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Prior Information[edit | edit source]

Picture from Sword of Legends II (Chapter I) series introduction (source), showing goddess Nüwa patching the sky.
For previous information setting the Swords of Legends Online universe, see Lore and History.

The TV Series bring a lot of lore information for Swords of Legends Online universe, just like the Game Series.

Opening Cutscene[edit | edit source]

The three legendary swords used 30 years ago in the Qin Mausoleum Battle.

30 years ago, in Emperor Qin Shi Huang's mausoleum the demon's seal was broken, and evil spirits were free to roam. In the ensuring battle, countless heroes lost their lives, chief among them the masters of the three legendary swords. While the seal had lost some of its former power, all was far from lost

The Three swords masters' descendants, united in the Qin League, swore and oath to protect the seal and face the demon dragon once again.

30 years have passed. Without their masters, the power of the Bladehearts has waned. The Taihua Temple is now calling upon students from the Valley of a Hundred Grasses and the Heavenly Ridge to journey to Blade Peak. There the young students of the Qin League will be called upon to reawaken the hearts of the legendary swords and prepare for the next battle in the Qin Mausoleum.

Classic chapters[edit | edit source]

These are the chapters related to the 8 starting classes available at the launch of the game.

Prologue - The Qin League[edit | edit source]

Prologue takes place in Taihua Mountain.
The Blade Peak of Taihua Mountain. Because of the changes in the Qin Mausoleum, followers from the various schools are gathering here to find a new Sword Master for the three ancient swords in the Sword Sanctum. But Taihua Mountain is crawling with danger right now, and the instance seal urgently needs reinforcing. Not only that, but the whereabouts of the real Zhenren Chixia are unknown and the demons are using this as an opportunity to attack the mountain. Even extremely rare monsters are Devastators with dark qi have appeared... If you pass the test, you'll receive a fragment of the ancient sword's Bladeheart. The Qin League's great hope lies in you cultivating this Bladeheart and eventually forging the ancient sword anew.

Chapter 1 - Misery in the Valley of a Hundred Grasses[edit | edit source]

Chapter one takes place in the Valley of a Hundred Grasses.
The Valley of a Hundred Grasses was attacked by Devastators and Blightbeasts, and some areas were heavily contaminated. The student of the valley's master, Haocang, suddenly revealed everything to the enchanting Ji Meijia, who controls the Blightbeasts. He broke into the house of his best friend, Yue Tianxing, stole the Unnamed Sword that had been inherited by the Yue family's ancestors and used it to break through the barrier. He wounded the Lunar Crown Tree... The poisonous Blightbeast stole the Lunar Crown Tree's spiritual awareness and the disciples suffered heavy losses. Even Haocang's wife, Ying Qing'er, got poisoned by the Blightbeast, but Haocang carried the Unnamed Sword and went off with Meijia.

Chapter 2 - Cave Heaven in the Sea of Clouds[edit | edit source]

Chapter Two starts at Cloudrise.
The Qin League gathered once again in Cloudrise and discussed the negative qi and the Devastators threatening Taihua Mountain and the Valley of a Hundred Grasses, and dispatched troops to go after Haocang. In order to stabilise the Bladeheart Fragment you've received, visit the master swordsmith Kunwuzi and observe part of the life of the previous sword master in his Lunar Mirror of Distant Dreams. Once the Bladeheart has solidified, return to your school's base. I heard you were the new master of the Bladeheart. The teachers at the school did their best to support you with your cultivation.

Level requirement: Beginner5.

Chapter 3 - Wuzhao Nocturnal Spirit[edit | edit source]

Chapter Three takes place in Heavenly Ridge.
You plan to ask the Heavenly Ridge for help in order to stabilise the Bladeheart further. But a group of strange figures named 'Wuzhao Nocturnal Spirits' appear there too, and you can see negative qi on their bodies. The people from Wuzhao were destroyed by Demonswords and transformed from humans into nocturnal spirits. They became bone spirits after death. Only the Yin Spring can soothe the nocturnal spirits' pain, so they went searching for the Nine Springs. The first stop was the Yinhua Source in Heavenly Ridge. But you discovered that the nocturnal spirits were actually a front to hide the true form of Haocang, who had defected. He had also brought a Demonsword with him. The Grand Summoner and the Grand Warlock banded together in order to combat the Nocturnal Spirit Rebels, who are armed with Demonswords. Your life hangs by a silken thread...

Level requirement: Beginner8.

Chapter 4 - Secret of the Demonsword[edit | edit source]

Chapter four takes place mostly in District of Chang'an.
The three schools have been plagued by one crisis after another. The source of their ills is a mysterious cult who used negative qi to forge Demonswords and bring the Devastators into being. You travelled to Chang'an and saw with your own eyes a sword of incomparable power that had a decisive influence on the battle between the two emperors. This weapon could also be a Demonsword. On the way, you met with representatives of Heaven's Children and Princess Li Lingshuang, but the demon lord Meijia appeared once again and prevented you from tracking down the Demonsword. Now you must enter Rancourwood in the Weichuan Highlands and summon the souls of the Sinistro Imperial Guard who were killed by the sword. This will give you incontrovertible proof that the Mosheng Sword really is the evil Demonsword.

Level requirement: Beginner15.

Chapter 5 - Horror of Huaixiu[edit | edit source]

Chapter five takes place in Huaixiu Village.
In order to deal with the negative qi infiltrating your body, you went to Huaixiu Village and asked about the River Bamboo Clothing soul artefact. As a result, you find yourself embroiled in the events surrounding Ghost Bride Zhaoli. With the aid of the Envoys of the Turquoise Lantern and Duan Fenglou from the Heavenly Council, you gradually discovered that the spectral bridal couple and the evil spirit Qiu Ying were only a few of the many spirits who had recently joined the demon army...

Level requirement: Beginner25.

Chapter 6 - Demon Chaos in Chang'an[edit | edit source]

Chapter Six takes place mostly in Zhongnan Foothills.
The demon Meijia not only took the Mosheng Demonsword, but also plunged the area around Chang'an into a maelstrom of chaos. You must defeat the demon army which is set up in the Nine Dragon Mere. Infiltrate the Hall of Epiphany and face both Meijia and the Demonsword. Sadly, the Vixen Yuzao has joined forces with Meijia, even allowing the Awakeners to use the Taiyi Ice Crystal in further refining the Demonsword. In awe of the Demonsword, the Awakeners have clearly seen fit to align themselves with the demons. Fortunately, with the aid of Heaven's Children, you were able to defeat the Bladeheart of the Mosheng Sword and absorb it into your own body. But Meijia is merely a distraction, a puppet in the real mastermind's games, for you are the real target of the Demonsword's maker...

Level requirement: Beginner30.

Chapter 7 - Fate of Fairies[edit | edit source]

Chapter seven takes place in Baxian Plateau.
Now that you've absorbed the power of the Demonsword's Bladeheart, it dwells in your body on the cusp of falling apart under the influence of the dark qi. You must go to the Baxian Plateau to get the Heaven's Blush Wine. But the Awakeners have led Devastators there, in an attempt to capture the Jadewater Spirit, and plunged the entire mountain into chaos. You bathed in incense in the Kingfisher Pond, drank the pure water from the Ice Lake and defeated the evil Awakeners. You then won the grace of the mountain spirit and were able to retrieve the Chalice of Dancing Immortals in Cloudtop so you could drink Heaven's Blush Wine.

Level requirement: Beginner34.

Chapter 8 - A Long Scream for the Sword[edit | edit source]

Chapter eight takes place mostly in District of Jiangdu.
Some of the areas surrounding Jiangdu were also mired in demonic chaos, while the Awakeners were refining the Yin Gu outside the city in service to the demon race. After you got rid of them all, you were invited into the city to meet with the Prince of Mercy, Li Ye and the elder of Mysticism, Gong Xiao. Jiangdu City is currently in the shadow of the 'Changku Sword', which seems to be linked to the 'weapon that can hold back the Mosheng Sword. It turned out that the Changku Sword belonged to Li Xiaotang, the elite guard of the Pavilion of the Broken Sword. She tried the sword out on a man in the watery dungeon beneath Jiangdu. The Yishang Sword and Mosheng Sword are both Demonswords and were enchanted by the same person.

Level requirement: Student1.

Chapter 9 - Cult of the Devastators[edit | edit source]

Chapter nine takes place mostly in Shanghuai Grassland.
The Wuzhao Nocturnal Spirits asked the dead Mystic for help in order to determine the exact location of Nine Springs. Even though they had fought together against the Devastators sects, which had lain waste to southern Xinjiang, they were still gripped by old resentment. While you help the Wuzhao Nocturnal Spirits and Mysticism with the repairs, you realise that the Awakeners are trying to unlock the Devastator Artefact Seal in the Jiuzhong Temple outside the city - the Awakeners' aim is to resurrect the Devastators sect. The ancient runes of the abandoned Devastators sect, which had long since sunk away, appeared below the river and the Plaguebringer was resurrected. The Nocturnal Spirits and Mysticism have finally joined forces against their common enemy.

Level requirement: Student1.

Chapter 10 - Fox Fairy Villa[edit | edit source]

This chapter takes place in the equivalent time of the Prologue of the Firestone Legacy exclusive quests.

Chapter ten takes place in Floral Palace.
When the Yishang Demonsword was taken out of the furnace, it exploded. Huge amounts of dark qi breached the misty barrier to the west of Shaghuai, revealing the Floral Palace, home to the fox immortals. Zhong Wuchi, the one who forged the Demonsword, heard that a kind of 'Firestone' was hidden in the Floral Palace's Hall of Ancestors that can balance the soulforce of different materials for forging swords. He broke into the Floral Palace to look for it. The Awakeners who follow him split into two camps: The Yin Beasts under Ismael, and the Devastators under Haocang. The two camps fought over which of them could convert the most humans and spirit foxes of the Floral Palace to their own side, in an attempt to strengthen their faction in preparation for the race to determine the next 'leader'.

Level requirement: Student1.

Chapter 11 - Dragon Vein Sword[edit | edit source]

Chapter eleven takes place in the Changfu Garden.
You go to Changfu Garden, where Zhong Wuchi once collected Dragon Veins and forged swords, and finalised the Yishang Sword's form. When mining the Dragon Veins, the combination of the wood attribute with negative qi caused the vegetation to grow wild and the spirits to become extremely powerful and evil. Now some soldiers from the combined demon armies are holed up here and continue to use the Dragon Vein extraction devide that was left behind to vie for power. What's more, the workshop area is now in ruins following the explosion of the Sword Furnace and full of negative qi. You managed to retrieve the Demonsword Fragment from the ruins and confirmed that the raw material used for it is Primaeval Haematite - the crystallisation of ancient dark qi.

Level requirement: Student1.

Chapter 12 - Taihua Sage[edit | edit source]

Chapter twelve takes place in Changhe Mountain.
Haocang and Zhong Wuchi appeared at Changhe Mountain, where the ancestors of the Floral Palace warriors lived and which is where the Firestone originally came from. There was a sacred gate there that has beed sealed since ancient times. The immortals living behind it had forged black rune stones with their magic, and Zhong Wuchi wanted to use these to forge a sword. So Haocang broke the seal on the gate with the Unnamed Sword. In truth, Haocang is the adotive son of Cang Gu, the leader of the Awakeners.

You cannot open the Langquan Realm wall barrier in order to reach the cultivation level of Sage, you need to face the next test. Back in the Sword Sanctum, you nourish the three dissolving Bladehearts with the aid of your pet's recently gained power. After they're recovered a bit, you enter the dreamworld of Qin Mausoleum once more. You revisit a brief excerpt of the Three Sword Master's memories from the time they faced the demon dragon.

Level requirement: Student1.

Chapter 13 - The Three Holy Gates[edit | edit source]

Place chapter13 v2.png
The Qin League is highly satisfied with your strength and sends you into the Taihua Instance. The instance's seal still hasn't been strengthened and some powerful monsters are trying to break out of their prison, including Xiangliu's right-hand man, the mirror demon Yuanji, who possesses the power of prophecy...

After becoming a Sage, you cross the sky bridge beyound the Langquan Bridge sacred gate. At the end are another mirror-like rune gate and a rune wall that rises up to the clouds. Haocang is breaching the rune magic above the wall and is preparing to enter the immortal cave beyond it.

Level requirement: Sage1.

The Firestone Legacy exclusive chapters[edit | edit source]

The "The Firestone Legacy" expansion introduced a new questline, exclusive to Warriors and Fox Mages, that run in parallel with the previous questline. From a point, they unite and follow together.

Prologue - Snowing Blossom on the Jade Grain Beach[edit | edit source]

This chapter takes place in the equivalent time of Chapter 10 of the classic Main Quest.

The Firestone Legacy prologue takes place in Snowing Blossom Paradise
You awaken from unconsciousness and find yourself in front of Naihe Bridge. It tums out that you were fatally injured during the catastrophe in the Floral Palace and your Twin Branch is damaged. Luckily, A-Mian and the Envoy of the Turquoise Lantern helped you to gain back your soul and return to the light. The Floral Palace was occupied by the Awakeners in a tragic manner. The Grand Palace Master Jiang Kanhua was taken away by Zhong Wuchi, who had enchanted the Demonsword. Tao Pianxian, the deputy palace master, was forced to charge into the Forbidden Court and fight like a madman. Led by the Blade Master and the Scent Master, young Warriors and the Fox Mage students are working hard to take back the estate from the enemy. Heaven's Children and Mystics who have never met one another before are helping you at the same time.

Chapter 1 - Lunar Crown Tree in Peril[edit | edit source]

This chapter takes place in the equivalent time of Chapter 10 of the classic Main Quest.

The Firestone Legacy Chapter I takes place in the Valley of a Hundred Grasses (Lunar Crown Institute).
The Floral Palace needs more allies in order to rescue the Grand Palace Master and hunt down the Awakeners and the Demonsword. That's why it decided to join the Qin League. You must visit the three orders of the Qin League - the Valley of a Hundred Grasses, Heavenly Ridge and Taihua Mountain - to obtain their approval. You'll soon see they're also identical to the Floral Palace, which is being brutally persecuted by Awakeners and the demon army. You used your talents in the Valley of a Hundred Grasses to cleanse a small part of the Lunar Crown Tree of negative qi. You also had a vision in which you saw the former Moonsword Master, Feiguang.

Level requirement: Beginner 2.

Chapter 2 - Nocturnal Spirit in the Sea of Flowers[edit | edit source]

This chapter takes place in the equivalent time of Chapter 10 of the classic Main Quest.

The Firestone Legacy Chapter Two takes place in Heavenly Ridge (Sea of Flowers).
You returned to Heavenly Ridge. When you tried to meet the Grand Summoner, you were confronted by the brutal and wounding incident involving the Wuzhao Nocturnal Spirit Shaya. You were pursued by the Awakeners like the nocturnal spirit. After nine deaths, you helped everyone who had lost control to calm Shaya. You consoled her gently. She said the Flowerfall Sword Master seemed to confirm your benevolence, you are also a person with the Bladeheart.

Level requirement: Beginner 5.

Chapter 3 - Dream in the Qin Mausoleum[edit | edit source]

This chapter takes place in the equivalent time of Chapter 10 of the classic Main Quest.

The Firestone Legacy Chapter Three takes place in Taihua Mountain.
On Taihua Mountain, you entered the Qin Mausoleum's Dreamworld and were present at the Qin League's battle against the Eternal Army and the demon dragon 30 years ago. The phantom of the Sunsword Master said that you'll receive your own fragment of his Bladeheart because you passed the test in the Sword Sanctum. Your cultivation level has risen to Student and the Floral Palace has joined the Qin League. The Scent Master and Blade Master are flying with Snowing Blossom directly into the Sacred Valley, which is where the Cloudrise base is located. You can now track down the whereabouts of the Grand Palace Master, Jiang Kanhua, who was abducted by Zhong Wuchi, together with the three orders of the Qin League.

Level requirement: Beginner 8.

Faction chapters[edit | edit source]

Chapter I: Valley of Echoing Blades[edit | edit source]

Faction Chapter One takes place in Valley of Echoing Blades.
In order to understand more about the demon parasite in the Valley of Echoing Blades, you enter your Heaven's Children sister's memories. That day, Heaven's Children and the Mystics fought over the Dragonsong Gold, which can be used to kill or seal Demon Parasites. Qu Qingge, who had become a demon, suddenly appeared and seriously injured the princess. Li Shangyu tried everything to pin him down. In light of this situation, the primary goal of Heaven's Children was to kill the Demon Parasite. But to do so, they needed more Dragonsong Gold. Chen Xi therefore decided to ask the Mystics to cooperate. But it was too late. The furious Qu Qingge was able to escape, and both the princess and Li Shangyu fell to the ground, seriously injured.