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Soulforces are consumable items that grant the ability to slot powerful effects into your amulets. They are a crucial part of gearing and powering up your character in the end-game. You can view your collected Soulforces by opening the Overview menu (Y) > Collections > Rare Treasures > Relic.

Acquiring[edit | edit source]

Qin League merchant location

Soulforce Chests are available from weekly quests, and two from the Qin League merchant in Cloudrise. Players are capped to 8 each week.

Socketing[edit | edit source]

To use your Soulforces you must first socket them into a Jewellery: Accessory gear piece. You will need 1 Dragon Accessory sold from the Qin League Merchant. Shift + Left Click on a piece of gear to open the Socket interface.

Soulforce socket.pngSoulforce socket 2.png

Upgrading[edit | edit source]

You can increase your Relic level by acquiring duplicates of Relics already in your collection. Using them will add 10 XP to the relic.

Spring Rain item.png
Relic Level and XP Bar
An upgraded Relic.

Note: Upgrading the relic level of an already socketed Soulforce will not upgrade the level on the piece of gear. You must re-socket with another Dragon Accessory to apply it to the gear once more.

List of Soulforces[edit | edit source]

There's a wide array of different ones available in the game for all roles and different play styles.

Name Effect Type
Miasma Attack
Flame Rain Atttack

Outdated soulforces:[edit | edit source]

Name Type
Solid Ice Rune Attack
Rolling Waves Attack
Break Matrix Formation Attack
Clear Reflection Regeneration
Spring Rain Regeneration
Shower of Peach Blossoms Regeneration
Invincible Dragon Defence
Determined Spirit Defence