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[ here should be a Screenshot about the Activity points and a roughly description ]

There are three life skills in this game: fishing, cooking and crafting.

Each life skill has its own level, but there are no level limitation for what you can fish/cook/craft.

However, at lower levels, the materials you gain from open world (fish/ingredients/gathering) will be untradable.

Higher skill level will also grant you skill points that you can freely assign for various buffs.

Behold, every Lifeskill activity will consume activity points (3 of them to be precise).

Every 15minutes 1 points will be added,

Every lv. 10 residence has a little bath for adding 20 activity Points daily (the points will reset daily)

Some of your daily/weekly quests can refresh activity points.

Press "C" and in the top-right corner there should be your Activity Points

Fishing[edit | edit source]

[ here should be a Screenshot for a blue fishing spot with fishpool ]

Fish are important ingredients for cooking food (which greatly improves stats for 20min. per consumption).

You can fish in any area with water but useful fishes only comes from certain spots in the water area.

There are two types: blue and gold.

Blue spots are personal and reset weekly after maintenance

Gold spots respawn every ~15 to 90 minutes after being fished from by three different players.

Each map has their own fishpool and each spawn has its own fixed fish, with hovering you can see the fishpool.

If you use the "Delicious Dried Prawn" Bait you get a Special Loot fromthe bottom lootpool such as housing stuff, card fragments, ...

To Boost your Fishing there is a buff which u can Drag'nDrop into your bar called "Whirlpool"

you can find it in the Ancestral Records (Ctrl + Z) under the Fishing tab.

It allows you +30% chance for not consuming the bait for 8:30min. with a Cooldown of 38h (both scaling with the Ancestral record level)

The higher your Fishing level the more Talent Points you get for Improving your fishing efficiency, each level of fishing grants 1 talen point.

[ here should be a Screenshot to see the fishing tab in the Ancestral Records ]

Sky River: chance of receiving double Rewards increased by 3% per level (30% is the limit)

Sky Anchor: Increase Range of the Skillcheck by 4% per level (20% is the limit)

Hook Bell: decreases casting time by 3% per level (15% is the limit)

Jinshui: chance to not consume the bait increased by 4% per level (20% ist the limit)

Heaven Ship: chance auf additional rewards are increased by 2% per level (6% ist the limit)

With the "Green Jade"-gear you get boni for fishing:

2 pieces: +10% chance to not consume the bait

4 pieces: +15% chance for getting extra loot (not double fish catch)

6 pieces: -10% for fishing casting time

The Recipe can be bought at any Fishing-NPC with fishbone coins and high enough prestige (currency for fishing)

There are also daily fishing task and weekly fishing events to earn more fishing coins.

You can buy 3 kinds of Baits

Earth Dragon - Vanilla Bait, cost silver

Delicious Dried Prawns - Used to farm guzzlers from blue fishing holes and rare fish from golden fishing holes.

Fivefold Bait - Allows you to get common fish of the local fishpool without using a fishing spot, costs fishbone coins and silver

Cooking[edit | edit source]

[ here should be a Screenshot to show of the Cooking Menu with the "fan-tail Cloud Soup" food and his stat-boost ]

Cooking is an important life skill for buff food which increased your stats a lot for a short duration (20 min.).

It uses ingredients you get from fishing, gathering and hunting and it differs between PvP and PvE recipes.

Also some of the Ingredients can't be farmed but instead buyed by the Cooking-NPC

Some vanilla recipes can be bought from general stores or reputation stores, but some stronger recipes may only be looted from raids.

Cooking never fails with a recipe and sometimes (if your luck is high or u have some buffs) you can get double food or stronger food instead of the normal one.

as example the "Muddler Bowl"-Buff which grants you a 3.5% for both for 10 mins.- double food and stronger food, with a 42h Cooldown.

This Buff can be found in the Ancestral Records in the Chinese Dietetics Tab and can be Drag'nDropped into the bar

There is also a method to Cook without recipe - Stew - but that's a lot of try and error or you look at a recipe not ingame but in RL.

There are some limits for Stew:

  1. your Food will selfdestruct after 3-4days
  2. it can't be traded with others
  3. you need to use "Coal" which can be purchased 10 times a day by the Cooking-NPC

Crafting[edit | edit source]

There are three parts in the crafting system: gathering, hunting and crafting itself. All share the same skill level and exp are gained from all activities.

Gathering[edit | edit source]

[ here should be a Screenshot for the Craftin Talents ]

Like fishing, every map has his own pool of products which are seperated in blue/gold ones.

There is also a Biweekly reset, but already existing products won't respawn, they stay 'till gathered.

Products have three levels: crude, refined, and essence.

You can turn 2/3 raw products into 1 refined, and 2/3 refined into 1 Excellent with some additional materials.

Products are also seperated in 5 Elements: Earth, Wood, Fire, Water and Metal.

The additional material must be the same as the product to refine into essence.

You can get additional material by gather products and by extracting products

If you open your inventory there should be a button named "extract" it allows you to extract products and add them

to your Qiankun-Pouch, products in this pouch are useable for Crafting and Cooking or even refining to higher levels

but can't be traded or sold anymore. You can Open the Qiankun-Pouch by pressing " I ".

there you can hover over a product and hold the Alt-key to see where you can find the product.

Sometimes if u gather material there will activate an Sagacity Buff for ~8min.

The Buff allows you to see Materials from the Element of the Buff (you get firebuff if u gather fire products)

[ here should be a Screenshot for the Qiankun Bag which features ALL products there are ]

on the Map, which makes it easier to find them especially if there a hidden behind a tree.

You can also, in the ancestral record under the Master Craftsman tab, Drag'nDrop the

Heaven's Vision-Buff into your Bar, which allows you to get a random Sagancity Buff for 8mins. with 20h Cooldown

Also, like fishing, there is a Talent tab with following buffs

Luoyan - increase rate of Mastery for Gathering +4% up to 40% (XP for Master Craftsman)

Pumpkin - increased probability of collectng items +2% up to 10%

Silk Grade - reduced gathering time by 4% up to 20%

Chuhao - increase duration of Sagacity Buff by 5% up to 25%

Zuogeng - increased chance to trigger Sagancity Buff +2% up to 10%

Tiantian - increased probability of gathering refined products by 3% up to 15%

Tianyuan - increased chance of getting Dew besides the product +4% up to 20%

Tianqian - Probablity of extracting refined products by +2% up to 10%

Silu - reduce duration of refining time by 6% up to 30%

Si Kong - reduce cooldown of refining time by 6% up to 30%

Zhinü - reduce crafting time by 6% up to 30%

Tugong - chance to craft consumables twice +2% up to 10%

Jade Fountain - chance to not consume materials by craftng +5% up to 25%

Qifu - probablity of using less essence by crafting +3% up to 15%

Tanlang - purchase limit at the collection shop +1

With the "Dawn Cloud"-gear you get boni for fishing:

2 pieces: +5% chance of gathering items

4 pieces: -15% gathering time

6 pieces: +5% increased chance of triggering the Sagacity Buff

The recipes for these gears can be get with luck from gathering activities.

Hunting[edit | edit source]

You can get chests from hunting in different maps. Each map has its own chest containing certain products only. There are material chest and ingredient chest. Ingredient chest yield what you need for cooking. material chest yields a complement list of materials that you cannot get from gathering and also auxiliary materials for extracting higher quality.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

You can craft all kinds of things including gears, enchant, potion, etc. These usually need the products you get from gathering, hunting, and rare materials looted from dungeons and raids. Most things crafted are tradable but there are exceptions.