District of Jiangdu

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Map of the zone

Jiangdu is the busiest city in Jiangnan. It was declared the capital by Emperor Xuanhe while rebuilding the empire. It was already the capital during the last dynasty. The Gate of Enduring Peace on the west side leads to the Shanghuai Grassland. The Gate of Veracity in the north leads to Changfu Garden.

District of Jiangdu concept art (source)

District of Jiangdu is a city map with no enemies outside of quests. It is heavily occupied by water, which has taken over half of the city's area.

Instances[edit | edit source]

The District of Jiangdu has one instance: Chou Prison which becomes available to players at Student 1.

Name Type Level required Recommended gs Recommended Teamsize Important Drops
Chou Prison (normal) Dungeon Student 1 45 5-10 50gs
Chou Prison (hard) 50 60gs
Chou Prison (extreme) 75 Hero Token

Connected Areas[edit | edit source]

extern[edit | edit source]

Game of Eternity[edit | edit source]

besides the Dragonstar Formation there are some NPCs which play the Card Game with you

Name Difficulty Coords Reward
Tan Biwen hard 646,-578 ??
Wang Zheng basic 647,-612 ??
Li Ye hard 730,-700 ??
Yunzhu hard 730,-630 ??
Zhong Li hard 736,-609 ??
Xuanling medium ??
Liangcheng basic ??
Banzhou basic 860,-725 ??
Ren Zun basic 910,-620 ??
Clean Mountain & Fa Shan basic 800,-480 ??
Fa Cheng basic 815,-410 ??
Hehuan basic 675,-560 ??
Zaoyu basic 640,-510 ??
Jing Mei medium 640,-510 ??
Chulun basic 680,-525 ??
Ming Zan medium 690,-520 ??
Mo Hongxiu & Feng Ming & Yi Yin hard 690,-510 ??
Tian Yun basic 715,-480 ??
Kelu basic 685,-435 ??
Jiao Feichen basic 645,-265 ??
Huiyue medium 640,-255 ??
Yun Taichu basic 710,-250 ??
Xincao hard 775,-190 ??
Ling Kong basic 870,-180 ??
Chaowan medium 980,-160 ??
Pengcheng basic 985,-390 ??
Chu Ying hard 985,-390 ??
Mr. Guitai hard 900,-385 ??
Chiyun & Pan Jun hard 880,-320 ??
Mr Muheng & Xincao hard 875,-340 ??
Daidai the Ghost Cat & Yao Yunyi hard 890, -335 ??
Jiang Chenhong medium 850,-265 ??
Ceng Lao basic 905,-240 ??
Qian Niang basic 865,-225 ??
Baiki basic 855,-220 ??
Little Yizi basic 740,-290 ??
Man Xi basic 735,-250 ??

Fishing[edit | edit source]

following fish-foodstuff are obtainable in Jiangdu

none of them are exclusive to this area

Name Rarity Type
Prawns Uncommon Fish
Tiger Crab Uncommon Fish
Twig Catfish Rare Fish
Jiujiang Mullet Rare Fish
Speckled Perch Rare Fish
Red Bream Epic Fish
Pufferfish Epic Fish
BLack Carp Epic FIsh
Armed Crabeater Uncommon Gold Guzzler
Mantis Shrimp Uncommon Gold Guzzler
Sea Grass Monster Uncommon Gold Guzzler
Small Sea Dragon Rare Gold Guzzler
Goldfish Rare Gold Guzzler
Pearl Spirit Rare Gold Guzzler
Octopus Rare Gold Guzzler
Feiyi Epic Gold Guzzler
Toad Epic Gold Guzzler
Fairy Turtle Epic Gold Guzzler
Hermit Crab Epic Gold Guzzler
Fish Person Epic Gold Guzzler
Golden Softshell Turtle Unique Gold Guzzler
Dream Shadow Creature Unique Gold Guzzler
Mussel Unique Gold Guzzler

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Area Exclusive Achievements in that area

Name Objective Reward
Willows Line the Street Visit all areas of Jiangdu 10p + "Sound of the Heavens"-song
First Arrival in Jiangdu Arrive in Jiangdu for the first time 10p
Jiangdu City: Dragonstars Activate 4 Dragonstars in Jiangdu City 10p
King of the World Climb the tower of the Temple of Light in Jiangdu City 10p
Travel 40p + 1 song
Name Objective Reward
Travel Notes on Jiangdu Complete all the main quests in Jiangdu 20p + "Jiangdu"-Avatar
Love and Gifts Complete 'Four Generous Gifts' Biography 10p
The Scent of Flowers Why are only butterflies attracted, not bees? 15p
Model student These are truly the best students the teacher has ever taught 15p
Bard Repetition My fellow students are really stupid. You can't even send three sisters and brother students down the mountain at the same time 15p
Tasty Food Do you know why the flower tree grows so lushly? 15p
No One Sleeps Tonight Do you think that there's only one person here? 15p
Cleaning Monk Every unimposing cleaning monk has an earthshaking past 15p
Ladies' Minds Wander Like Poems Don't guess the age of women. Guessing the right age won't do you any good. And if you're wrong, you've really got problems 15p
Heroic 135p + 1 Avatar
Name Objective Reward
Back to Chou Prison Rach all goals in Chou Prison on normal 10p
Subjugator of Chou Prison Reach all goals in Chou Prison on hard 10p
Dodge Ball Defeat Zi Sanqian on normal or hard without any team member being hit by Nightmare Soul 10p
The Blade and the Sword Lose Control Easily Be killed by a spinning blade column in Chou prison 10p
Snow an Hoarfrost Defeat Tongpi on hard without taking damage from Ice Hell and survive 10p
Real Gold in a Blazing Fire Defeat Tongpi on hard without taking damage from Fire Discipline and survive 10p
Three Feet Frozen Defeat Li Xiaotang on normal or hard after all team members have been frozen by her 10p
Conquer Chou Prison Reach all goals in Chou Prison on extreme 10p
Destroy Chou Prison Unlock all Chou Prison achievements 30p
Instance 110p
Total 285p + 1 Avatar + 1 Song