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Spellsword is one of the 8 core classes available in Swords of Legends Online.

Unknown NPC representing Spellsword class on game's website
Unknown NPC representing Spellsword class on game's website

The class utilizes a sword as its weapon and gameplay revolves around summoning new blades to assist him in battle.

Whether hanging back and dealing devastation from afar or getting up close and personal, the Spellsword class combines destructive magic and elegant swordplay to become a graceful-but-deadly force on the battlefield. Hailing from the mountaintop paradise of Taihua Temple, the Spellswords came into being after a series of disagreements between students that led to the group splitting. Those who remained at the temple studied and perfected the Nine Imperial Sword Techniques, combining magic with exquisite swordsmanship inspired by the legendary Zhengyang.

Masteries[edit | edit source]

The Sword Artist: Years spent focusing their energy and magic techniques allow the Spellsword to remain safely out of melee range, using Qi energy to power their flying swords and teleport around the field of combat.

The Sword Artist Mastery logo

The Bladestorm: This mastery lets the Bladestorm summon a circle of razor-sharp blades to damage and stun opponents while using their incredible speed and agility to whirl through throngs of enemies, leaving nothing but death and body parts in their wake.

Bladestorm Mastery logo

Combat Abilities[edit | edit source]

Name Description Unlock Type
Mysterious Swords Skill Icon.png Mysterious Swords Beginner 1 Damage
Concussion Sword Skill Icon.png Concussion Sword Beginner 1 Control Damage
Traceless Cloud Forming Skill Icon.png Traceless Cloud Forming Beginner 1 Dodge
Purify Skill Icon.png Purify Beginner 5 Purify
Gravitational Pull Skill Icon.png Gavitational Pull Beginner 6 Control
Wind Farewell Skill Icon.png Wind Farewell Beginner 8 Passive
Shadow Sword Skill Icon.png Shadow Sword Beginner 10 Passive
Shadow Sword Focus Skill Icon.png Shadow Focus Beginner 10 Support Damage
Lighting Lock Beginner 16 Interrupt
Field of Recovery Formation Beginner 17 Regen
Heavenly Sword Beginner 19 Control

Sword Artist Abilities[edit | edit source]

Bladestorm Abilities[edit | edit source]

Media[edit | edit source]

Official class reveal video:

Books[edit | edit source]

Information about this class can be found in some books:

Notable Spellswords[edit | edit source]