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Runestones[edit | edit source]

Runestones are used to strenghten your gear at a blacksmith. Using them along with some gold can upgrade your equipment or you can craft them into higher tiered runestones. They are divided between PvE Runestones and PvP Runestones.

PvE Runestone source:

  • Dungeon or raid chests
  • Crafting
  • Trading

PvP Runestone source:

  • Bronze Chests
  • Battle of the continents chest
  • Mystery chest
  • Crafting
  • Trading

Runestone tiers:[edit | edit source]

Runestone II and Runestone III can be crafted anywhere since they don't require you to be next to a crafting station. You will still have to unlock the crafting recipe from Chingyu in Cloudrise.