Fifty Islands of Chuyun

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Fifty Islands of Chuyun map with markers

Fifty Island of Chuyun is a very big, open map with big multitude of flying islands. On this map, most of Guild vs Guild activites take place.

Players can teleport here through any map or with Cirrus Drive, however the only exit is to Cloudrise.

On this map, the Central island is a safe-zone, any other place on the map is forced open faction pvp. Entering the map turns your faction pvp on.

Whenever you are flying on this map, your flying speed is increased by 150%.

Guild material gathering quest[edit | edit source]

On Fifty Islands of Chuyun, each island aside from the four big islands and the central island have gatherable materials on them.

Ice Crystal Cloud item description

Each day after Daily reset, players can buy 500 Ice Crystal Clouds as a part of an alliance gathering quest. This item, when right-clicked, will give you a buff that allows you to collect materials on the island. Whenever one material is collected, one Ice Crystal Cloud is lost.

As of patch 2.0.7, there are currently four types of materials, namely:

  • Reishi Powder
  • Water Essence
  • Cloud Essence
  • Wind Essence

You can gather up to 500 of these materials combined. Reishi powder is an exception, since it doesn't count towards the quest, but also doesn't consume Ice Crystal Cloud.

After gathering 500 materials, you are to return to the NPC on the central island and sell the materials. After selling them to the NPC, you will get your gold back and complete the daily quest, gaining:

  • 5 Gold 500 Silver
  • "Icy Chill Chest" which opens automatically, giving your alliance an extra: 50 Reishi Powder; 500 Water Essence; 500 Wind Essence; 500 Cloud Essence.
  • 200 Writs of the Continents
  • 200 Combat Spirit

Note: If you do not have an alliance or a week hasn't elapsed since you joined, you will not contribute any materials to your guild and they will all be lost. You also cannot sell Reishi Powder during this time, but you can put it in your stash and sell it when you can.

Reishi Powder[edit | edit source]

Reishi powder icon that shows on the map

Reishi powder is a special material from Fifty Islands of Chuyun. Every day a different island will have this material combined with another material. You can gather up to 30 Reishi powders each day. Reishi powder also drops from other players that are currently carry it in their inventory.

Another differences from other materials are the weekly cap amount of 300 Reishi powders and not counting towards the daily quest.

Guild islands[edit | edit source]

The four biggest islands on the map work as a base for the guild that currently owns it, more in Guild vs Guild. The owner of each island is shown on the map right above the Island.

Each of the four islands has the following NPC on it:

  • General Trader
  • Stash Manager
  • Alliance Steward (With an extra shop items exclusive to GvG island merchants)
  • Accesories trader (Same NPC as on central island for the Gathering quest)

Alliance Steward shop[edit | edit source]

Apart from the items you find at the Cloudrise's Alliance Steward,the Alliance Steward on Guild vs Guild islands only accepts PvP Contribution. You can buy 1 PvP contribution for 1 "Classic" Contribution.

Extra items:

  • "On The Hunt for Money and Prawns" - collectable that, when used, spawns a small pet following you
  • "Abyss Ice" - A consumable that spawns a mana regenerating area.
  • "Astral Rune" - Spawn a protection barrier on a Fallen Comet owned by your alliance.
  • "Victory Banner of the Battle-hardened" - Can be used to reset the amount of kills in order to be able to gain more combat spirit for killing other players.