Huaixiu Village

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Huaixiu Map.png

The village of Huaixiu is a small place with scenic mountains and crystal-clear water.

It was so-named because many great beauties have lived here since ancient times.

Someone recently heard a woman crying in the middle of the night.

Heroic Events[edit | edit source]

heroic events available on Huaixiu Village.

All of these share the same rewards: 680Silver, 2685XP and 100 Cloudrise Writ

Name Objective Event type
Impure Springs Purify Water Source (0/4) Interaction
Remaining Spider Eggs Eliminate the remaining Spider Eggs (0/8) Interaction
Evil on All Fronts: Bandit Hooligans Defeat the Bandits from the Forest of the Seven Wise Man (0/12) Normal Monster
Working on the Land: Feeding Chickens feed the chickens in their enclosure (0/8) Interaction
Working on the Land: Cultivating Fields sow vegetables (0/4) + Take on the Job of sowing and watering the Fields (0/4) Use Item
Evil on All Fronts: Evil Spirit Defeat the roaming evil spirits (0/12) Normal Monster
Evil on All Fronts: Noctural Spirit General Defeat the Noctural spririt General (0/1) Boss Monster
there are some more which will be featured in future

Blood Ruvia[edit | edit source]

Go to the Huaixiu Village and use the Akabane Banner to defeat these monsters.

In General, the harder the boss the higher the Rewards

Boss Name Challenge Scale Boss Level GS Ruvian Token Reward Reward Limit
Arachnotitan Troop Beginner 27 27 20 Tokens 3x per week
Wild Plague Spirit Team 11 Tokens 18x per week
Raging Noctural Spirit
Giant Scorpion Beginner 25 25
Spider Woman Single Beginner 27 27 7 Tokens 15x per week

Underworld[edit | edit source]

Huaixiu Village Underworld.png

Go to the Huaxiu Village and use the Underworld Lantern to defeat these monsters.

Rewards is depending on the boss itself, it seems there is no different difficulty and every boss is beginner 25 / gs 25

Boss Name Challenge Scale Repeat Limit
Feiman Singe Player 99x
Wandering Soul in the well
Bear Ghost King
Mister Wu Fa
Wang Zhen
Confused Wandering Soul
Sanaer's Soul

Instances[edit | edit source]

There is currently one instance in the Huaixiu Village:

Name Type Level required Recommended gs Recommended Teamsize Important Drops
Horror of Huaixiu (easy) Raid Student 1 50 10-20 none
Horror of Huaixiu (normal) 60 75gs
Horror of Huaixiu (hard) 75 90gs
Horror of Huaixiu (Extreme) 85 hero tokens

Connected Areas[edit | edit source]

Huaixiu Village: under the well

Intern[edit | edit source]

Huaixiu Village: Under the Well

Extern[edit | edit source]

Game of Eternity[edit | edit source]

besides the Dragonstar Formation there are some NPCs which play the Card Game with you

Name Difficulty Coords Reward
Lianyu Basic -158,-43 ??
Jiang Chenhong Medium -1,-50 ??
Luo Luoer Hard -1,-50 ??
Zhenai Basic 14,-53 ??
An Shi Basic 14,-53 ??
Liangcheng Basic 52,-23 ??
Anli Medium 47,8 ??
Wen Sen Hard 56,36 ??
Ziping Basic 54,46 ??
An Long Basic 48,48 ??
Zenqing Basic 48,48 ??
Lianyu Basic 39,30 ??
Wick of the Turquoise Lantern Hard 1,16 ??
Qui Luo Basic -17,-8 ??

Materials[edit | edit source]

following Materials are obtainable in the Huaixiu Village

Each Material has a Elementaltype (Water, Wood, Metal, Fire, Earth) which decides a possible extra drop from gathering, extraction and refining

Name Elementaltype Rarity Exclusive in this Area?
Cijin Stones Metal Blue Yes
Night Scent Wood Golden No
Fire Red Crystal Fire Golden No

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Area Exclusive Achievements in that area

Name Objective Reward
Lady of Huaixiu Visit all areas of Huaixiu Village 10p + "Peaceful Melody"-song
First Arrival in Huaixiu Village Arrive in Huaixiu Village for the first time 10p
Hauixiu: Dragonstars Activate 3 Dragonstars in Huaixiu Village 10p
Travel 30p + 1 Song
Name Objective Reward
Travel Notes on Huaixiu Complete all the main quests in Huaixiu 20p + "Huaixiu Village"-Avatar
Roly-poly Toy Get back up quickly after being knocked down by a Bamboo Forest Bear in Huaixiu Village 10p
I Don't Care How Many Legs You Have! Remain unharmed for 15 seconds when battling a spider in Huaixiu village 10p
Full of Yourself Be wounded and killed by roaming bandits in Huaixiu Village 10p
Marvellous! Huaixiu Village Defeat all Huaixiu Village solo and team bosses 10p
Mother of all Spiders Complete the expedition against Arachnotitan 5p
Safe Crossing: Huaixiu Village Complete all expeditions against solo and team Turquoise Lantern bosses in the Huaixiu Village 10p
Riddle in the Well It is said than you can have wonderful encounters if you repeatedly fall in the well.

The only problem is that a normal human probably won't survive falling down the well

Fall from Heaven Let it carry off the water! The dust of my memories! Then i would be free and without a care!

And then i would roam the wide world as i wish!

Heroic 105p + 1 Avatar
Name Objective Reward
Adventures in Splendour Defeat Qiu Ying on normal 10p
Adventures in Slendour (Easy) Defeat Qiu Ying on easy 10p
Quickly Soothe the Soul Defeat Qiu Ying on hard without any Evil Ghost receiving Rage-effect 20p
Beack to the Horror or Huaixiu Defeat Qiu Ying on hard 20p
Thunderbrave Defeat Qiu Ying without any team member being hit by the Green Lightning Combo 10p
Fighting on a Full Stomach Defeat Qiu Ying after he has absorbed at least 8 escaping plagued souls 10p
Electrotherapy Defeat Qiu Ying on extreme after each team member has been hit by Green Lightning Strike at least once 30p
Back to the Horror of Huaixiu (extreme) Defeat Qiu Ying on extreme 30p
Turquoise Lantern and Summon Ghosts Get all achievements from Horror of Huaixiu 30p
Instance 170p
Name Objective Reward
Oops, It Stings My Hand Collect 30 Cijin Stones 10p
Life 10p
Total 315p + 1 Song + 1 Avatar