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Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Swords of Legends Online.

Not every question can be included, but if you have a questions that you wish to get answered, feel free to join the wiki's DISCORD SERVER or ask in DISCUSSION AREA.

Q: Where is the Server Located?[edit | edit source]

A: Ashford, Virginia (US) and Frankfurt, Germany (EU).

Q: I have a (insert your top of the line CPU and GPU model) but its doesn't utilized them 100% and have low fps?[edit | edit source]

A: The game is running on a discontinued Havok Vision Game Engine from 2014.

You can try to increase your fps by check marking any/all of the option at the top of the game screen(Hide Players, Hide Teammates, Hide Enemies).

We will get the UE4 Upgrade that should fix these problems in a year or 2.

Q: What is the current max level?[edit | edit source]

A: 1-36 in BeginnerStudent 1 (basically 37).

Q: I'm level 32-33 and the next available quest is at 34, what should I do?[edit | edit source]

A: Run Frostbitten Path (Drill Difficulty) with your companion npcs and/or other players to gain exp.

Another popular alternative is to do Biographies and can be accessed by mousing over the Mission icon(3rd from the left on bottom right of the screen) and click on Biographies.

Q: I'm level 36, how can I become Student 1?[edit | edit source]

A: After filling up the exp bar(the thin line on the very bottom of your screen) at level 36, you should automatically receive a quest to go see your class hall leader.

If not, go see your class leader npc in your class zone for the quest.

Q: I need to bow to the class leader for the Student 1 quest but it doesn't work?[edit | edit source]

A: Hold V pressed and do your Class Greeting.

Q: Does it matter which of the 6 titles I choose at the end of the Student 1 quest?[edit | edit source]

A: No it's just for flavor, choose any one you want.

There is no stat bonus or anything associated title.

Q: Where is the Chang'an/Jiangdu Poker Player for the Card Game Weekly?[edit | edit source]

A: It's a translation error. What it means is challenge 10 people in the District of Chang'an/Jiangdu.

You can challenge a npc 10 times or 10 different people or a mix of them both.

Q: How to do the Turquoise Lantern Spirits Weekly?[edit | edit source]

A: Go to the map it says that the weekly is in and use your underworld lantern (Ctrl+Y → envoy of the turquoise lantern → right click on the underworld lantern icon. Kill the mob that is defined by the large turquoise monster icon on the map (Don't think its soloable).

Q: How to do the Training against the Demons Weekly?[edit | edit source]

A: Go to the map it says that the weekly is in and kill the mob that is defined by the large red monster icon(Larger than the Bounty Hunter icons) on the map(Don't think its soloable).

Make sure that you have tagged(be the player or be part of the party that attacked the monster first) the monster in order to get credit.

You can tell if you tagged it by its healthy red color HP bar compared to a greyish red color HP bar.

Q: How do I complete the Delectable Dish Quest?[edit | edit source]

A: Buy 3 Fresh Rice Noodles and 1 Coal from the cooking merchant next to the Hob(Cooking Station)

Hob → Stew → add the following ingredients: Lean Boneless Meat x 1 + Edible Wild Green Vegetables x 1 + Fresh Rice Noodles x 3

Note: if you add in a different amount of ingredients you will cook something else instead. If you somehow loss your Lean Boneless Meat, you can get more from Earth Beast Food Loot chests.

Q: Does this game have pay-to-win cash-shop?[edit | edit source]

A: No! Everything sold on cash-shop is purely cosmetic. There is nothing in store that can affect game-play.

Q: Do the wardrobe unlocks get shared across the entire account?[edit | edit source]

A: Yes. Every purchase you make is account-bound. That means every outfit and weapon can be used on all characters.

Q: How do I repair/recover the durability of my gear?[edit | edit source]

A: Go to any merchant and select the repair all button on the bottom left of the merchant trade window.