunrise is so spectacular None Instant 20sec 25m, 3radius Interrupts the target and nearby enemies' casting High, if interrupt succeeds
Radiant Skylight[edit | edit source]

The following skills will only be available when the first astral blessing is Radiant Skylight

Name Type Unlock Cost Cast Time Cooldown Time Range Effect Golden Shell
Summoning- Stone Pylon.png Summoning: Stone Pylon Damage 1 Nüwa Rune Instant Uninterrupted 20m, 3radius Summon 1 spirit animal Small Boulder for 18s + 25m attack range (15 in pvp), Rune Cooldown 15s + When attacking, you have a chance of adding Breaker Seal to the main target

Breaker Seal

(= detonates if Flame Curse or Bright Light hits the target and detonates - high damage)

Bright Light.png Bright Light Damage 25 Soulforce Instant 28sec 20m, 2.8radius If the main target has Breaker Seal, damage increases by 60% (consumes stacks) Low
Phoenix Strike.png Phoenix Strike Frenzy None 3 sec


90 sec


20m, 6radius After the skill has been performed, the first 6 Breaker Seals which detonates within 20s also mark the target with an Seal of the Phoenix

Seal of the Phoenix

(= can be triggered by detonating the Breaker Seal - deals massive damage)

Golden Feather - fixed size.png Golden Feather Control None Instant 35 sec 20m Summon an attack on 1 of the spirit animal Golden Feather's target, attacks apply the Feather Seal to the target, slowing it. Duration 6sec

Feather Seal

(= When character carries out an active attack (Racing Fire, Flame Curse, Bright Light and its variants) the Dizyy effect is activated for 6 sec, cooldown 35 sec)

Sunset high res.png Sunset Control None Instant 45 sec 20m, 3radius Stun the target High
Eastern Sun[edit | edit source]

The following skills will only be available when the first astral blessing is Eastern Sun

Name Type Unlock Cost Cast Time Cooldown Time Range Effect Golden Shell
Mingshi summon.png Mingshi Support None Instant Uninterrupted Self Summons the Mingshi, Mingshi takes -25% dmg from non-players, mingshi takes no damage in instances, Mingshi can add a Breaker Seal debuff on target, if Mingshi dies or is banished during battle casting time is extended -
White sun high res.png White Sun / Mingshi: Raid Damage 1 Nüwa Rune Instant Uninterrupted 20m, 4radius Commands Mingshi to use Mingshi: Raid, While Meteor Explosion Status is active: white sun deals 120% more damage and consumes 1 stack of Nüwa's Light Beam stacks Low / Low
Nüwa's Light Beam high res.png Nüwa's Light Beam - 30 Soulforce + 10Stack Instant 20 Stacks 20m, 4radius When attacking targets within 15sec., the next 3 White Suns regain 50% of the cooldown of the nüwa rune used + you are immune to crowd control for 6sec + Meditation can regenerate stacks Low
Companion high res.png Companion / Mingshi: Rush Support / Mingshi: Purify Control None Instant 45 sec, 2 stacks

(haste scaling)

25m Command your Mingshi to use Mingshi: Rush / Mingshi : changes to attack the current target (dash) Low
Beautiful Haze high res.png Beautiful Haze/ Mingshi: Shock Control None Instant 45 sec self, 2.5radius /Mingshi: Target, 2radius Use the skill to stun targets nearby High
Sunshine high res.png Sunshine None Instant 50 sec

(haste scaling)

self Command all spirit animals to switch into Sunshine state

Sunshine state: Increase Mingshi's attack range by 40% and damage by 20%, can be stacked 2 times.

Increase the attack frequency of other spirit animals by 50%

duration: 8 sec

Modified Skills[edit | edit source]

The following are the skill that are obtain by modifying another, either via a glyph or an Astral Blessing

Name How to Obtain Replaced Skill Cost Cast Time Cooldown Time Range Effect Golden Shell
Spirit Beaver high res.png Spirit Beaver Equip the glyph Aspiring Exchange Summoning- Stone Pylon.png Summoning: Stone Pylon 1 Nüwa Rune Instant Uninterrupted 20m, 3radius Summons 1 spirit animal Liangqu for 18 sec, 15 sec Nüwa Rune Cooldown.

When attacking, you have a chance of adding the Breaker Seal to the main target.

Blessing high res.png Blessing pick the Astral Blessing Blessing Sunshine high res.png Sunshine None Instant 42 sec

(haste -scaling)

Self After using the ability, different Blessing effects are displayed for 15 sec.

Tapping the button again gives you the currently displayed Blessing effect.

Twilight: cooldown of Nüwa runes is reduced by 65%

Sunshine: changes spirit animals to the sunshine state for 16 sec

Well Stone: Increase the detonation damage of 7 Breaker Seals by 200% for 12 sec


Astral Blessings[edit | edit source]

1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option
Name Effect Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1
Radiant Skylight high res.png
Radiant Skylight base rate of Stone Pylon / Spirit Beaver's Breaker Seal is increased by 30%

Haste increased the chance by 30%.

Breaker Seal can be stacked up to 6 times.

Racing Fire and Flame Curse added a stack of Excess Light, every 15 stacks can be converted Excess Light for 16 sec.

While active you can use 1 additional Bright Light regardless of Cooldown (for every 10% haste the stacknumber required is reduced by 1, the minimum is 10)

While equipped the following skills are selected: Bright Light, Golden Feather, Sunset and Phoenix Strike

Eastern Sun.png
Eastern Sun While equipped you can summon Mingshi.

Damage increases by 13%

while equipped the following skills are selected: Beautiful Haze and Nüwa's Light Beam

Tier 2
Goddess Nüwa's Belevolent Blessing high res.png
Goddess Nüwa's

Benevolent Blessing

The damage of each level of Bright Light also adds a Breaker Seal to the target.

The second hit causes all breaker Seals on the target to detonate.

White Sun has a 10% chance of casting an additional Breaker Seal

Goddess Nüwa's Favour.png
Goddess Nüwa's Favour The Duration of the sunshine-buff is extended by 100%

The Damage of Mingshi / Stone Pylons is increased by 30% if targets HP is lower 50%.

If Mingshi deals damage while sunshine-buff, 3p Soulforce are regenerated.

Tier 3
Way of Life.png
Way of Life Increased probability of triggering Breaker Seal by 20% and detonation damage by 25%
Blessing astral blessing.png
Blessing Changes Sunshine into Blessing
Séance high res - fixed size.png
Séance After Nüwa Rune got consumed, you have a 10% chance (for 5 sec) of receiving an additional Nüwa Rune slot.

Meanwhile White Sun turns into Stone Pylon

(Every unsuccessful attempt at triggering increases the chance for the next time by 2%)

Tier 4
Thousand Trials and Tribulations high res.png
Thousand Trials

and Tribulations

Meteor Explosion has 2 stacks now.

Damage caused by Meteor Explosion is increased by 50% and the duration of the spirit animal is extended by 8 sec

PVP: If target has less than 20%HP, the cooldown is reduced by 80%

Thousand Lightning Bolt.png
Thousand Lightning Bolt Soulforce regeneration speed is increased by 40% during Meteor Explosion.

You receive 2 Excess Light stacks upon successful completion.

Flame Curse can receive an additional 2 additional stacks for the duration of Meteor Explosion

Life Renewal.png
Life Renewal Meteor Explosion puts all spirit animals in the Sunshine state for 16 sec.

Also, if Nüwa's Light Beam is in combat status, Meteor Explosion adds 3 stacks of Nüwa's Light Beam and you receive 1 stack of the Nüwa's Light Beam effect.

If you use White Sun during Meteor explosion, you receive the Nüwa's Light Beam effect.

Tier 5
Frewell to the Rain Swan.png
Farewell to the

Rain Swan

If Blossom Twinkle is performed, Cooldown for Spirit Dove is resettet and you will receive the effect Farewell to the Rain Swan.

While in effect, damage suffered is reduced by 25%.

If you suffer damage you perform a counter-attack (minimum interval of 0.5sec).

Butterfly in the Rain.png
Butterfly in the Rain After performing Blossom Twinkle:

Astral Blessing Radiant Skylight, the first 2 Breaker Seals which detonates within 10sec, apply an addition Seal of the Phoenix effect to the target

Astral Blessing easter Sun, adds one charge to Nüwa's Light Beam


Glyphs[edit | edit source]

Name Costs Effect
Clear Day Glyph.png Clear Day 1 If Morning Fire Curse successfully interrupts the target, the cooldown for Nüwa Runes is reset instantly
Full Light of Dawn.png Full Light of Dawn 1 The amount healed by Blossom Twinkle increases by 50%
Spinning Wheel of the Elements.png Spinning Wheel of the Elements 1 If the target is damaged by Meteor Explosion twice in a row, it is stunned for 4 sec.

A hit with Golden Feather deals a healing debuff to the target.

White Sun reduces the target's received healing by 20% for 8 sec.

Wandering Rainbow.png Wandering Rainbow 1 When performing Beautiful Haze, Mingshi will return.

When performing Sunset, the crowd control on allies (including summons) with the least HP in a 20m radius is triggered.

Venerable high res.png Venerable 1 Flame Curse without casting time
Fly Together.png Fly Together 1 Blossom Twinkle does not reset the cooldown of Nüwa Rune, but it does reduce the cooldown of all Nüwa Runes currently cooling down by 30%
Windy Valley.png Windy Valley 1 Following the Meteor Explosion, you receive an additional Stack of Excess Light, and 2 stacks of Nüwa's Light Beam are restored.
Windy Valley.png Aspiring Exchange 0 With the Radiant Skylight Astral Blessing: Stone Pylon is replaced by Spirit Beaver.

With the Eastern Sun Astral Blessing: Mingshi switches from ranged to melee attacks.

Nuwa’s Blessing (Support)[edit | edit source]

Channeling the flow of spiritual energy through their prayers of devotion, Nuwa’s Blessing Summoners can cast a range of effects to heal their teammates over time. The healing fairy Moluo can be summoned to further sustain their allies through challenging fights or commanded to use specific skills when in trouble.

Nuwa’s Blessing logo

Skills[edit | edit source]

Commons[edit | edit source]
Name Type


Unlock Cost Cast Time Cooldown Time Range Effect
Healing Light high res.png Healing Light Regeneration Sunlight appears as Feiguang 80MP Instant Uninterrupted 25m Bestowing Healing Light-buff on target.

Healing Light: Restore HP every 1.5 sec (only effects 1 target)

for 6 sec, can be stacked 3 times

If target reaches a full stack continuing to apply the effect on the

target results in regenerating HP instant

(number of ticks and tickspeed are being effected by haste)

Whirling River.png Whirling River Regeneration - None Instant 40 sec 25m Besides instant-healing the target:

Grants the Whirling River Buff for 5 sec, which reduces incoming damage by 8%

and additional 25% if the damage is from other players

Healing mist high res fixed sized.png Healing Mist Regeneration Cloudrippers seem endless 152MP Instant 4 sec (4 stacks)

(haste -scaling)

25m Bestowing Healing Mist on target.

Healing Mist: Regenerates HP every 1.5 sec for 9 sec

(number of ticks and tickspeed are being effected by haste)

Heavy Mist high res.png Heavy Mist Regeneration The heavens are wise and benevolent None Instant 6 sec (4 stacks) self, 25radius Consume the Healing Mist buff on nearby allies so that 70% of their healing is applied instant
Blazing Sun high res.png Blazing Sun Regeneration Gaze at the golden sun as it rises in the East 240MP 2.5sec

(haste -scaling)

80 sec

(haste -scaling)

Self, 25radius while casting, a maximum of 10 team members (prioritiy to low players) receive the Blazing Sun Effect

Blazing Sun: duration continuosly increases during the cast time, Regenerates HP every 1.5 sec

Soothing Daylight high res.png Soothing Daylight Regeneration Support 240MP Instant 100 sec 25m, 10radius A healing circle is created which gradually heals team members inside it and strengthens other healing effects for 10 sec.

Coming into contact with the healing circle triggers the Soothing Daylight effect

Soothing Daylight: Reduces damage taken by 5%, the shield regenerates HP per second for 5 sec.

Day's End Flower high res.png Day's End Flowers Support None 3.82sec 110 sec Self, 25radius You regenerate your MP (5904) and provide support buffs to the target and their team members (cooldown 105 sec) and the Buff is different based by masteries

Spearmaster - General:

Each buff reduces cooldown for Spear/Tassel skills by 1s

Spearmaster - Phalanx:

Restores 15% Rage every second for 1.5 seconds

Berserker - Slayer:

Increases Strike regeneration by 75% for 2 seconds

Berserker - Drunken Master:

Restores 15% Edge every second for 1.5 seconds

Spellsword - Sword Artist:

Restores 10% Qi every second for 1.5 seconds

Spellsword - Bladestorm:

Each stack reduces the cooldown of Silent Snow without Dust by 3 seconds

Bard - Dissonance:

Restores 6% MP every 1.5 seconds

Bard - Harmony:

Restores 1.6%MP every second for 1.5 seconds

Summoner - Nature's Wrath:

Each stack enhances or extends the effect of Meteor Explosion by 1 sec

Summoner - Nüwa's Blessing:

Restores 1.6%MP every second for 1.5 seconds

Reaper - Assassin:

Restores 1 Incantation every second for 1.5 seconds

Reaper - Occultist:

Restores 1.6%MP every second for 1.5 seconds

Floral Cloak.png Floral Cloak Protection None Instant 60 sec 25m You give 3 stacks of Floral Cloak to an ally.

Floral Cloak: Reduces damage taken by the target. The Stacks are reduced and some of your mana is restored, duration: 6 sec.

Summoning- Moluo high res.png Summoning: Moluo Regeneration None 1 sec

(haste -scaling)

4 sec Self You Summon the spirit animal Moluo to assist you with healing
Orchig Scent high res.png Orchid Scent Support Blossoming orchids by the river,

the air rich with their scent.

None Instant 8 sec 25m Clears removable debuffs for an ally.

If removal is successful, there is a 8% chance of the cooldown to reset

Returning Sunset high res.png Returning Sunset Control When clouds and mist merge,

it's time for Returnign Sunset

None Instant 60 sec Self, 4radius Forcing nearby targets back and stunning them for 4 seconds
Aromy Therapy high res.png

Summon- Tiger high res.png

Aroma Therapy

Summon: Tiger

Support 1 Bladehart Instant Uninterrupted Quickly heals an allied target who is badly injured in order to restore their ability to fight.
Support None Instant Uninterrupted Summons a spirit tiger to make an allied target immunte to a fatal injury once and gives him the Spirit Tiger's Protection buff.

If target would get a fatal injury, instead 1 bladeheart is consumed and the target gets healed and cannot be attacked for 3 seconds.

Spirit Tiger's Protection: Damage is reduced by 25%, healing and attack increases by 10%

Damage[edit | edit source]

The followings skills are obtained when using a healing skill on an enemy

Name Original Skill Type Unlock Cost Cast Time Cooldown Time Range Effect Golden Shell
Origin high res.png Origin Healing Light high res.png Healing Light Damage 16MP Instant Uninterrupted 20m Adds a Origin marker to the target.

Origina Marker: Use Primal Force to detonate marker,

dealing high damage to the target.

duration: 6sec, can be stacked 5 times

Primal Force.png Primal Force Healing mist high res fixed sized.png Healing Mist 20MP If target has Origin marker, the extra damage is

added based on the stack of Origin marker

Moluo Skill[edit | edit source]

There are 3 different Moluo skills which changes depending on the 5th Astral Blessing

Name How to Obtain Type Unlock Cost Cast Time Cooldown Time Range Effect
Blossom high res.png Blossom Using Blossom

Astral Blessing

Support None Instant 30 sec 25m lift the target's debuff during battle.

The target becomes faster and gains immunity to slowing.

PVP: Increases the target's healing buff received from Master Moluo by 30%

Duration: 10 sec

Breeze high res.png Breeze Using Breeze

Astral Blessing

Self In battle, increased the healing effect of Moluo: Healing Light by 40%

Duration: 10 sec

Perfume high res.png Perfume Using Perfume

Astral Blessing

25m, 20radius In battle, increase your and your teammates Mastery by 3% for 10 sec.
Astral Blessing Skills[edit | edit source]

5 more Skills which are being selected with the 1st and 2nd Astral Blessing

Name How to Obtain Type Cost Cast Time Cooldown Time Range Effect
Sunflower Mirror high res.png Sun Mirror Flower Picking Sun Mirror Flower as 1st Astral Blessing Regeneration Support 240MP Instant 60 sec (2 stacks)

(haste -scaling)

25m Sun Mirror Flower gets a 2nd stack

Gives Lifesteal to effected Team members for 15 sec

Grants Healing Mist to the target and their team members (same column).

If target already has Healing mist, remaining healing is applied instantly for 10 sec

Passive: Whirling River makes the target immune for CC for 5 sec

Flowers in Full Bloom high res.png Flowers in Full Bloom Picking Flowers in Full Bloom as 1st Astral Blessing Regeneration 160MP 30 sec

(haste -scaling)

Restore up to 15 team members' HP

The lower the targets HP, the stronger the Healing (max. 60%)

After use, the cooldown for Soothing Daylight is reduced by 9 sec.

After use your own mastery increases by 25% for 8 sec.

Coalesce high res.png Coalesce Picking Coalesce as 1st Astral Blessing Regeneration 160MP 40 sec Self Reset charges of Healing Mist, receive Coalesce state:

Coalesce State: Each time healing mist is used,

the effect can be granted to an additional team member (low HP priority)

and the regeneration effect is increased by 15% for 18 seconds

Moluo- Protection.png Moluo: Protection Picking Moluo: Protection as 2nd Astral Blessing Regeneration Shield 640MP 17 sec

(haste -scaling)

selected target You command your Moluo to heal a selected target.

-> Strong heal and Shield

While the skill is in cooldown, Moluo's healing buff is reduced by 95%

Moluo- Healing.png Moluo: Healing Picking Moluo: Healing as 2nd Astral Blessing Regeneration 80MP 30 sec

(haste -scaling)

You command your Moluo to heal a selected target.

(moluo delays heal, the heal is weaker and there is no shield)

Astral Blessing[edit | edit source]

1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option
Name Effect Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1 Sunflower Mirror high res.png Sun Mirror Flower grant the skill Sun Mirror Flower Flowers in Full Bloom high res.png Flowers in Full Bloom grants the Skill Flowers in Full Bloom Coalesce high res.png Coalesce grants the Skill Coalesce
Tier 2 Moluo- Protection.png Moluo: Protection grants the Skill Moluo: Protection Moluo- Healing.png Moluo: Healing grants the Skill Moluo: Healing
Tier 3 Falling Clouds high res fixed size.png Falling Clouds Heavy Mists converts +30% (100%) of healing mist into instant heal

Heavy Mist causes the Healing Light effect to nearby targets, with 70% of the remaining healing, being activated immediately.

Increase Heavy Mist stack to 5 and reduces cooldown to 4 seconds

Healing Flush high res.png Healing Flush Increases heal of Healing Mist by 12%

If target doesn't already have Healing Light, the cast of Healing Light grants 2 stacks.

If the HP of a target with healing mist drops under 30% the remaining healing instantly gets applied

Tier 4 Sunny Again high res.png Sunny Again Cooldown of Blazing Sun increases by 10% but the number of affected targets is increased to 20 (before 10) Clouds Opening high res.png Clouds Opening Blazing Sun enhances the healing effect for 8 sec by 5%
Tier 5 Blossom high res.png Blossom Moluo takes blue colour and Moluo skill turns into Blossom Breeze high res.png Breeze Passive: Increase amount healed through Moluo by 10%,

While Breeze is in effect: 30MP of the caster is regenerated (half in PVP)

-- Moluo takes yellow colour and Moluo skill turns into Breeze

Perfume high res.png Perfume Moluo taked red colour and Moluo skill turns into Perfume

Glyphs[edit | edit source]

Name Costs Effect
Light Willow Catkin high res.png Light Willow Catkin 1 Reduces MP cost of Moluo: Protection by 30%

Reduces the skill cooldown of Moluo: Healing by 40%

Distant Mist high res.png Distant Mist 1 If target has a level 2 or 3 Healing Light buff, this effect is increased by 5 / 10%
Solar Rider high res.png Solar Rider 1 When performing Blazing Sun, team members are continuosly provided with immunity to injury for 8s for 10% of the skill
Through the Flowers high res.png Through the Flowers 1 In battle, Orchid Scent can increase the target's movements speed by 50% for 4 sec (60 sec cooldown)
First Flower high res.png First Flower 1 Increases Cooldown of Floral Cloak by 25% and shield changes to 1 stack for 6 sec

Regenerates target's HP and some MP every Second.

Increase target's total HP by 20% and restore the same amount of HP for you (max. 40% of your own HP).

Target is also protected from fatal injury once if the damage isn't twice his max. HP

The shield disappears when the effect is triggered and the target regenerates 30% of their max HP (max 60% of your own HP)

When the effect end, a large amount of your own mana is restored

First Flowers of Spring high res.png First Flowers of Spring 1 The regeneration buff from Day's End Flowers on yourself increases by 10%.

The duration of the support buffs for team members increases by 50%

Morning Dew high res.png Morning Dew 1 When using Breeze, Blossom or Perfume, the crit hit rate is increased by 20% for 8 sec

Media[edit | edit source]

1. Class trailer

Books[edit | edit source]

Information about this class can be found in some books:

Notable Summoners[edit | edit source]