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Glyphs are Chooseable Abilities (passive) which can change the effect of skills and the playstyle.

Glyphs Summoner.png

Every Mastery allows to choose some mastery-exklusive glyphs but there are also some "neutral"-glyphs which are class related

- means both masteries can equip these

Up to 7 Slots are available for Glyphs but you just have 4points to spend at the moment.

Spearmaster (Melee DPS and Tank)[edit | edit source]

Spearmaster has the Mastries General and Phalanx

Name Costs Effect

Generalhhh[edit | edit source]

Name Costs Effect

Phalanx[edit | edit source]

Name Costs Effect

for more lookup the Spearmaster Page

Berserker (Melee DPS and Tank)[edit | edit source]

Berserker has the Mastries Slayer and Drunken Master

Name Costs Effect

Slayer[edit | edit source]

Name Costs Effect

Drunken Master[edit | edit source]

Name Costs Effect

for more lookup the Berserker Page

Reaper (Melee DPS and Support)[edit | edit source]

Reaper has the Mastries Assassin and Occultist

Name Costs Effect
Wavering Shadow - low res.png Wavering Shadow 1 Within 2s after using the Transformation Spell, the physical damage sustained is reduced by 50% and the magic damage sustained is increased by 100%
Eternal Light - low res.png Eternal Light 1 For each dead teammate, your physical attack and healing effect are increased by 5%
Lotus Lamp - low res.png Lotus Lamp 1 When dealing damage, deal an additional ___ points damage or heal an additional ___ points to injured teammates

The effect can only be triggered once every 30s

Returned Soul - low res.png Returned Soul 1 If targets have less than 30% HP, the damage dealt by the skill increases by 12% and healing increases by 8%
Avert Disaster - low res.png Avert Disaster 0 When suing Avert Disaster, you no longer retreat automatically

Press the key again within 2s after using Avert Disaster to retreat

Assassin[edit | edit source]

Name Costs Effect
Difficult Journey - low res.png Difficult Journey 1 If the Dust Bringer state War Moon breaches the limit

Up to 5 Incantations are consumed and ___ points damage is dealt

Green Haze - low res.png Green Haze 1 If an attack causes HP to fall below 30%, a smokescreen is generated at your current position

In the smokescreen, you can regenerate ___ HP every second and reducie incoming damage from outside the screen by 70% (90s Cooldown)

Bright Moon - low res.png Bright Moon 1 Using Wheel of Frost grants a sdhield which absorbs 20% of the damage.

The maximum value doesn't exceed 20% of current HP

Voodoo - low res.png Voodoo 1 You receive 1 Incantation every 12s in combat (affected by haste)
Cloud-veiles Moon - low res.png Cloud-veiled Moon 0 replaces Shadow Ward skill with Cloud-veiled Moon

Cloud-veiled Moon: Reduces damage taken by 50% for 5s

Soul Annihilation - low res.png Soul Annihilation 0 If Return: Phantom is used, there is no return to the phantom's position
Antidote - low res.png Antidote 1 Increase War Moon damage by 5%

If War Moon doesn't hit a target, a maximum of 2 Incantations are returned

Occultist[edit | edit source]

Name Costs Effect
Waning Moon - low res.png Waning Moon 1 Lunar Magic can no longer increase your own total HP, but haste increases by 15% during the effect
Lotus step - low res.png Lotus Steps 1 In the Combat state, a Magic Lotus will flower benath your feet every 40s

Counts towards the Magic Lotus maximum

Endless Growth - low res.png Endless Growth 1 Duration of Spirit Growth: HEaling is reduced by 2s

Cannot be controlled during this time

Direct Approach - low res.png Direct Approach 1 Serpent Ripper causes you to pull yourself toward the target

Additional buffs are applied to you and no longer to the target

In Hiding - low res.png In Hiding 1 Using Serpent Ripper makes you and your target invisible

The effect is removed when you use a skill or are attacked

Birds in the Moonlight - low res.png Birds in the Moonlight 1 The effect duration of Lunar Magic is reduced by 5s

You are immunte to CC and Interrupt for the duration of the effect

for more lookup the Reaper page

Summoner (Ranged DPS and Support)[edit | edit source]

Summoner has the Mastries Nature's Wrath and Nüwa's Blessing

Name Costs Effect
Returned Bird high res.png Returned Bird 1 If Spirit Dove is also in cooldown after using Flying Goose, you can use Flying Goose again within 2 sec
Flying Figure fixed size.png Flying Figure 1 After using Spirit Dove, a circle of light may be left at the location.

Using the skill again within 6 sec returns you to this circle.

Soft Fragrance high res.png Soft Fragrance 1 When using skills which consume Soulforce/mana, 10% of the Soulforce/mana consumed is restored

Nature's Wrath[edit | edit source]

Name Costs Effect
Clear Day Glyph.png Clear Day 1 If Morning Fire Curse successfully interrupts the target, the cooldown for Nüwa Runes is reset instantly
Full Light of Dawn.png Full Light of Dawn 1 The amount healed by Blossom Twinkle increases by 50%
Spinning Wheel of the Elements.png Spinning Wheel of the Elements 1 If the target is damaged by Meteor Explosion twice in a row, it is stunned for 4 sec.

A hit with Golden Feather deals a healing debuff to the target.

White Sun reduces the target's received healing by 20% for 8 sec.

Wandering Rainbow.png Wandering Rainbow 1 When performing Beautiful Haze, Mingshi will return.

When performing Sunset, the crowd control on allies (including summons) with the least HP in a 20m radius is triggered.

Venerable high res.png Venerable 1 Flame Curse without casting time
Fly Together.png Fly Together 1 Blossom Twinkle does not reset the cooldown of Nüwa Rune, but it does reduce the cooldown of all Nüwa Runes currently cooling down by 30%
Windy Valley.png Windy Valley 1 Following the Meteor Explosion, you receive an additional Stack of Excess Light, and 2 stacks of Nüwa's Light Beam are restored.
Windy Valley.png Aspiring Exchange 0 With the Radiant Skylight Astral Blessing: Stone Pylon is replaced by Spirit Beaver.

With the Eastern Sun Astral Blessing: Mingshi switches from ranged to melee attacks.

Nüwa's Blessing[edit | edit source]

Name Costs Effect
Light Willow Catkin high res.png Light Willow Catkin 1 Reduces MP cost of Moluo: Protection by 30%

Reduces the skill cooldown of Moluo: Healing by 40%

Distant Mist high res.png Distant Mist 1 If target has a level 2 or 3 Healing Light buff, this effect is increased by 5 / 10%
Solar Rider high res.png Solar Rider 1 When performing Blazing Sun, team members are continuosly provided with immunity to injury for 8s for 10% of the skill
Through the Flowers high res.png Through the Flowers 1 In battle, Orchid Scent can increase the target's movements speed by 50% for 4 sec (60 sec cooldown)
First Flower high res.png First Flower 1 Increases Cooldown of Floral Cloak by 25% and shield changes to 1 stack for 6 sec

Regenerates target's HP and some MP every Second.

Increase target's total HP by 20% and restore the same amount of HP for you (max. 40% of your own HP).

Target is also protected from fatal injury once if the damage isn't twice his max. HP

The shield disappears when the effect is triggered and the target regenerates 30% of their max HP (max 60% of your own HP)

When the effect end, a large amount of your own mana is restored

First Flowers of Spring high res.png First Flowers of Spring 1 The regeneration buff from Day's End Flowers on yourself increases by 10%.

The duration of the support buffs for team members increases by 50%

Morning Dew high res.png Morning Dew 1 When using Breeze, Blossom or Perfume, the crit hit rate is increased by 20% for 8 sec

for more lookup the Summoner Page

Bard (Ranged DPS and Support)[edit | edit source]

Bard has the Mastries Dissonance and Harmony

Name Costs Effect
Clarity After Snowfall.png Clarity After Snowfall 1
Treading Grass.png Treading Grass 1
Reasonate Rhythm.png Resonant Rhythm 1

Dissonance[edit | edit source]

Name Costs Effect
Gong.png Gong 1
Homecoming.png Homecoming 1
Xian Xuehui.png Xian Xuehui 1
Magic Music.png Magic Music 1
Respite.png Respite 1
Horn Sound Change.png Horn Sound Change 1
Thunder Control.png Thunder Control 1

Harmony[edit | edit source]

Name Costs Effect
Bamboo Forest Concert.png Bamboo Forest Concert 1
Turbulences.png Turbulences 1
Jade Echo.png Jade Echo 1
Cold Breezy Headwind.png Cold Breezy Headwind 1
Portait of Yang Huiqing.png Portrait of Yang Huiqing 1
Auspicious Snow.png Auspicious Snow 1
Jade Pendant.png Jade Pendant 1
Heavy Mountains.png Heaby Mountains

for more lookup the Bard Page

Spellsword (Ranged DPS and Melee DPS)[edit | edit source]

Spellsword has the Mastries Sword Artist and Bladestorm

Name Costs Effect

Sword Artist[edit | edit source]

Name Costs Effect

Bladestorm[edit | edit source]

Name Costs Effect

for more lookup the Spellsword Page