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Heroic events are temporary events found in three open world maps: Baxian Plateau, Huaixiu Village, Shanghuai Grassland and the Floral Palace.

Heroic events are on timer, and ones you can complete are based on day of the week and time of the day.

Heroic events are player-specific, which means they do not disappear once someone else completes them, and they keep appearing on the map until player has completed the task themselves.

Objectives can be shared and for example, NPCs that you must kill are visible for everyone, so they can be done in groups to speed up the completion.

List of Heroic events[edit | edit source]

Baxian Plateau[edit | edit source]

Name Objective
Attack from All Sides: Marauding Frostnewts Teach the Sanqing Pond Frostnewts a lesson. (0/12)
Attack from All Sides: Marauding Stone Sprites Teach the marauding stone sprites a lesson. (0/1)
Brown Spring Mud Brings Out Flowers Use the Snow Purification Amulet to clean the snow on the Taibai Pavilion. (0/8)
Clean Xuexitong Get rid of the raging Xuexitong. (0/1)
Remnants of the Awakeners: Sealscript Plateau Defeat the Devastators and Awakeners on Sealscript Plateau. (0/12)
Remnants of the Awakeners: Snowdrift Plateau Defeat the Devastators and Awakeners on Snowdrift Plateau. (0/12)
Noisy Chanchus Defeat twelve Chanchus.

Huaixiu Village[edit | edit source]

Name Objective
Dark Souls in the Coffin Deliver the Souls of the dead (8)
Remaining Spider Eggs Eliminate the remaining Spider Eggs (8)
Impure Spring Purify the Water Source (4)
Working the Land: Cultivating Fields Sow Vegetables (4) + watering the fields (4)
Evil on all Fronts: King of the Wild Wolves Defeat the King of the Wild Wolves in the Bamboo Forest behind the Village

Shanghuai Grassland[edit | edit source]

Name Objective
Attack from All Sides: Hidden Laoshu Eliminate the Laoshu in the Zhan family's Sewer (12)
Attack from All Sides: Huangshulang Elite
Damsel in Distress Find the Damsel in Distress, talk to her and tell her you're prepared to accompany her (0/1)
Evil on All Fronts: Chanchus Defeat the Malicious Chanchus (12)
Evil on All Fronts: Cunning Thieves
Evil on All Fronts: Eastern Cult
Evil on All Fronts: Evil Langren Defeat the Langren Defenders on the Xixia plain (12)
Evil on All Fronts: Glowering Ghosts on Patrol
Evil on All Fronts: Laohu Elite Defeat Hu Xinrui on the Xixia plain
Evil on All Fronts: Evil Laohu Defeat the Laohu on the Xixia plain (12)
Evil on All Fronts: Manipulated Glowering Ghosts
Evil on All Fronts: Remnant Soul Fragment Defeat the Remnant Soul Fragment of the Devastators' Main Guard
Evil on All Fronts: Roaming Glowering Ghosts Eliminate the Roaming Glowering Ghosts on the Shallowstream plain (12)
Evil on All Fronts: Robed Chanchus
Injured Villagers
Raising a Thousand Sails
Remnants of the Awakeners: Malicious Preachers
Sprouting Weeds
Suspicious Followers

Floral Palace[edit | edit source]

Name Objective
Parting Dust Defeat the Awakeners remaining on the Huanhua Land (12)
An End to Evil: Thick Mist Collect Poison Fog (5)
Aromatic Medicine Gather Bladestorm Grass (5), Glass Binweed (5), Alfalfa nectar (1)
Delicate Flower Child Distribute Medicine to the injured foxes (5)
An End to Evil: The Purge Defeat the shirengchang Leader
Time for Trade, Time for Caution bury the goods somewhere secluded