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The Fox Mage is one of the 3 new character classes playable in Swords of Legends Online.

Fox Mage is playable as ranged dps or healing support.

The girls of the Floral Palace who cultivate spirit foy techniques have a combination of Firestone clan and spirit fox blood in their veins. Outwardly they are half-human, half-fox. As a result of their cultivation practices, their physical development only progresses slowly. Most of them remain at a stage somewhere between small girl and young woman; they are delicate, beautiful and cute. Yet they should not be underestimated.

For their cultivation, they bury Firestones in the earth and plant exotic plants on top of them. This lets them grow plants with extremely strong spiritual energy, enabling them to intensify their own soulforce and strengthen the barriers of the Floral Palace. By observing the cycles of life, in the growing and withering of plants, they learn to understand self-perfection and can thus enhance their magical powers. In combat they use the Twin Branches that were watered with lifeblood as weapons. They combine flowers and grasses to create poisons that drive their enemies insane and ultimately kill them. Alternatively, they can harness the force of growth in nature to heal their allies. Their versatility is highly impressive.

Unknown NPC representing Foxmage class on Game's website

Main Skills[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]
Name Type Description Unlock Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Effect
Call of the Flowers- Transformation - low res.png

Call of the Flowers- Attack - low res.png

Call of the Flowers: Transformation

Call of the Flowers: Attack

Support None 4s 300s 20m Makes a specific monster that is neither a Boss nor Elite into a Soulforce Creature to fight alongside you
None Instant 1.5s self Thornsmash:

Orders the Soulforce Creature to attack the selected enemy target

Blossom Dream:

Orders the Soulforce Creature to follow the selected allied target

Call of the Flowers - low res.png

Call of the Flowers- Release - low res.png

Call of the Flowers

Call of the Flowers: Release

Damage Support None Instant 15s self Summons a Soulforce Creature
None Instant Uninterrupted self Releases existing Soulforce Creatures
Red Rainment - low res.png Red Rainment Protection Cleanse None Instant 60s self Removes CC effects and make the target immune to them

Reduces your damage taken by 50%

You also receive a shield equal to 10% of your total HP

you are immune to interrupt while this lasts

Duration 8s

Spring healing - low res.png Spring Healing Cleanse None Instant 60s self removes CC effects
Spirit Fox Transformation - low res.png Spirit Fox: Transformation None Instant 10s self Transformation into Little fox, gets Fox-skills
Flower Cake - low res.png Flower Cake Support None Instant 120s 25m Consumes 1 fresh flower to increase max HP of a selected friendly target by 15% for 6s

*Fresh Flowers can be found athe Fox Mage class base, in particular in Xinfang Garden and on Jiangzhen Terrace


- no consumption anymore, +2s duration

Spring Prayer - low res.png Spring prayer Protection Support None 8s 60s Self, 4m Radius While channeling, the damage you take is reduced by 60% and nearby teammates get the Spring prayer buff

If the skill is interrupted by an enemy effect, the cooldown is halved

Spring Prayer: Each stack increases basic attributes by 0.5% (max 5 stacks)

Butterfly Flutter - low res.png Butterfly Flutter Purify None Instant 12s | 3 stacks self Fast dodge in the direction of movement

Thornsmash: Immune to CC when dodging in the Fox stance

Fox-skills[edit | edit source]
Name Type Description Unlock Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Effect
Rolling Spirit Fox - low res.png Rolling Spirit Fox Purify none Charge strength 10s self Hold down the button to continue rolling
Spirit Fox Rider - low res.png

Leave Spirit Fox Rider.png

Spirit Fox Rider

Leave Spirit Fox Rider

- none Instant 10s Self You get a free ride on the selected teammate's shoulder.

Increases the physical attack, magic attack and healing of the target by 3%

5s self Leaves the spirit fox rider status and hop off your team member's shoulder
Transformation- Human.png Transformation: Human - none Instant none self Transformation into a human

Glyphs[edit | edit source]

Name Costs Effect
Missing Spring - low res.png Missing Spring 1 When Red Raiment is activated, nearby teammates receive the same shield effect. Reduces the damage taken by 30% for 4s (60s Cooldown)
Flower in the Mirror.png Flower in the Mirror 1 Max HP is increased by 10% but abilities do not deal crit hits.
Kissing Flowers.png Kissing Flowers 1 Spring Healing knocks enemies in a radius of 4m back by 8m
Light Red Dress.png Light Red Dress 1 You are immunte to CC during Spring Prayer

Masteries[edit | edit source]

Fox mage has two masteries available

Thornsmash (Ranged DPS)[edit | edit source]

Having Crooked Branch Astral Blessing changes skills into claw fox stance.
The base skill set of DPS fox, also known as poison/DoT fox

Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description Unlock Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Effect Golden Shell
Scattered Silk - low res.png

Spent Incense - low res.png

Scattered Silk

Spent Incense

Damage Claw fox None Instant None 20m, 2.5m radius Deals damage and when you hit a target, 5 Fox's Wrath are consumed.

This ability can also be perfomed with insufficient Fox's Wrath, but damage is halved

Effect: Renews your Flower Poison applied to targets

Claw Fox 30m, 3m radius If the ability hits, 5 points of Fox's Wrath are restored (1points is additionally restored per 2% of haste) Low
Foxskill1.png Flowing Fragrance Resource management Poison Fox None Instant None 20m Attacks the target and restores 10 Soulforce. Gain stack of Snowing Blossom per cast. Average
Fading Blossoms - low res.png
Spirit Fox's Wrath - low res.png

Thousand Lights - low res.png

Fading Blossoms

Spirit Fox's Wrath

Thousand Lights

Immunte to Control Control Claw Fox None Instant 6.5s 20m, 2m radius Combo: Pressing again after a hit triggers Spirit Fox's Wrath High
Damage Control Claw Fox 1.2s 20m, 4m radius high dmg
Damage Claw Fox ~1s

(haste scaling)

Uninterrupted 30m, 4.5m radius triggers, while in "fallen from heavens stance"

high dmg

FoxskilL2.png Sad Spring Damage, resource management Poison Fox 20 Soulforce ~1s

(haste scaling)

None 20m Attack the target and resotres 30 points of Fragrance. Gain stack of Snowing Blossom per cast. High
Returning Spririt - low res.png

Fox Transformation - low res.png

Returning Spirit

Fox Transformation

Support Claw Fox None Instant 10s Self Changes to the Floral Sprite stance

Standart skills are changed to Flowing Fragrance and Sad Spring, and Foxtrot becomes Flourish and Decay

Floral Sprite Stance: During this time, Fox's Wrath is gradually restored

Claw Fox Adopt the Spirit Fox Stance

Basic skills are changed to Scattered Silk and Fading Blossoms.

Flourisch and Decay becomes Foxtrot

Spirit Fox Stance: your movement speed is increased by 10% and the crit hit-rate/effect is increased by 3% and Fragrance is gradually restored

FoxSKilL4.png Spring View Resource management Poison Fox None 2s (scales with haste) 20s (scales with haste) 25m A target that you've already inflicted with a DoT will infect other targets in 6 meter radius.
Blossom Tears - low res.png Blossom Tears Damage Claw Fox 35Fox's Wrath Instant 25s | 2 stacks 20m, 3.5m radius Performs 5 attacks on random targets within range and causes damage over time with Swarm of Flies effect, which cannot be removed

If you have marked the target with Bite-Red Dill, they are targeted and attacked.

Swarm of Flies: Damage-ticks every 2s for 35s (no multiple stacks)

Effect: During this time, the damage you take is reduced by 50% and you are immunte to CC (20% in PvP)

Foxskill3.png Swarm of Flies Damage Poison Fox 25 Fragrance Instant None 20m, 4m radius Deals damage, stacks "Swarm of Flies" debuff on the enemy up to 10 times. High
Bite-red Dill - low res.png Bite-Red Dill Support Damage Both stances 10Soulforce Instant 10s | 2 stacks 20m Applies Bite-Red Dill effect to the target

Bite-Red Dill: increases the damage dealt by Swarm of Flies by 30%, 35s duration

Read Leaves - low res.png Red Leaves Damage Both stances None ~1s (haste scaling) 35s Self, 25m radius Deals damage to nearby targets with Swarm of Flies

in addition hit target's receiving healing debuff of 40% for 6s

If a target with Bite-Red Dill is hit, it is slowed for 5s and cannot perform any actions to change its position

Foxtrot - low res.png Foxtrot Control Purify Claw Fox None Instant 30s 8m Push the target back by 5 metres back and then jump away from it

Effect: You are immunte to CC during the action

FoxSkill5.png Flourish and Decay Control, support Both stances None Instant 30s 20m, 4m radius Roots all enemies in targeted area. For every enemy damaged, restore 2% Max HP, up to 10% max hp per target. Lasts 5 seconds. 300
Catch the Nightingale - low res.png

Catch the Nightingale Nosedive - low res.png

Catch the Nightingale

Catch the Nightingale: Nosedive

Control Claw Fox None Instant 30s 20m Immediately pulls the selected target closer to you or moves you closer to the target if it is immune to CC
Claw Fox 3s Self You charge towards the selected target and ends the Fallen from Heaven stance

Enemies near the target are stunned for 2s

FoxSKill6.png Kind Words Control Poison fox None Instant 30s 20m Stuns target for 5 seconds. 200
Clasp of Destruction - low res.png Clasp of Destruction Interrupt Both stances None Instant 24s 20m, 2.5m radius Interrupts the target's casting and silences them for 3s (silence duration doubles on successful interruption) high
Incomparable Fragrance - low res.png Incomparable Fragrance 1Bladeheart Instant Uninterrupted Self All attributes increase by 10% (whole team) for 30s
Fox Phantom start - low res.png Fox Phantom: start

Fox Phantom

Damage None Instant 60s 20m Fox Phantom is triggered when you hit a target with a smashed Golden Shell
~60s (haste scaling) self, 4m radius high dmg (animation)
Astral Blessing Skills[edit | edit source]
Name Type Description Unlock Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Effect
Fox's Fire Rain.png Fox's Fire Rain Damage Picking Fox's Fire Rain as 4th Astral blessing None Instant 60s Self Activates the Fallen from Heaven stance

You remain in the air for a short time and are immune to slowing-effects

During this time you can use Thousand Lights 5x (and 1x extra for every 8% haste up to 10x) and basic damage abilities and Catch the Nightingale changes

PvP: The duration of CC on you such as stun, root and silence is reduced by 50%

Chaos Blossom.png

Chaos Blossom- Destruction.png

Chaos Blossom

Chaos Blossom: Destruction

Damage Control Picking Chaos Blossom as 4th Astral blessing None Instant 30s 20m 1st phase launches target into air for 4s and deals dmg and goldshell-dmg.

Also the target receives dmg overtime from Chaos Blossom every 2s for 15s.

Perform final phase by pressing the key repeatedly

immune to CC Damage None Instant 30s 30m, 4.5m radius countless doppelgängers performing are frenzied attack on nearby targets, which deals dmg and goldenshell-dmg.

If target is inflicted by Swarm of Flies, 1 stack is consumed on each action hit with the dmg being calculated instantly.

Astral Blessings[edit | edit source]
1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option
Name Effect Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1 Crooked Branch.png Crooked Branch Changing into a spirit fox changes most of your skills. Haste proportionally increases the magic power by 25%

Flowing Fragrance changes to Scattered Silk.

Sad Spring changes to Fading Blossoms.

Spring View changes to Returniing Spirit.

Swarm of Flies changes to Blossom Tears.

Kind Words changes to Catch the Nightingale.

Flourish and Decay changes to Foxtrot.

Green Grass.png Green Grass Damage dealt by Sad Spring increased by 88% and Swarm of Flies by 96%
Tier 2 Visible Scars.png Visible Scars Sad Spring can regenerate an additional 50 points of Fox's Wrath

Increases the damage of Scattered Silk by 250%

Beautiful Spring - 48p.png Beautiful Spring Regeneration of Spring View is doubled.

If target is suffering from Swarm of Flies, a hit of Spring View gibes 4 additional Stacks Swarm of Flies

Flyijng Nightingale.png Flying Nightingale Red Raiment shield is increased to 15% of max HP
Tier 3 Red Leaves - Protection.png Red Leaves -

Moluo: Protection

Red Leaves consumes all your Fragrance Energy.

Every Point increases the ability's damage by 2.2%

When performing the action, the charge of Blossom Tears is instantly increased by 1 stack

Red Leaves - Beauty.png Red Leaves: Beauty Base cooldown of Red Leaves is reduced by 20s.

If target already has DoT-effect when you use this skill, every DoT increases new damage by 200% and 60 Fragrance is restored

Tier 4 Fox's Fire Rain.png Fox's Fire Rain grants Fox's Fire Rain Chaos Blossom.png Chaos Blossom grants Chaos Blossom
Tier 5 Butterflies around Flowers.png Butterflies around Flowers Fox's Fire Rain can regenerate 1 additional stack, with a 45s charge time.

The damage of Spent Incense and Thousand Lights is increased by 60%

*You need to select Fox's Fire Rain as 4th Astral Blessing

Two Swallows.png Two Swallows Damage increase from Swarm of Flies and Blossom Tears caused by Bite-Red Dill is increased by additional 70%
Glyphs[edit | edit source]
Name Costs Effect
Nightingale in the Tree - low res.png Nightingale in the Tree 1 Swarm of Flies requires no casting time. While performing Blossom Tears, it is not possible to charge at the target. Instead, there is no immunity to CC or dmg reduction buffs
Chang Chun - low res.png Chang Chun 1 If Flowing Fragrance hits, you will have a 15% chance of performing Sad Spring without casting or consuming Soulforce.

lasts for a max duration of 10s and can be stacked 3 times

Silent Flower - low res.png Silent Flower 1 Fading Blossoms launches enemies into the air for 3s. However, the cooldown is extended by 12s if a player is hit.
Become a Fox.png Become a Fox 0 When using Fox's Fire Rain, the levitate in the air effect is no longer cast at the same time.
Red Dill Wraps around the Heart.png Red Dill Wraps around the Heart 1 Bite-Red Dill reduces the target's healing buffs by 20% for 10s
Perfume on the Hand.png Perfume on the Hand 1 When performing Returning Spirit, you can receive the Calming Fox Ghosts buff. An enemy within 8m is attacked automatically and its movement speed is reduced by 30% for 8s

Blossom Dream (Support)[edit | edit source]

Skill Window (livestream screenshot - Blossom Dream).png

Skills[edit | edit source]

Commons[edit | edit source]
Name Type Description Unlock Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Effect Golden Shell
Call of the Orchid - low res.png

Call of the Orchid- Attack - low res.png

Call of the Orchid

Call of the Orchid: Attack

Regeneration 3Soulforce ~1s (haste scaling) Uninterrupted 25m Heal an ally and get the Returning Fragrance effect for yourself

Returning Fragrance: Reduces the regeneration interval of the Fragrance by 50%, 12s duration

Damage 20m Attack the target and get the returning Fragrance effect for yourself.

Increases damage to targets under the Aroma Break by 50%

Young Love.png Young Love Regeneration 12Soulforce ~1.5s (haste scaling) ~1.5s (haste scaling) 25m Heals ___ points of HP

Additional bonus: For every 10% missing, the healing effect is boosted by 3%

Lotus Tears - low res.png

Lotus Tears- Attack - low res.png

Lotus Tears

Lotus Tears: Attack

Regeneration 55Fragrance Instant Uninterrupted 25m Heals ___ points of HP
Damage 20m Uses the Aroma Break effect on your opponent

Aroma Break: deals ___ points of damage every 2s, 20s duration

Restrained Youth - low res.png Restrained Youth Support None Instant ~55-60s (haste scaling) Self Immediately restores __ points of Soulforce and ___ points of Fragrance
Floral Pallor.png Floral Pallor Regeneration None Instant ~55-60s | 2 stacks

(haste scaling)

Self You receive the Floral Pallor buff

Floral Pallor: The healing effect of Call of the Orchid is increased by 50%

If Call of the Orchid is performed successfully, the friendly target with the lowest %-HP within 20m radius around the target receives the same healing twice, 10s duration

Fragrant Breeze.png Fragrant Breeze Regeneration Support None Instant Uninterrupted Self, 20m radius In combat, the Aroma Pallor effect is automatically performed on the two team members with the lowest HP within a radius of 20m every 5s.

If the target already has Aroma Pallor, they are instantly healed by ___ points.

By pressing the button multiple times, you can switch between Elixir, Guard and Soul

(hold 1 sec to deactivate Fragrant Breeze effect)

Aroma Pallor: Regenerates ___ points of HP every 2sec, boosted by 65% for targets on the same team, 15s duration

Elixir: increases your healing by 10%

Guard: Reduces your damage taken by 10%

Soul: Reduces the healing interval of Fragrance by 10%

Perfume Power Healing - low res.png

Perfume Power Defence - low res.png

Perfume Power Attack - low res.png

Perfume Power: Healing

Perfume Power: Defence

Perfume Power: Attack

Frenzy Support None Instant 90s self, 20m radius Heals team members for ___ points of HP for 10s,
Healing: increases healing effects received by team members within range by 10% for 10s

Defence: Team members within range become immune to CC and disruptive effects for 5s

Attack: Increases physical or magic attack of team members by 10% and reduces their aggro by 50% for 10s

Sun in the Heart - low res.png Sun in the Heart Purify Shield None Instant ~45s (haste scaling) 25m, 6m radius You charge at a target and give allies within a radius a shield.

While charging, the damage you take is reduced by 60%

Press again within 3s to generate a healing formation at your current position and you return to your starting position

Healing by ___ points, Shield by ___ points

Healing formation: Regenerates ___ points for allies within the target area, 10s duration

Blossoming Flowers - low res.png Blossoming Flowers Support None Instant 70s | 2 stacks 25m Converts the damage taken within 2s into HP for the nearest target
Floral Irritation - low res.png Floral irritation Support Control None Instant 40s 25m, 5m radius Immediately lures all targets to the central area and slows them down by 70%

Targets still within range after 2s are stunned for 3s

Transcience - low res.png Transience Support None 3.5s 300s 40m Rescues a seriously wounded ally and returns it to the combat area for 30s

All allies within a radius of 10m of the target heal continuously

Overexertion: This action cannot save anyone who is affected by this buff

Dreams of old - low res.png Dreams of Old Support 1 Bladeheart Instant Uninterrupted Self Quickly heals a badly injured ally and gets them back in the fight.
Flawless - low res.png Flawless Support None Instant 8s 25m Clears removeable debuffs for an ally
Astral Blessing - Skills[edit | edit source]
Name How to Obtain Type Cost Cast Time Cooldown Time Range Effect
Windy Fragrance - low res.png Windy Fragrance Picking Windy Fragrance as 1st Astral Blessing Regeneration None Instanz 12s | 3 stacks 25m Restores HP of team members at the target position and grants them Healing overtime for 30s with Aroma Pallor
Astral Blessing[edit | edit source]
1st Option 2nd Option
Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1 Breath of Wind.png Breath of Wind Lotus Tears restore __ HP to two friendly targets with the lowest HP within 25m of the target in addition* Windy Fragrance - low res.png Windy Fragrance grants the skill Windy Fragrance
Tier 2 Floral Pallor Pleasure - low res.png Floral Pallor: Pleasure When in Floral Pallor Status if Call of the Orchid hits a

target that has the Aroma Pallor effect, healing effect increased by 10%

Floral Pallor Huarrong - low res.png Floral Pallor: Huanrong The Duration of Floral Pallor is reduced by 50%. Each performance of Call of the Orchid increases the Heal effect by additional 3 levels*
Tier 3 Drunk in the Shadow of Flowers.png Drunk in the Shadow of Flowers if you have the Returning Fragrance effect yourself,

the cooldown of Perfume Power is reduced by 5s (2.5s in PvP) every 3s

Serenity - low res.png Serenity The cooldown of Perfume Power is affected by haste.

Performing Perfume Power can instantly regenerate 100 Fragrance

The next 5 Lotus Tears also don't consume Fragrance

Tier 4 Flowers in the Wind - low res.png Flowers in the Wind Each performance of Call of the Orchid or Lotus Tears grants the Flowers in wind effect.

Each Stack of the effect increases the number of Heal attemps with Young Love by 1 (max 5)*

Dust vessel.png Dust Vessel Performing Lotus Tears lets you perform Dust Vessel on yourself. Young Love can be perfomed immediately from 4 stacks. Once you've fully performed Young Love you get back 5 points of Soulforce
Tier 5 Appealing Form.png Appealing Form Sun in the Heart cleanse from CC and grants immunity for 3s.

but it's no longer affected by haste*

Lotus Blossom Steps.png Lotus Blossom Step Sun in the Heart can be charged up to 2 times*
Glyphs[edit | edit source]
Name Costs Effect
Scattered Bead Curtain - low res.png Scattered Bead Curtain 1 The Aroma Palor effect is affected by haste now. [current interval: X]

The number of team members which get the Aroma Palor through Fragrant Breeze is increased to 3

Farewell in the Missing Time of Flowers - low res.png Farewell in the Missing Time of Flowers 1 Flower Cake consumes 1 additional fresh Flower but the effect is granted all team members within 30m range*
Zhuma Song - low res.png Zhuma Song 1 A successful cast of Young Love grants the Call of the Orchid effect

The casttime of Young Love and it's variiation is 15% faster for 20s*

Self Pity.png Self Pity 1 The Base Cooldown of Spring Healing is reduced by 10s*
The Forest Dreaming.png The Forest Dreaming 1 The target of transcience doesn't get the Overexertion-debuff anymore*

Note: Everything with * at the end is translated from the german, i can't guarantee a correct translation because something like "Heilsamer Einfluss" would be "healing influence", which isn't a skill. at least not with that name

Media[edit | edit source]

Class trailler:

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Information about this class can be found in some books:

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