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This article is a walkthrough guide on how to level up and reach the maximum level in the Swords of Legends Online.

Levelling process in Swords of Legends Online is quite straightforward: Complete main- and side-quests and clear easy dungeons. Levelling can also be skipped completely by dungeon-grind and other methods, however not recommended for new player as you wont be learning basics of the game that you normally would. Tutorial is really well integrated into the first levels of the game, so it should not be ignored on first playthrough to get hang of the ropes.

In Swords of Legends Online, level does not traditionally always go up by one. The levelling has been split into multiple parts, such as first Levels are called Beginner, and it will continue up until level 36, and then level will reset back to zero, as your rank goes from Beginner to Student.

In order to reach maximum level, you should take these things into consideration:

  • Always do Drill-level dungeons. If you find yourself struggling, remember to level up your battle companions and enable them in the interface before entering. On weaker classes, battle companions and friends are heavily recommended. NOTE: You have to clear all the enemies in every dungeon to get all the rewards. That means it is no use to try running past them.
  • Always have food with experience bonus enabled. You get food as a reward for completing the tutorial or cooking.
  • Always do every available Biography as they grant a lot experience and are very easy to do. Some levels can not be cleared without help of experience from Biographies.
  • Always check your Cultivation interface for new unlocked Tutorials. These grant a lot of experience and unlock new parts of the game.

Other things to note while you are levelling that game does not clearly indicate:

  • Save your old inventory bags. They can be used to expand your personal stash for free.
  • You should not use your gear-upgrading items, because most of them can not be taken out and you are constantly changing gear while levelling up. They can be later on be tiered up to match the gear you have at maximum level.

Beginner 1 - Beginner 14[edit | edit source]

Quite straightforward. Follow the main quest storyline and clear side-quests on the the way.

You will receive a mount at level 4, which you should always use to speed up traveling time. In some areas, you can also fly with it. Read more about Levitating Sword.

When you reach Beginner 13, quest-line takes you to the first Dungeon: Yemo City in Wuzhao. This must be completed in drill mode to continue the main story. Drill-mode is simple and designed for solo-players. However if you want, you can take a companion with you, which is recommended to speed the dungeon. You will leave the dungeon with a level up to 14.

Beginner 13 - Beginner 21[edit | edit source]

Follow the storyline, do side-quests. The story will take you to District of Chang'an,

It is really easy to get stuck in multiple levels if you are not constantly making sure that every side quest has been completed.

At level 18 you unlock Nightmare Temple of Mercy. This can be skipped, as you will have enough experience to continue, however to unlock the dungeon it is recommended to do it at this stage to also help with future experience bottlenecks.

At one point you will be introduced to cooking. This quest is currently bugged, where it tells you to make a specific dish. To get around this, just go through all the cooking tabs and do the one food you are able to make. Missing ingredient can be bought from nearby food trader.

Beginner 21 - Beginner 25[edit | edit source]

At this stage, you will be spending most of your time at Weichuan Highlands.

At level 22 you will unlock Frostbitten Path dungeon on Drill mode.

At level 24, if you find yourself lacking experience to reach Beginner 25, repeat Frostbitten Path once or twice to level up and continue to next stage and new map.

Beginner 25 - Beginner 33[edit | edit source]

This stage focuses mostly on Huaixiu Village and Zhongnan Foothills. Main Quest and side quests should get you through this part. However always keep the food with experience bonus on you when completing quests, as the next part will require a tiny experience bump to get done.

Beginner 33 - Beginner 34[edit | edit source]

Many people find themselves at Beginner 33 with the next main story mission at the Cloudrise locked until Beginner 34 (even if all side missions were completed along the way).

Doing available Daily and Weekly missions should move the experience bar along, but if more experience is required, continue by doing dailies, weeklies, easier Blood Ruvia bounties and dynamic Heroic events.

Beginner 36 - Student 1[edit | edit source]

After reaching Beginner 36, you must fill the experience bar one more time. Continue the main story, finish all side-quests and Biographies. If you run out of everything, return back to either Zhongnan Foothills or Baxian Plateau and complete Heroic events, or grind the Frostbitten Path dungeon.

Once you fill the experience bar, there will be new unlocked quest at your Class' home map. To reach this map fast, every character has been given a skill called Transfer Rune which will spawn a portal and you can walk through to get to your class' designated home area. Complete the quest chain and you have reached current maximum level of Student 1.

Learn more about Student.

Level will go up as the game matures and more updates are coming out, and currently known highest level stage is called Master.

Questline to achieve Student 1[edit | edit source]

Each class has its own unique set of quests you'll have to complete in order to receive the Student 1 status. The questlines become available when you have refilled the EXP bar after hitting level 36. You'll be summoned to your respective class headquarters where the questline begins.

Berserker Quests[edit | edit source]

The Sword Oath Victory is Approaching[edit | edit source]

You received a letter from Du You. Go back to the Beautiful Rapture Quarter and find Du You (-41,65).

Sword of the Ancestor 1[edit | edit source]

Go the wine jugs next door and get a jug of Pranja Wine. (sic)(0/1) [The wine is actually directly next to Du You, and it is called Prajna Wine.]

Sword of the Ancestor 2[edit | edit source]

Go and find Du You (-41,65).

Sword of the Ancestor 4[edit | edit source]

You reach the place where the Sword of the Ancestor makes sacrifices (240,379). (0/1)

Pour the home-brewed Beichen Wine on the Sword of the Ancestor. (Select the Qingya's sword) (0/1). [The sword is called Green Rock Ledge Sword in-game.]

Sword of the Ancestor 5[edit | edit source]

Cross your arms and wait for the ancestor's sword to awaken. (Press V to use the Salute action.) (0/1)

Talk to the Sword Spirit Langren Tooth Cangque of the Green Rock Ledge Sword (240,379).

World of Gentle Winds 1[edit | edit source]

Talk to the Green Rock Ledge Sword to start your training. (0/1)

World of Gentle Winds 2[edit | edit source]

Explore the path in front of you and listen to what the Qingya Sword Spirit can tell you about what happened back then. (0/1)

World of Gentle Winds 3[edit | edit source]

Defeat the evil student of the Hengduan Cliff. (0/30)

Defeat the Rune Spirit of the Hengduan-Cliff Casualty. (0/10)

World of Gentle Winds 4[edit | edit source]

Go and find Taihe (-63,-98).

World of Gentle Winds 5[edit | edit source]

Destroy the Sacrifice Line formed by the monsters. (0/4)

Use the Giant Wolf Transformation skill and jump to the top level of the Hengduan Cliff using the Jump Points. (Press space to jump when you reach a Jump Point). (0/1)

World of Gentle Winds 6[edit | edit source]

Defeat the Wuju Master and interrupt the sacrificial ritual (-162,-90). (0/1)

Go and find Sacrifice Girl (-168,-87).

World of Gentle Winds 7[edit | edit source]

Remain in the Giant Wolf state and bring the Sacrifice Girl from the cliff to the Berserker Camp at the foot of the cliff. (0/1) [Interact with her to have her ride on your back!]

Go and find Green Rock Ledge Sword (240,379).

Sword Oath of the Berserkers 1[edit | edit source]

Go and find Du You (-41,65).

Sword Oath of the Berserkers 3[edit | edit source]

Go and find Du You (-41,65).

Congrats - You are now a Berserker Student1!

Instance Info (Tutorial)[edit | edit source]

This isn't directly related to leveling, but shortly after achieving Student 1, you will probably go through a few tutorials.

One of these tutorials, named Instance Info, comes with a potentially annoying quiz that resets if you give a single wrong answer. The following are the quiz answers to save everyone some pain.

Theoretical Examination I (Kunwuzi)[edit | edit source]

Which of the following statements about the instance are false?[edit | edit source]

A team is not needed to play the instance.

Which of the following tasks of the different masteries are wrong?[edit | edit source]

In instance challenges, there can be no Healers or Tanks in the party.

Which of the following statements about Tanks is false?[edit | edit source]

Tanks don't have to wait for Healers or Damage Dealers. They can simply charge forwards and initiate combat.

Which of the following statements about the healer are false?[edit | edit source]

The healer doesn't need to heal the damage dealer.

Which of the following statements about the damage dealer are false?[edit | edit source]

Damage dealers only need to do damage, they don't need any dodge skill.

Theoretical Examination II (Tank)[edit | edit source]

What should a damage dealer not do when luring monsters?[edit | edit source]


Where does the tank usually stand?[edit | edit source]

Opposite the enemy

Which of the following statements about aggro are false?[edit | edit source]

A tank doesn't need to worry about aggro.

Which of the following statements about the tank's skills are correct?[edit | edit source]

The tank doesn't need to dodge an attack without advance warning.

Theoretical Examination II (Damage Dealer)[edit | edit source]

What should a damage dealer do when a group of enemies passes by?[edit | edit source]

Withdraw to a safe area and talk to the tank, who should prepare for an attack.

Where should damage dealers not stand?[edit | edit source]

Across from the enemy in melee range.

Which statement about the damage dealer's skills is false?[edit | edit source]

Leave the skill mechanisms to your team members and just provide peak performance.

Which of the following are not characteristic of a good damage dealer?[edit | edit source]

Laughing about other players' poor attack performance.

Theoretical Examination II (Healer)[edit | edit source]

What are the main tasks of a healer in battle?[edit | edit source]

Use various skills to keep the group's HP at a healthy level.

Where should the healer not stand?[edit | edit source]

Opposite the enemy.

Which of the statements about a healer's aids are false?[edit | edit source]

The healer can only heal team members and can't offer any other support.

Which of the following are not characteristic of an outstanding healer?[edit | edit source]

Laughing about other players' poor healing performance.