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Image from Housing trailer from Official Swords of Legends Online YouTube channel.

Swords of Legends Online includes really wide and expansive housing system.

In your personal house you can build, craft and place things to make it your personal space.

You can share the access to your personal house with up to ten different people by giving them a key.

Housing becomes available at level Student 1 and requires you to complete a few short quests to actually purchase.

Acquiring your own residence[edit | edit source]

After a character reaches Student 1, a tutorial is unlocked in the Leisure tutorial interface. The quest will lead players through a portal located in Cloudrise into their personal housing area. After a brief introduction through a tutorial, the player is given a chance to buy a personal housing area on a floating island in a semi-public instance where up to 20 people can have their own residences at the same time.

Acquiring the floating island where your personal house, mines, farm and manufacturing buildings reside, will cost 200 gold.

Residence details[edit | edit source]

Each player can own one residence. Ownership can be transferred from one character to another character on the same account. Residences are distributed so that there are 20 floating islands per region. Therefore, you can play together with 19 other players in one area, and it’s just a short flight if you want to pay your neighbours a visit. Each player can choose a specific island in an area so that, for example, an entire guild can inhabit one or more areas next to each other. There should be enough areas and servers available, so tens of thousands of players can have their own residence. Housing isn't a limited resource - the only limitation is that a specific plot you may want won't be available anymore. Since all plots are functionally identical, it's only the 'address' that's different from island to island.

Farming node details[edit | edit source]

There are two types of material farming nodes in each housing plot. Soul Vein and Soul Earth are the two types - each can grow six different resources, for a total of twelve. In order to grow and harvest some resources, you'll need to upgrade your Veins and Earths to certain levels. The resources that can be grown are as follows.

Resources - Soul Earth
Seed Resource Harvested Available from Level?
Golden Silk Tree Seed Gold-Fibre Wood 1
Snowy Jade Grass Snowy Jade Grass 1
Mulberry Seed Mulberry Wood 2
Green Silk Grass Green Silk Grass 2
Nightfire Wood Seeds Nightfire Wood 3
Phoenix Feather Grass Seeds Phoenix Feather Grass 3
Resources - Soul Vein
Seed Resource Harvested Available from Level?
Dolomite Pebble Dolomite 1
Raw Cinnabar Cinnabar Ore 1
Mysterious Pebble Mysterious Stone 2
Seagold Pebble Seagold Ore 2
Hundred Coloured Stone Hundred Coloured Stone 3
Purple Daybreak Ore Purple Daybreak 3

Additionally to the seeds you plant in order to harvest the resources above, you can also add something else - dew drops and elemental pearls. Adding them can add additional reward or speed up the farming.

  • Wind Dew - Increases growth speed by 20%
  • Moon Dew - Increases the yield of materials you recieve after collecting grown up materials by 10%
  • Elemental pearl - Guarantees an additional crafting material depending on the elemental pearl used. You can get any material of the same element.

Some of these can be found as drops from resource nodes in the world, while others are part of rewards received for logins and other quest completions. You can select each drop or pearl you have in your inventory to preview the effect/change it will cause, and you can still plant things without using one as well, as long as you have an empty soul vein or earth.

In order to increase other players yield, players can apply a 2% yield increase to their neighbor's farms. This can be done 10x per day per player account. Players who donate Soulforce also gain a bonus portion of mats based on the tier and node type they donated Soulforce to. In order to do this, a player needs to approach the Soul Vein or Soul Earth of another player, and select Donate Soulforce. The other player will then receive a stackable yield bonus of up to 10%.

Daily housing quests[edit | edit source]

Each day, three housing quests are offered from a pool of options:

  1. Craft 3 housing items.
  2. Donate Soulforce to 4 plots.
  3. Cultivate Resources.
  4. Harvest Resource.
  5. Explore Residence.
  6. Use Essence.
  7. Redeem Cloud Home Construction Notes
  8. (List Incomplete)

Completing these quests will get you a reward of a few Spirit Handbooks (needed to learn recipes) and either a treasure map, a dew pouch, or a mysterious residence treasure that contains random parts that can be placed around your residence. These treasures can be on any of the islands in your neighbourhood, including plots owned by others, unowned plots, and the central island as well. They can be equipped and used just like any other treasure map.

Description of how to build on the plot[edit | edit source]

SOLO has a varied system for placing items and houses around your buildable plot. Once you enter it, you'll get a choice of either building/placing items or going into blueprint mode.

Blueprints[edit | edit source]

In this mode, you can create Blueprints in various sizes, allowing you to plan and place items by blueprint rather than each item individually. In order to succcessfully place all items on a blueprint, you need to have them available - you can't place an item via blueprint that you don't actually have!

Placing Items[edit | edit source]

In this mode, you can place, move, delete and rotate items individually, by hand, either according to a grid or in free movements. You can adjust angle, size, rotation and placement of each item before and after you place it. There are restrictions on collision and compatibility - not all things can be placed on a shelf, for example, and not all things can be placed touching each other either.

Unlockable Content[edit | edit source]

By completing daily activities, you will get resources such as wood, stone, grass and essences that are required to craft new items and level up your residence area. Among other things, you increase your yield of resources and expand the area on which you can build your house. You will also unlock various additional regions on the island:

• Level 2: Melodies of the Legends → Play music in your area. You will obtain sheet music, among other things, as dungeon rewards.

• Level 4: Wooden Stake → Have a personal wooden stake that you can test your DPS, tank, and healing rotations on. This will save you from having to travel to your class zone.

• Level 6: Hearth → Gain access to a cooking crafting station in your own home.

• Level 8: Fish Pond → Go fishing at home in your very own pond.

• Level 10: Hot Spring → Take a bath alone or with friends, relax and restore your Fortune.