Soul Journey Realm

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The Soul Journey Realm, or Soul Journey, is the alternate spirit realm relating to the Envoy of the Turquoise Lantern. Soul Journeys can be accessed via the Ancestral Records interface through Ctrl+Y.

Envoy of the Turquoise Lantern menu (Ctrl+Y)

Players are able to complete weekly and biweekly Cultivation quests to gain Blue Lotus Notes and other helpful PvE items. Blue Lotus Notes can be used to purchase Talismans in Cloudrise, which are important for PvE gearing.

How to Enter[edit | edit source]

Through the Turquoise Lantern menu (Ctrl+Y), players who are located in certain open world maps (Zhongnan Foothills, Shanghuai Grassland, Baxian Plateau, Weichuan Highlands, and Huaixiu Village) may use the Underground Lantern skill to enter a Soul Journey. Entering a Soul Journey will transport you to an alternate version of that map, where only other players who are also on a Soul Journey will appear.

Participating[edit | edit source]

Difficulty 1 Enemy

Periodically, spirits will spawn, indicated by an icon on the map. These icons will have between 1 and 3 red dots underneath them, signifying their difficulty, with 1 being the lowest and 3 being the highest. When these enemies are defeated, players will gain points and the icon will become grayed out on the map and begin a respawn timer. Players can hover over enemy icons for more information.

While in the Soul Journey Realm, players have 3 additional skills, similar to how the Blood Ruvia skills work. These are the Demon-seeking Turquoise Lantern (Alt+1), Infernal Ordeal (Alt+2), and Ghost-catching Lantern (Alt+3).

The Demon-seeking Turquoise Lantern can be used to reveal hidden spirits in front of you.

Infernal Ordeal can be used after defeating spirits. When a spirit has just been defeated, players should use the Infernal Ordeal right away to send their spirit to the afterlife. This action also awards players additional points.

The Ghost-catching Lantern will summon a mobile lantern that can lure spirits towards you.

Additionally, a weekly Cultivation quest titled Turquoise Lantern Spirits (Boss Battle) allows players to fight a boss spirit in a specified map. These bosses appear on the map like regular enemies, but with a different icon. They have long respawn timers but reward a lot of points.