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There are currently several methods of making money in the game.

1. Quests

2. Selling items

3. Fishing and selling what you catch

4. Gathering, processing and manufacturing goods

5. Doing biographies

6. Treasure maps

Fishing[edit | edit source]

Fishing is an in-game leisure activity that resets on a weekly basis (Thursday, with weekly reset). This means that you can fish up every node around the different maps There exist two primary type of fishing pools:

In-game screenshot of a blue fishing pool.

Gold fishing pools:

Contrary to blue fishing pools, these are competitive. Not only can someone else fish up the contents of the pool and make it disappear, it also bypasses the weekly limit. They spawn dynamically around the game world in areas with water.

Blue fishing pools:

These are personal, in that even should a group of players be fishing at the same pool, the pool will not disappear until you have actually fished it up. This is because the fishing pools scattered around the game have shared locations.

Gathering[edit | edit source]

Similar to fishing, gathering is an in-game leisure activity that resets on a weekly basis. A Qiankun Bag level of 3 is required in order for gathered resources to be tradable. Once you reach Qiankun 3, gathering a new resource puts it in your inventory rather than your bag directly. These resources can be listed on the auction house.