Heavenly Ridge Pass

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Map of the zone

Region in the Southwest. Legendary Yin Springs are located in the shadow of the majestic mountains

Though surrounded by snowy peaks, it's always Spring in the valley.

There are animal spirits and gorgeous flowers everywhere you look.

It feels like time passes more slowly here.

Blood Ruvia[edit | edit source]

Go to the Heavenly Ridge Pass and use the Akabane Banner to defeat these monsters.

Boss Name Challenge Scale Boss Level GS Quest Reward Reward Limit
Qianren single Beginner 20 20 7 15x per week

Instance Entrance[edit | edit source]

There is currently one instance in the Heavenly Ridge: Yemo City in Wuzhao .

Name Type Level required Recommended gs Recommended Teamsize Important Drops
Yemo City in Wuzhao (Practice) Dungeon Beginner 13 10 1-10 none
Yemo City in Wuzhao (Normal) Dungeon Student 1 45 5-10 50gs
Yemo City in Wuzhao (Hard) Dungeon Student 1 50 5-10 60gs
Yemo City in Wuzhao (Extreme) Dungeon Student 1 70 5-10 hero tokens

Connected Areas[edit | edit source]

Intern[edit | edit source]

  • Hall of Silence (you get there while mainquest and for 1 biography)

Extern[edit | edit source]

  • Cloudrise

Game of Eternity[edit | edit source]

besides the Dragonstar Formation there are some NPCs which play the Card Game with you

Name Difficulty Coords Reward
Wu Ruida Basic 66,109 ??
Huiyue Medium 7,33 ??
Feng Ming Hard -2,35 ??
Pan yunya Basic -6,25 ??
Wensu Basic -3,10 ??
Yigu Basic -11,21 ??
Jing Hengzhi Basic -21,0 ??
Lingyan Basic -56,22 ??
Yao Gu Basic -200,73 ??
A-Yuan & Siyao & Yungu Basic -220,54 ??
Jing Mu & Pineapple & Shui Geng Basic -333,2 ??
Tong Huashan & Li Wu Basic -338,-8 ??
Huo Sanshu Basic -331,-11 ??
Ming Fanbei & Huoran Basic -336,-19 ??
Huo Wan Basic -74,-130 ??
Mengbo & Chantiyan & Yeluge &

Yang Chunminghua & Yangshan Tinghong

Basic 89,-121 ??
Yangshan Tinghong Basic 90,-134 ??
Meng Yinduoer & Shan Maioyin Basic 70,-127 ??
Zizai Basic 70, -153 ??
Diya Basic 8,-197 ??

Fishing[edit | edit source]

following fish-foodstuff are obtainable in the Heavenly Ridge

none of them are exclusive to this area

Name Rarity Type
Mandarin Fish Rare Fish
Jade Carp Rare Fish
Armed Crab Uncommon Gold Guzzler
Mantis Shrimp Uncommon Gold Guzzler
Sea Grass Monster Uncommon Gold Guzzler
Small Sea Dragon Rare Gold Guzzler
Goldfish Rare Gold Guzzler
Pearl Spirit Rare Gold Guzzler
Octopus Rare Gold Guzzler
Feiyi Epic Gold Guzzler
Toad Epic Gold Guzzler
Fairy Turtle Epic Gold Guzzler
Hermit Crab Epic Gold Guzzler

Trivia: In the Atlas - Book of the Gold of the Four Seas, there isn't a Gold Guzzler drop for this Map but you can still get them, probably a translation error because the drops match the drops of the Heavenly Ridge: Memory

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Area Exclusive Achievements in that area

Name Objective Reward
First Arrival at the Heavenly Ridge Arrive in the Heavenly Ridge for the first time 10p
Heavenly Ridge Pass: Dragonstars Activate 3 Dragonstars on the Heavenly Ridge Pass 10p
Stop Right There! Climb to the highest outpost of the nocturnal spirits' camp on Heavenly Ridge 10p
Travel 30p
Name Objective Reward
Travel Notes on Heavenly Ridge Complete all the main quests in Heavenly Ridge 20p + "Heavenly Ridge"-avatar
Patriotism Complete the 'Downfall of Wuzhao' Biographie 10p
Marvellous! Heavenly Ridge Pass Defeat all havenly Ridge Pass solo and team bosses 10p
Heroic 40p + 1 avatar
Name Objective Reward
Human and not Human receive the prestige of the nocturnal spirits of Wuzhao 10p
Prestige 10p
Name Objective Reward
Adventures in Yemo City in Wuzhao Reach all goals in Yemo City in Wuzhao on practice difficulty 10p
Back to Yemo City in Wuzhao Reach all goals in Yemo City in Wuzhao on normal 10p
Subjugator of Yemo City in Wuzhao Reach all goals in Yemo City in Wuzhao on hard 10p
Rain and Snow Free the lone assassin from Hezhao 10p
Rage of the Mountain Defeat Wu Yeyu on normal or hard without interrupting his Flexible Gesture 10p
From the Same Root Defeat Mengdu on normal or hard before he defeats 10 or more mutated soldiers 10p
Gentle Sting Defeat Devestator Wu Yeyu without any team member being hit by an ambush attack 10p
Yi Family Defeat Yi Siwen and Mona on normal or hard before all their mutated servants have been defeated 10p
The Sea of bitterness Knows no Bounds;

The Shore is Near if you repent

In battle against Wu Yeyu's Wild Transformation, restore the clear state of mind of a team members

tranformed into traitors

Sad Farewell Let the lovers leave 10p
Cuddling Up Together Defeat Wu Yeyu on extreme without being hit by the explosion of Sword energy Formation -


Comet of Insanity Defeat Yi Siwen on extreme without any team member being hit by the Continuity triggered by Mona 10p
Conquer Yemo city in Wuzhao Reach all goals in Yemo City in Wuzhao on extreme 10p
Path to Vengeance Unlock all Yemo city in Wuzhao achievements 30p
Instance 160p
Total 240p + 1 avatar

Books[edit | edit source]

Information about this place can be found in some books: