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The Dawn of Creation[edit | edit source]

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At the dawn of time, the primordial being Pangu was born from Chaos, and created the heavens and the earth. When Pangu died, his divine body dissolved into pure and dark qi. Out of the pure qi sprang forth the gods, led by Fuxi, Nüwa and Shennong, who set up their abode on the horizon of the upper world. The dark qi gave birth to the plague goddess Jiegou, the Blightbeasts and other evil creatures.

Creation is divided into three realms: the heavens, the upper world and the underworld. The gods of pure qi inhabit the heavens, alongside their loyal immortals under the leadership of Fuxi. Humans, beasts, demons and sprites occupy the upper world, consisting of three islands, the ten continents of man and the realm of demons. The underworld is populated by spirits and a few humans.

The Swords of the Upper World[edit | edit source]

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The legendary swords were created to slake humans’ cravings for supernatural powers. The first blade forged was the Ancestral Sword; a sword so powerful, it could wound even the gods themselves. Later, the Longyuan clan sacrificed countless souls in forging seven terrible swords imbued with evil, which were together labelled the Seven Ancient Swords.

The arcane methods which gave rise to these swords was proscribed by the gods, and as a result, the blacksmith who had forged them was banished to the underworld by Nüwa. In the upper world, his knowledge fell into oblivion.

According to legend, powerful swords generally have at their core a Bladeheart. It is only thanks to this Bladeheart that a sword has the power to endanger spirits or even the gods. Over the years, numerous highly talented people developed various new methods of forging swords.

Cloudrise and the Qin League[edit | edit source]

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Nine hundred years ago, Xian Menze sought to lead the Eternal Army to break out of the Qin Mausoleum and bring evil to the world. The holy Lunar Crown Tree in the Valley of a Hundred Grasses sensed this impending disaster and emitted a warning. In response, the immortal Lan Yaoqi rallied together four of her most powerful masters to hold the invaders at bay.

In an earth-shattering battle, the Eternal Army was driven back. But just as the battle seemed won, the demon dragon Liaosha arrived, and in a sneak attack badly wounded the five masters. The masters eventually managed to defeat the dragon, but both sides paid a high price…

The immortal Lan Yaoqi used the natural qi in the holy valley to create the Seal of the Five Heaven Stones on a floating island, to seal the Qin Mausoleum. Before passing away, the five masters entrusted the mysteries of the seal to the students Jing Shuyun, Chi Xiazi and Yu Tianfeng. If anything about the seal should change, it was their duty to return to the Qin Mausoleum and restore it. This was the foundation of the Qin League. They called that floating island Cloudrise. Over time, Cloudrise attracted ever more students of cultivation, and it became one of the League’s most important bases.

The Swords Awaken[edit | edit source]

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Many years have passed since that time, and these ancient legends have faded from memory. The gods have disappeared without trace, the clans are changing, and the ancient beliefs are all but forgotten.

But the eternal struggle between light and shadow, between good and evil, continues unabated. Humanity needs its heroes. Who will reawaken the legendary swords and strike down evil once and for all?