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Swords of Legends Online currently has 11 factions, some of which are related to PVP content. Most of them have a shop with items available depending on your prestige level with a given faction.

Emblem Name Desciption
Faction emblem qin league.png Qin League To deal with the demon dragon and the Eternal Army of the Qin Mausoleum once and for all, the students must increase their research into the Seal of the Five Heaven Stones. Hopefully they can make some progress. Because it's not just about sealing evil. It's also about slowly adapting and weakening the Power of the Seal so that later, when the situation is safer, they can penetrate the underground palace and wipe out evil for good.

That is why the formerly friendly Valley of a Hundred Grasses, Taihua Mountain and Heavenly Ridge formed an Alliance. So They can support one another: The alliance members are not only supposed to work together on researching the Seal of Five Heaven Stones, but also to support one another whenever any of them faces a major challenge. In this way, they hope to conserve their strength so they they are prepared for the Qin Mausoleum War, which could break out at any time.

Faction emblem heavenly council.png Heavenly Council Despite being officially affiliated with Heaven's Children, it is a secret organisation under the command of Empress Cisheng. There are nine seats in total. The Heavenly Council carry out the orders of their supreme commander. He in turn acts in secret through the House Master Shangguan Xiao, on behalf of Empress Cisheng, and eliminates their enemies at the court and across the country. He uses the students' power to protect the throne without being noticed. Each member of the Heavenly Council has a group of followers, also known as Shadow Guardians, who report back to them.
Faction emblem envoy.png Envoy of the Turquoise Lantern People who roam around places filled with spiritual energy with turquoise lanterns. They try to guide lost and evil spirits to the underworld.

There's a large meeting place near Baidi Mountain.

The faction's influence extends all across the world. Its traces can be found in every cemetery, in every haunted house and in any other place plagued by ghosts.

Faction emblem pavilion.png Pavilion of the Broken Sword It is said that the many outstanding sword fighters who gather in the Pavilion of the Broken Sword are the same astrologers who, so the legend goes, carry the burden of the 'Star Sword Destiny'. Whoever their master was, they all pursue the objective of reaching the ultimate realm of 'Sword Enlightenment'. The fact that the Pavilion of the Broken Sword has a large number of members and such diverse origins is why it boasts an inconceivably large information network.
Faction emblem blood ruvia.png Blood Ruvia The Blood Ruvia are the largest mercenary organisation of the central plain, they call themselves "bounty hunters' and generally lead double lives. On their missions - which they always conduct alone - they carry a red feather as a sign to identify them, before going back about their ordinary lives.
Faction emblem heavens children.png Heaven's Children The biggest Cultivation Alliance on the central plain is made up of multiple schools, big and small. The alliance was originally founded to fight against the ancient Demon Xiangliu, who laid waste to the world more than a decade ago. Its attitude towards demons and other similar creatures is radical and stubborn. Since then it has developed into a strong alliance which has made it a mission to preserve the righteous path of the ordinary people.

Most of the Heaven's Children schools believe in Fuxi and the Immortals who follow him. But there are some schools who worship Shennong or Nuwa. It's a huge organization of cultivation students. Heaven's Children is an interfaith community. The students of differing religions do not stop them from uniting for the good of the world and to serve justice. The individual schools and their followers support one another. If they receive a call for help from the Alliance headquarters in times of emergency, they dispatch their students and place them under the command of the Alliance leader.

In the Alliance, order, ethics and discipline prevail. Outwardly, they are strict and impartial, and they take a tough stance against potential troublemakers. But within the Alliance itself they are more relaxed and open. The Alliance's oath and righteousness are methods used by the Alliance leader to guarantee cohesion among the schools. All the schools are equal and there is no restrictive hierarchy.

Faction emblem mysticism.png Mysticism A polytheistic religion with origins in the south-west of Shenzhou, with its main capital in the Dell of Forgotten Woes. Its followers pray to Shennong, Houtu, Nuwa and many other gods. But there are also some students of Zhenren Chixia from Taihua Mountain among the religion's founders, which is why its traditions include some Daoist practices from the central plain.

As the spiritual basis of their religion is a close affinity with nature, the followers were primarily based in the north-west, the south-west and the southern realms. Branches for the local deities are widespread. It's developed rapidly over the past few years and is now one of the predominant religions among the people in the south.

In general, its followers are very in touch with nature and have a peaceful attitude towards all living things. They rely on negotiation and persuasion when it comes to outsiders. But their internal rules are extremely stringent, strictly hierarchical, and clearly structured. They have all sorts of ancient and mystical practices and rituals, and the punishments for breaking the rules are quite severe.

Mysticism is shaped by the hope and trust that its followers place in it. It is a type of faith in its own right, and its authority rests on more than the worship of the individual gods. That's why its followers honour its strict, clear system of rules, and thereby contribute to the orderly processes within this great faction.

Faction emblem natural history.png Natural History Academy A research society consisting of scholars selected from all regions of the world. They organise periodic conventions through the local representatives of each region. These give the scholars the opportunity to meet to compare findings and exchange ideas. It is said that a large number of the artisans and sages of the world are more or less associated with the research society, even if they aren't members themselves. The members have different qualifications and areas of expertise and the only limitation is that they are not allowed to use their knowledge for politics or war.
Faction emblem wuzhao nocturnal spirits.png Wuzhao Nocturnal Spirits The people of the old Wuzhao Clan, which originated in the border regions, are the precursors to this group of people.

They are the descendants of an offshoot of the 'Wu People' from ancient times and worship the God of Death.

They were originally mortals. During the war, when their injuries seemed like they would become fatal, they came into contact with dark qi and contaminated water from the Yin Springs. This dangerous mixture, the 'Five Clouds of Evil', took possession of their bodies and changed them. Even though it healed their injuries, they gradually lost their humanity. They lost their seven spirits and have suffered constant mental torment ever since.

Faction emblem shade.png Shade A secret organisation of assassins, founded by Guyun Shuangjian. Their main chapel is located at Baidi Mountain, the meeting place of ghosts and demons. It is said that the Shade assassins move invisibly like shadows. Their combat skills are unpredictable. If you want to get rid of someone, all you need to do is find a Shade Assassin and give them a convincing reason to take the job. There is virtually no desire they can't fulfil. Despite how few members they have, their influence can be felt all over the country. There could be an unparalleled Master of the Shades hiding in almost any abandoned place, behind any figure, even behind the most inconspicuous market trader.
Faction emblem alliance.png Alliance Your current Alliance's prestige (guild).

PvP Factions[edit | edit source]

The game features a optional PvP side content in which players choose between opposing factions and complete a variety of activities and daily quests. You must choose one of the 2 factions to take part in Faction wars, this can be chosen in the Cultivation menu.

There are two option to choose which enable Faction PvP in open world: Mysticism, and Heaven's Children. Once the player chooses between one of of the two factions, the first time they enter Valley of Echoing Blades, the PvP Mode will be turned on automatically. Turning off the PvP mode can be done via the Skills menu (K) under the General tab (Faction Mode), and can only be done once a day.

Where to find "Faction Mode" skill. It can be placed in player quickbars.

PvP Faction Dailies[edit | edit source]

Every day there are Faction dailies to take part in. There are some events that can only be participated in on certain days of the week. These dailies can be found under Cultivation and provide rewards such as Gold, Combat Spirit, Writ of the Continents, and Faction Prestige. All faction dailies take place in the Valley of Echoing Blades.

Dragonsong Battle[edit | edit source]

The Dragonsong Battle is a Faction event that occurs twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8 PM to 9 PM. Players must receive 80 Dragonsong Battle Points to complete this quest.


  • 6 Gold 500 Silver
  • 200 Combat Spirit
  • 30 Fortune
  • 500 Writ of the Continents
  • Exquisite Prize Bag

Event Rewards:

  • Bounty
  • 900 Writ of the Continents
  • 400 Combat Spirit
  • 90 Amulet Coin (Earth)

Demon Destruction and Gilding[edit | edit source]

Demon Destruction and Gilding is a Faction event that occurs twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays from 11 AM to 1 AM the next day. The quest requires fighting a boss named Po Yunnu that spawns every 10-15 minutes. When the boss appears, a bar will appear at the top of players' UI which shows the percentages of damage that each Faction has dealt to Po Yunnu. The faction with the higher percentage of damage dealt to Po Yunnu when he is defeated gets the rewards. This quest's rewards are obtained as dropped loot that must be picked up instead of collecting quest rewards through the Cultivation menu.


  • 14 Gold
  • 150 Writ of the Continents
  • 50 Faction Call
  • Three Souls Sacrifice Chest I

Blade Echo: Battle for Dragon Gold[edit | edit source]

Blade Echo: Battle for Dragon Gold is a Faction event that occurs twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 AM to 1 AM the next day. For each Dragonsong Gold you bring back, you'll earn +40 Quest Progress. For every three attacks on the Dragonsong Gold Pillar, you'll earn +1 Quest Progress. If a player is carrying more than 2 shards of Dragonsong Gold, all surplus shards apart from the first 2 will be lost and turned into Quest Progress for the player who delivered the final blow to the defeated player (40-320 points). Half of these surplus shards will drop on the ground. Carrying more than 3 shards at a time will cause your movement speed to decrease. Players need 800 Quest Progress to complete this quest.


  • 4 Gold 800 Silver
  • 80 Amulet Coin (Heaven)
  • 400 Combat Spirit
  • 300 Writ of the Continents
  • 50 Faction Prestige
  • Fengxuan Chest

Blade Chime - Battle for the Golems[edit | edit source]

Blade Chime - Battle for the Golems is a Faction event that occurs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 11 AM to 1 AM the next day. Periodically, golems will spawn that will move towards a payload on either the Mysticism or the Heaven's Children side, depending on how many players of the respective faction is standing in the circle surrounding it. Standing in the circle grants players +3 Quest Progress every 5 seconds. Golems can be interacted with to speed them up, granting +20 Quest Progress. Interacting with the other faction's golem will stop it. If you defeat an enemy player who is currently controlling a statue, you'll receive 20-100 Quest Progress based on the number of statue buffs that player had (the stronger the buff, the darker the colour of the marker above the player's head). If your statue reaches the payload, each statue buff will be turned into 5 Quest Progress points. Additionally, there are stones scattered throughout the Valley of Echoing Blades that can be interacted with for 20 Quest Progress. Players need 800 Quest Progress to complete this quest.


  • 9 Gold 800 Silver
  • 80 Amulet Coin (Heaven)
  • 400 Combat Spirit
  • 300 Writ of the Continents
  • 50 Faction Call
  • Fengxuan Chest

Blade Echo: Song of the White Cranes/Blade Echo: Golden Harvest[edit | edit source]

Blade Echo: Song of the White Cranes (Heaven's Children)/Blade Echo: Golden Harvest (Mysticism) is a Faction event that occurs twice a week, on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 AM to 11 PM. This quest involves two Faction bosses. Standing in your faction boss's circle will grant points every second. Killing an enemy player grants 40 points. Defeating an enemy student grants 20 points. Healing a defeated student of an ally grants 20 points. Casting magic on an ally boss grants 800 points, and every time the enemy boss loses 10% HP, you are granted with 200 points. Players need 1200 points to complete this quest.


  • 12 Gold 800 Silver
  • 80 Amulet Coin (Heaven)
  • 400 Combat Spirit
  • 300 Writ of the Continents
  • 50 Faction Call
  • Fengxuan Chest