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Swords of Legends Online is set during the Tang Dynasty, this includes but not limited to the clothing, house designs, emperor's last name, city naming etc. The current capital is Chang'an, which is patrolled by Heaven's Children.

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The Qin Mausoleum[edit | edit source]

Nine hundred years ago, the Eternal Army of the Qin Mausoleum was led out of its resting place to bring ruin to the world by Xian Menze; however the Lunar Crown Tree in the Valley of a Hundred Grasses, planted by the God Shennong, sensed the impending disaster and warned the Immortals.

Under the leadership of Lan Yaoqi, four immortal masters were rallied. Together, the five of them devised the Seal of the Five Heaven Stones, intending to use it to seal the Qin Mausoleum. Shortly thereafter, they entered the Qin Mausoleum and a huge battle took place in which the Eternal Army was driven back. At its climax, the demon dragon Liaosha arrived and critically injured the immortal masters rallied by Lan Yaoqi.

With two of the five fatally wounded by the dragon, the seal connecting the Xianyang Palace to the demon realm was fated to be incomplete: there wasn't enough mana to fully establish the Seal of the Five Heaven Stones properly. As a result, the Seal was weaker than it was meant to be.

Thirty years ago, the Seal showed signs of weakening, giving way to a number of different anomalies which released a number of evil spirits and demons back into the world. The cultivation sects of Heavenly Ridge, Taihua Mountain and the Valley of a Hundred Grasses were called to remember the teachings and sacrifices of their founders who fought the Battle of the Qin Mausoleum nine hundred years prior. Students from around the world were gathered to contribute to strengthening the Seal that their forefathers had established.

Unfortunately, the students who strengthened the Seal were overcome by it and there were countless deaths and injuries. In the end, the three remaining immortal masters strengthened the formation at great sacrifice, and the pass was sealed once more.

However, the Seal of the Five Heaven Stones is not as powerful as it once was and the threat of the formation crumbling remains. The demon dragon and Eternal Army's reemergence are harrowing possibilities which the world lives in fear of.

Countless cultivators dedicate their lives to researching the Seal of the Five Heaven Stones and monitoring the Qin Mausoleum to ensure that they are ready for any catastrophe.