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Class reaper.png
Reaper Mains
npc representing reaper class
A female Reaper from promotional videos

The Reaper is one of the 8 available classes in Swords of Legends Online.

Wielding powerful blood magic and a deadly, razor-sharp scythe, the enigmatic Reapers are a perfect hybrid class for players looking to fill a support or DPS role.

Nestled in the bosom of the holy and sacred Heavenly Ridge, the Reapers carry on the traditional worship of the goddess Nüwa. The Lao people who lived on Heavenly Ridge and worshipped Nüwa eventually split into two factions, seeing one tasked with protecting the Grand Warlock and sacred religious artifacts. These Reapers live and train in a glorious underground temple, honing their techniques with blood magic, stealth, and the breeding of deadly poisonous beasts from the deep.

Reapers are wraith-like warriors who blend and melt into the shadows to turn the tide of battle. In terms of character playstyle, those wanting to check out the Reaper can look forward to a melee heavy DPS character with support abilities, which should be a good all-around fit for most players. Players can look forward to harnessing the powers of darkness and death itself as they use cunning assassin DPS abilities that employ the use of quick speed. Support oriented players can hone their inner healer as they master Occultist powers that call upon the otherworldly healing abilities of the goddess Nüwa.

Main Skills[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]
Name Type Description Unlock Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Effect
Dust Bringer - low res.png Dust Bringer Frenzy None Instant 60s (haste scaling) Self Activates Dust Bringer status and grants Invisibility

Dust bringer: Increase movement speed by 30% and increases damage by 10% for 18s (8s in combat, PvP: 4s and effects ends if you get frozen, stunned, levitated or knocked down)

Occultist: In this mastery, every skill performed cancels the Dust bringer status

Assassin: Regenerates 1 Incantation every 2s (affected by haste)

Increases initial damage rate of Light of Silence to 25%

Heart eater can immediately apply the maximum strength

If Dust Bringer is activated outside combat, the base cooldown is reduced by 40s

Shade Strike - low res.png Shade Strike Support None Instant 240s (haste scaling) Self Switch to Invisible status

Ends combat when you face enemies alone

Any attack or movement interrupts the effect

Avert Disaster - skill - low res.png Avert Disaster Cleanse None Instant 60s Self Eliminates CC effects

Assassin: Immunises to CC and staggering for 3.5s

Luncar Eclipse - low res.png Lunar Eclipse Support None Instant Uninterrupted Self Available while not in combat

You can teleport to any waypoint on the map, Cooldown 3min.

Transformation Spell - low res.png Transformation Spell Purify None Instant 8s Self Dodge in any direction pressed
Glyphs[edit | edit source]
Name Costs Effect
Wavering Shadow - low res.png Wavering Shadow 1 Within 2s after using the Transformation Spell, the physical damage sustained is reduced by 50% and the magic damage sustained is increased by 100%
Eternal Light - low res.png Eternal Light 1 For each dead teammate, your physical attack and healing effect are increased by 5%
Lotus Lamp - low res.png Lotus Lamp 1 When dealing damage, deal an additional ___ points damage or heal an additional ___ points to injured teammates

The effect can only be triggered once every 30s

Returned Soul - low res.png Returned Soul 1 If targets have less than 30% HP, the damage dealt by the skill increases by 12% and healing increases by 8%
Avert Disaster - low res.png Avert Disaster 0 When suing Avert Disaster, you no longer retreat automatically

Press the key again within 2s after using Avert Disaster to retreat

Masteries[edit | edit source]

Reaper has two masteries available.

Reaper class bar.png

Assassin (Melee DPS)[edit | edit source]

Use stealth and deadly curses to attack enemies before they realize it, and finish them off with a range of poisonous creatures and of course, the lethal scythe from which the Reapers get their moniker.

The Assassins command a range of powerful curses and breed poisonous creatures to deploy in combat. In the darkness, they lie in wait for their enemies, attacking with lightning speed and mercilessly cutting them down with a swing of their scythe.

Reaper Assassin Logo
Assasin abilities.png
Abilities[edit | edit source]
Name Type Description / Effect Unlock Cost Cast Time (Duration) Cooldown Range / Radius (Target)
Spirit Strike - low res.png Spirit Strike Damage 3 attack combo. This is your auto attack. Bound to LMB. Restores Incantation on crit. Restores guaranteed 1 Incantation on third part of the combo. Beginner 1 None Instant Uninterrupted Self, 3m
Moon Sickle - low res.png Moon Sickle Damage 3 attack combo. Bound to RMB. Consumes "Edge". Restores 1 Incantation on every hit and an additional one on the third part of the combo. Has 10% chance to restore double Incantation. Beginner 1 23 Edge Instant Uninterrupted Self, 8m
War Moon - low res.png War Moon Damage Main damage skill. Consumes 3 Incantation. Will spread "Heart Eater" to nearby targets. Does not apply heart eater itself if no enemy that got hit has any heart eater stacks unlike the descriptipn states. 1- 3 Incantations Instant Uninterrupted Self, 4m radius
Heart Eater - low res.png Heart Eater Damage Damaging DOT. Can stack up to 3 times by default. Each stack increasing damage by 25%. Against NPC enemies applying it for the first time will stack it to its maximum stacks. 2 Incantations Instant Uninterrupted 18m
Wheel of Frost - low res.png Wheel of Frost Damage Whenever you deal damage to an enemy you apply a debuff "light of silence" this debuff will store some of the damage you deal. Using this skill will detonate the stored damage. There is no limit on how much damage you can store on a given enemy. Base conversion rate is 12% None Instant 30s Self, 30m radius
Lunar Seal - low res.png Lunar Seal Control Single target stun. Each Incantation consumed will add 2 seconds to duration for total of 6. 1 - 3 Incantations Instant 18s 10m
Serpent Worm - low res.png Serpent Worm Control AOE stun. Also restores 5 Incantations if an enemy player is hit. None Instant 30s Self, 4m radius
Spectral Phantom - low res.png Spectral Phantom Support You leave a ghost behind, use again to return to it. You will restore your resources and cooldowns to the moment when you first used it. Most useful for resetting dust bringer cooldown. None Instant 115s Self
Support Cleanse Returns to the statis when the figure was created None Instant Uninterrupted Self
Shadow ward - low res.png Shadow Ward Damage Evasive You become invincible and enter the body of your target, dealing damage when getting out. Deals minimal damage. (For those of you that have played League of Legends, it is pretty much identical to Kayn's ultimate) None Instant 45s 15m
Lunar Break - low res.png Lunar Break Interrupt 10m range, 4m radius AOE interrupt. None Instant 12s 10m range, 4m radius (Area)
Moonshade - low res.png Moonshade Purify Gap closer. Using again in a short time after initial use will teleport you to your target/ teleport you back to your cast location if nothing is hit. None Instant 20s 20m, 3m radius
Witches' Ritual start - low res.png Witches' Ritual: Start

Witches' Ritual

Damage Hitting a target with a smahed Golden Shell triggers Witches' Ritual None Instant 60s Self
high dmg 60s (haste affected)
Full Moon Oath - low res.png Full Moon Oath All attributes increased by 10% for 30s (all team members) 1 Bladeheart Instant Uninterrtupted Self
Modified Skills[edit | edit source]
Name Type Description / Effect Unlock Cost Cast Time (Duration) Cooldown Range / Radius (Target)
Cloud-veiled Moon - low res.png Cloud-veiled Moon Protection Evasive You switch to the Cloud-velied Moon state for 5s and reduces damage taken by 50% Picking Cloud-veiled Moon as Glyph None Instant 45s Self
Marionette - low res.png Marionette Support Control Applies Marionette effect to target, which slows the movement speed and deals damage for 20s

also damage taken is reduced by 25% for 5s

In Addition there is a 30% chance of creating a doppelgänger that moves towards the target and explodes upon contact with the target, causing damage and givin one stack of Heart eater, for targets with 3 Heart Eater stacks, damage dealt increases by 50%

pick Marionette as 4th Astral Blessing None Instant 30s 25m
Life & Death - low res.png

Life & Death blow - low res.png

Life & Death

Life & Death: Blow

Damage Activate Seal of Yinhua which lasts for 10s and causes ___ points dmg on detonation.

Also Power of Yinhua, increases Yinhua damage by 30% (10stacks limit)

also summons the Phantom of an Acquaintance, which converts Incantations to Power of Yinhua

In addition increased damage by 25% if target is under influence of Moth Poison or Moth Cloud when the Seal of Yinhua is detonated,

You enter Dust Bringer state for 5s (pvp: 3s) and Moonshade's cooldown Resets

pick Life & Death as 5th Astral Blessing None Instant 45s 15m
Detonates the marker and immediately iflicts damage to the Seal of Yinhua on the target (The damage is baded on the crit hit rate and crit hit damage) None Instant Uninterrupted Self, 30m radius
Astral Blessings[edit | edit source]
1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option
Name Effect Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1 Moth poison - low res.png Moth Poison The duration of Heart Eater is extended to 36s and cannot be reset any other way

- Heart Eater cannot be dispelled

- War Moon consumes 3 Incantations

When War Moon hits a target and that target has 3 Heart Eater stacks that you have added, thje target receives 1 stack of the Moth Cloud effect

Moth Poison is triggeredn when 3 Moth Cloud stacks are reached, dealing ___ damage to the target within 12s (affected by haste)

Thousand Broken Hearts - low res.png Thousand Broken Hearts - Heart Eater can stack 4 times

- If the target has not been inflicted with Heart Eater, the probability of being dealt 2 stacks directly increases to 100%

Tier 2 Moonset - low res.png Moonset - If Heart eater deals damage, you will receive 2 stacks of Moonset: Darkness for every stack of Heart Eater

- If Moth poison deals damage, you will receive 15 layers of Moonset: Darkness for every stack of Moth Poison

- 100 stacks of Moonset: Darkness are transformed into 1 War Moon: Darkness stack (max 2)

- Performing War Moon triggers the War Moon: Darkness effect

Once War Moon: Darkness reaches the max number of stacks, Spirit Strike, Moon Sickle and Heart Eater can also be triggered

Morning Light - low res.png Morning Light The range of War Moon is increased by 2m and hit targets are slowed

If War Moon hits a target, enemies within are radius of 8m are infected with Heart Eater

You receive 1 Morning Light stack with every infected enemy (max 5)

The Buff last for 8s and cannot be reset during the time

Every Morning Light stack increases the attack of War Moon by 6% (30%)

Resting State - low res.png Resting State If War Moon hits a target:

Duration of Heart Eater is reset

The respective Heart Eater stack increased the attack of War Moon by 5/9/18/42%

Tier 3 Winter Sacrifice - low res.png Winter Sacrifice The cooldown of Wheel of frost is increased to 20s

Within 8s of casting Wheel of Frost, the interval for Heart Eater is reduced 50%

If the target is a player, received healing is reduced by 65% for 6.5s

Rime Month Lamp - low res.png Rime Month Lamp The cooldown of Wheel of Frost is increased to 30s

Once damage has been dealt using Wheel of Frost, you receive the effect Rime Month Lampf for 15s, which has following effects:

- Damage dealt by War Moon increased by 55% (25% PvP)

- Damage dealt by Heart eater increases by 60%

Once the effect ends, you will receive the White Moon for 6s, which causes following:

- Damage dealt by War Moon is reduced by 45% (25 in PvP)

Night's End Lantern - low res.png Night's end Lantern The damage conversion rate of Light of Silence increases by 50%

The crit hit rate by 10%

Tier 4 Marionette - low res.png Marionette grants skill Marionette Maggot Awakening - low res.png Maggot Awakening If Heart Eater/Moth Poison deal damage, there is a 28%/18% chance to regenerate HP and receive Maggot Awakening effect

If Incantations are below 6, the Maggot Awakening effect is removed and you receive up to 4 stacks of Incantation

Tier 5 Life & Death - low res.png Life & Death grants skill Life & Death Silent Summoning - low res.png Silent Summoning In combat, the duration of Dust Bringer ist extended by 7s and you cannot be controlled by external influence

In Dust Bringer: Targets which have 4 stacks of Heart eater receive 115% more damage from it

The interval for regenerating Incantations is reduced by 50%

Glyphs[edit | edit source]
Name Costs Effect
Difficult Journey - low res.png Difficult Journey 1 If the Dust Bringer state War Moon breaches the limit

Up to 5 Incantations are consumed and ___ points damage is dealt

Green Haze - low res.png Green Haze 1 If an attack causes HP to fall below 30%, a smokescreen is generated at your current position

In the smokescreen, you can regenerate ___ HP every second and reducie incoming damage from outside the screen by 70% (90s Cooldown)

Bright Moon - low res.png Bright Moon 1 Using Wheel of Frost grants a sdhield which absorbs 20% of the damage.

The maximum value doesn't exceed 20% of current HP

Voodoo - low res.png Voodoo 1 You receive 1 Incantation every 12s in combat (affected by haste)
Cloud-veiles Moon - low res.png Cloud-veiled Moon 0 replaces Shadow Ward skill with Cloud-veiled Moon

Cloud-veiled Moon: Reduces damage taken by 50% for 5s

Soul Annihilation - low res.png Soul Annihilation 0 If Return: Phantom is used, there is no return to the phantom's position
Antidote - low res.png Antidote 1 Increase War Moon damage by 5%

If War Moon doesn't hit a target, a maximum of 2 Incantations are returned

Occultist (Support)[edit | edit source]

Rather than take a directly offensive approach, the Occultist uses the Book of Blessed Healing and a deep spiritual connection to Nüwa to heal their allies and boost their skills with specially bred insects.

Schooled in the ancient healing techniques recorded by the Liao tribe, Occultists sacrifice their own blood to call on the mercy of the goddess Nüwa to support their allies. They can also boost their teammates with special breeds of insects, allowing them to perform beyond their normal capabilities.

Reaper Occultist Logo
Reaper Skills.png

Abilities[edit | edit source]
Name Type Description / Effect Unlock Cost Cast Time (Duration) Cooldown Range / Radius (Target)
Sea Fog - low res.png

Fog Ridge - low res.png

Sea Fog

Fog Ridge

Regeneration Heals HP,

Gives the target the Healing insect Mist effect or extends the duration of Healing Haze effect on the target

If target <50% HP: Increases healing by 20%

80MP 2.5s (affected by haste) Uninterrupted 25m
Damage deals Damage and low golden Shell damage 20mp 2.6s (affected by haste) Uninterrupted 25m
Magic Lotus Ritual - low res.png

Lotus Drops - low res.png

Magic Lotus Ritual

Lotus Drops

Regeneration Summons a Magic Lotus which continuously restores HP for allies in the area for 21s (max 3 Magic Lotus')

The Magic Lotus effect increased the spell's target's Soul Bond by 25%

In your own Magic Lotus: Reduces damage taken by 20%

When Magic Lotus disappears: You receive an amount of consumed mana back depending on the reatio of reamining healing attemps (up to 20) a maximum of 30% of consumed mana can be restored

280MP Instant Uninterrupted 25m, 3m radius
Damage deals damage and golden shell damage for 5s 64MP 1.5s (affected by haste) Uninterrupted 25m
Blood Circulation - low res.png Blood Circulation Regeneration On the target: Heals ___ points + 3% of your HP

Self: Heals ___ points

Effect: Applies Healing Haze effect to target

Blood Circulation effect: You regenerate ___ points every second

Duration: 5s

None Instant 8s | 4 stacks (affected by haste) 25m
Heart-Rending Worms.png Heart-Rending Worms Regeneration Immediately restores the max HP of an ally, target loses 10% of the received HP every second (5s duration)

PvP: restoration is halved

None Instant 40s 27m
Healing Haze - low res.png Healing Haze Passive Sea Fog regenerates an additional ___ points HP for targets in range that have this effect

Healinz Haze lasts max 12s, if at least three allies use healing Haze at the same time, mastery increases by 25%

Soul Bond - low res.png Soul Bond Support Applies Soul Bond effect on target, which shares 10% of the damage with you.

The effect disappears if the damage causes your HP to drop below 10% or you are too far apart

Ultimate Reversal: if Soul Bond is interrupted because of low HP, you gain immunity to the damage and 20% of your HP is restored instantly (150s cooldown, triggers only if damage isn't more than twice your max HP)

Using Sea Fog also heals the target for ___ points.

Increased the healing effect on target with Soul Bond by 8%, Press again to remove the Effect

None Instant Uninterrupted 25m
Snake Handler - low res.png Snake Handler Control Support Increases the amount healed by Healing Haze, Summon Sacred Snake Spirit.

Duration: 15s, also it slows the target and heals _ points of HP

144MP Instant 30s self, 12m radius
Star Spell Rest - low res.png Star Spell: Rest Support Protection Summon the Suppressing Totem for 8s

HP of all teammates within range gets shared proportionally every second

also Teammates within range suffer 10% less damage and teammates within range heals ___ points over time

280MP Instant 120s self, 10m radius
Solitary new moon - low res.png Solitary New Moon Passive If you receive fatal damage, you will not die immediately but go into the Solitary New Moon Status for 12s

You are immunte to all damage and will go into regular Seriously Injured status once the time ends

Unknown Death - low res.png Unknown Death Passive On suffering a fatal unjury, you can consume 1 Bladehart to instantly restore your ability to fight
Lunar Magic - low res.png Lunar Magic Frenzy Cleanse Produces the effect of Lunar Magic which increases your total HP by 50% for 15s and Regenerates 4% of your HP every 3s

Effect: Removes CC and Movement speed increased by 30%, allows casting of Sea Fog when moving

None Instant 80s | 2 stacks self
Elapsed Time - low res.png Elapsed Time Frenzy Activates Nüwa Descends, which reduces Sea Fog's and Fog Ridge's warm-up time by 15% and Lotus Drops casting time by 15% for 15s

also Healing is increased by 15% and Blood Circulation is used on the 8 friendly targets with the lowest HP.

Direct healing effect is increased by 25%

20% maxHP Instant 55s (affected by haste) Self
Summon Spirit Growth - low res.png Summon Spirit Growth Regeneration Support Regenerates 60% of the MP

Spirit Growth: Healing reduces damage taken by 35% and restores ___ points hp for 6s

PvP: MP reg is lower

None Instant 120s Self
Exorcism - low res.png Exorcism Support Clears removable debuffs for an ally None Instant 8s 25m
Dream Devourer - low res.png Dream Devourer Support Uses Poison worms to awaken team members hidden skills - effect differs depending on mastery

Tanks: Increase the aggro caused by target by 15% for 15s

DPS: Increases physical/magic attack by 5%

Healer: Reduces damage taken by 20% (and damage you take 60%) for 6s

None Instant 60s 25m
Serpent Ripper - low res.png Serpent Ripper Support Purify Immediately moves a team member in front of you, lifts any existing CC and gives them the Tailwind buff, which increases the target's movement speed by 20% and bestows immunity to CC for 5s None Instant 30s 30m
No Spiritopolis - low res.png No Spiritopolis Support Quickly heals a dying allied target in order to restore their ability to fight 1 Bladeheart Instant Uninterrupted Self
Astral Blessing Skills[edit | edit source]
Name Type Description / Effect Unlock Cost Cast Time (Duration) Cooldown Range / Radius (Target)
Blood Oath - low res.png Blood Oath Regeneration Heals target's team members for ___ points

Reduceses recharge time by 5s every time Blood Circulation is used

Pick Blood Oath as 3rd Astral Blessing 80MP Instant 60s | 2 stacks 25m
Nüwa's Ritual formation - low res.png Nüwa's Ritual formation Shield Grants a shield that absorbs damape up to 15% of your max HP

Immunte for Interruption while duration

PvP: target of Soul Bond also receives a shield.

duration: 6s

pick Nüwa's Ritual formation as 4th Astral Blessing 40MP instant 45s Self
Astral Blessings[edit | edit source]
1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option
Name Effect Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1 Endless Green - low res.png Endless Green Mana consumption of Enchanting Lotus is reduced by 30%,

the simple amount healed is increased to 40 and the interval is reduced by 25%

Moonlight at the beach - low res.png Moonlight at the Beach After using, Sea Fog, ___ Points are additional regenerated for 3 injured friendly targets within 10 metres of the main target Skeletons - low res.png Skeletons The simple charge level of Blood Circulation Summoning is reduced by 2s
Tier 2 Snake Drinking Dew - low res.png Snake Drinking Dew The Sacred Snake Spirit no longer attacks enemy targets

If Sacred Snake Spirit is not within range of Magic Lotus, it heals the team member with the lowest amount of HP within 18m for ___ points Hp every second.

In addition if Sacred Snake Spirit is within range, the healing affects 2 other friendly targets extra within 10m.

Furthermore, the meam member with the lowest HP receives the Healing Haze effect for 3s

Three Dispersions of the body - low res.png Three Dispersions of the body Healing Haze continuously regenerates ___ HP every second and grants the ally with the lowest HP within 20m Healing Haze for 2s every 6s

When performing Snake Handler, friendly target within 12m regenerates ___ HP

If you're also affected by Snake Handler, the time it takes for Healing Haze to spread is halved

Snake in the Clouds - low res.png Snake in the Clouds The Sacred Snake Spirit no longer attack enemy targets

Every time someone is healed by Sea Fog, the Sacred Snake Spirit heals the team member with the lowest amount of HP within 18m for ___ HP and bestows a Healing Haze on them for 3s

Tier 3 Life Prayer - low res.png Life Prayer Heart-Rending Worms affects all team members within 30m, while cooldown is extended by 20s

Within the first 10s, the player's healing effect is increased by 20%, while preventing healing effects from all other sources

Blood Oath - low res.png Blood Oath Grants the Skill Blood Oath
Tier 4 Star Spell- Call - low res.png Star Spell: Call Star Spell: Rest can be used immediately at a selected location, but will no longer have a sharing effect and its cooldown is extended by 60s

Also it protects teammates within range of the totem from death for 8s (2min Cooldown)

Heals for ___ HP when the effect ends.

If a teammate is fatally injured while the effect is active, the amount healed is increased by 10% for 15s

(cannot be triggered if the damage is more than double your own max HP)

Star Displacement - low res.png Star Displacement Star Spell: Rest reduces the damage suffered by teammates within range of totem to 15% Nüwa's Ritual formation - low res.png Nüwa's Ritual formation Grants the Skill Nüwa's Ritual formation
Tier 5 Elapsed Time - low res.png Elapsed Time The basic cooldown for Elapsed Time is extended to 54s

HP consumption is increased to 20% and duration extended to 15s

The amount healed is increased to 15%

The maximum number of friendly targets that Blood Circulation can affect is increased to 8

Essence Augmentation - low res.png Essence Augmentation The effectiveness of Spirit Growth: Healing increases by 30%

Spirit Growth also gives the Soul Bond target Spirit Growth: Healing

Any damage suffered by the Soul Bond target reduces the cooldown of Spirit Growth by 0.3s

Glyphs[edit | edit source]
Name Costs Effect
Waning Moon - low res.png Waning Moon 1 Lunar Magic can no longer increase your own total HP, but haste increases by 15% during the effect
Lotus step - low res.png Lotus Steps 1 In the Combat state, a Magic Lotus will flower benath your feet every 40s

Counts towards the Magic Lotus maximum

Endless Growth - low res.png Endless Growth 1 Duration of Spirit Growth: HEaling is reduced by 2s

Cannot be controlled during this time

Direct Approach - low res.png Direct Approach 1 Serpent Ripper causes you to pull yourself toward the target

Additional buffs are applied to you and no longer to the target

In Hiding - low res.png In Hiding 1 Using Serpent Ripper makes you and your target invisible

The effect is removed when you use a skill or are attacked

Birds in the Moonlight - low res.png Birds in the Moonlight 1 The effect duration of Lunar Magic is reduced by 5s

You are immunte to CC and Interrupt for the duration of the effect

Media[edit | edit source]

Books[edit | edit source]

Information about this class can be found in some books:

Notable Reapers[edit | edit source]

  • Gua Yelian (Grand Warlock of Heavenly Ridge)
  • E Jing (Heavenly Ridge Light Curse)