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Gear is everything that player character can put on themselves, this includes a weapon, three class symbols, two rings, two accessories, necklace, headwear, top, bracers, belt, legwear, shoes.

Each class has their own specific weapon and class symbols, while other items might be equippable by other classes as well.

Soulforce[edit | edit source]

Soulforces are consumable items that you can insert into your accessories.

They're available from weekly quests, Demon Elimination daily quest and from vendors in Cloudrise. Purchasing chests is capped weekly.

Jade[edit | edit source]

Jade can be socketed in your gear by pressing Shift + Left Click on the item.

You can get Jades from Phoenix Song Boxes, which drop in dungeons, raids or from some weeklies.

Talismans[edit | edit source]

Talisman are item enchants that is placed onto your gear to give stats. The item is consumed in the process. To change the stats gained by a talisman, simply override it with another one. The talismans are locked to different gear slots, such as legs, weapon, bracer, etc. and can give different stats depending on your role, for example a weapon talisman can give Physical or Magical power when you're in the Tank or DPS role, but give Healing Effect when you are doing the Healer role.

Talisman Vendors:

NOTE: As of patch 2.0.8, the recipes for tier II Talismans for Weapons and Bracers have to be looted from Langquan Bridge (normal) and Taihua Instance (normal)

Vendor Talisman - Weapon Talisman - Headgear Talisman - Top Talisman - Bracers Talisman - Belt Talisman - Legwear Talisman - Shoes
Chushou.png (I) DPS Mastery:Physical/Magic attack + 13

Healing Mastery: Healing Effect + 17

(I) DPS Mastery: Physical Attack + 13

Tank Mastery: Healing level + 26

(I) DPS Mastery: Physical Attack +13

Healing mastery: Prescience Effect + 26

(I) Physical/Magic power + 38

(I) Mastery + 38

(I) Perception + 38

(I) Mastery + 38

(II) Mastery + 47

(I) Physical/Magical crit chance + 38

(II) Physical/Magical crit chance + 47

Li Siyin.png
Dong Ruicong.png

Dong Ruicong.png

Jian Chenhong.png