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Player versus Player (PvP) is a type of content involving combat between players. There are multiple different PvP modes available in Swords of Legends Online.

PvP modes are available during specific times and dates. This is to make sure that fights are not too uneven and queue times are not too long.

How to begin[edit | edit source]

First, you must complete the PvP tutorial to unlock PvP matches against other players. You can begin the tutorial through the Cultivation interface.

In doing so, you will also receive some basic starting equipment as well as tips and tricks. Following the tutorial, but before you actually start playing against other players, you will play with other players against NPCs (non-player characters) until approximately Bronze League III. This is to ensure that every player in actual PvP has the basic knowledge about the game-mode.

Battlefields[edit | edit source]

Battlefields are PvP game modes that are typically mid-scale. Currently there are three playable battlefields. These include Fort Haizhou (10v10), Realm of the Five Elements (15v15), and a Battle Royale mode called Land of Emerald Clouds. Additionally, a fourth battlefield is planned called Battle in the Sands.

Battlefields are active on different days and rotate.

Battlefields award Writs of the Continents. Writs of the Continents are prestige coins that can be exchanged for better PvP equipment from Jia Chi in Cloudrise, located at (33,90). You can only receive a certain number of them per week and character.

Battlefields also award Combat Spirit, which is used to calculate PvP rank and also provides additional weekly rewards.

Land of Emerald Clouds awards Cloud Rancor Cards, which are prestige coins that you can exchange for cosmetic items and equipment among other things from Qing Yunshi (14,92) in Cloudrise. You can only receive a certain number of them per week and character.

Battle Royale[edit | edit source]

Land of Emerald Clouds[edit | edit source]

In this Battle Royale mode, you begin with minimal equipment and the map gets smaller and smaller. Grab loot in the battle arena to become more powerful.

Keep an eye out for camouflage items, allowing you to turn into a mushroom or hide in a haystack. Fallen comrades can be revived with special items. However, the best pickings are dropped by special world bosses.

• Entry times: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6 PM to 11 PM. Saturdays and Sunday from 1 PM to 11 PM.

• Group size: 5 players per team with a total of 6 teams

• Objective: Your team must survive.

Victory Rewards:[edit | edit source]

• 80 Cloud Rancor Card

• 50 Combat Spirit

• 100 Amulet Coin: Earth

Arenas (3v3)[edit | edit source]

Arena, also known as Garden of Blades, is an instanced 3 vs 3 PvP mode. Garden of Blades is available every day from 11 AM until 4 AM the next day. Garden of Blades features a ranking system, a Battle Squad system, its own currency and corresponding gear set, and seasons, which provide players with various rewards for reaching different ranking Leagues.

How It Works[edit | edit source]

You can start matchmaking alone or in a group of up to three players to find an opposing team. You must choose which role you want to take (healer or DPS – tanks are not allowed in 3v3). Additionally, in predefined groups, there cannot be more than one of the same class and only one class is allowed to be a healer. You will encounter opponents with a similar league ranking so that the contests are interesting for both sides. The battles continue until all members of one team have been defeated (resurrection is not possible) or the 15-minute countdown runs out. The latter, however, should only occur very rarely as the longer the battle lasts, the stronger the buffs become.

Battle Squads[edit | edit source]

Create a group with two other allies in which you always compete together. You will fight under a name of your choice and the top ten Battle Squads in each season will receive special rewards.

Duels[edit | edit source]

You can challenge another player to a duel if you encounter them in a certain area in the game by right-clicking on the player and choosing the ‘Duel’ option. The player you challenge will now receive an invitation, which they can accept or decline. If the invitation is not accepted or is ignored, no duel will take place. If it is accepted, a 1v1 battle will start after ten seconds. The duel continues until either one of the players’ HP reaches 1, the 5-minute time limit expires or a participant leaves the battle area.

Duels have no impact on your Good Qi/Evil Qi.

Rampage - Rogue Open world PvP[edit | edit source]

After reaching the maximum level, you can unlock the Rampage skill (located in the skills menu via the ‘K’ key in the ‘General’ tab). This skill puts you in the Rampage status. This costs a oneoff 10 Good Qi plus 1 Good Qi per minute during which the status is active. The status can be deactivated by using the skill again (provided you are not in combat). This way, you can attack other players in the open world (outside protected areas) if they have also reached the maximum level and have the skill. Other players cannot be attacked or interrupted with this skill.

Good and Evil Qi[edit | edit source]

Attacking and killing other players (whether in the Rampage status or not) reduces your Good Qi or increases your Evil Qi. Once you have accumulated Evil Qi, you can be attacked by other players – even when not in the Rampage status.

Guards in the world will also try to attack you. If you are killed with Evil Qi, you will be resurrected in the Realm of Destiny, where there are various quests and activities that will help you to slowly reduce your Evil Qi.