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Dailies are time-gated content that players must complete every day to progress within different parts of the game. Dailies provide players with opportunities to progress in content of their choosing (PvE, PvP, Leisure, etc.).

Daily reset happens at 6 am Server time. On top of Dailies, Swords of Legends Online has Weekly quests.

Dailies and weeklies can be found through the Cultivation menu (J).

How to Begin[edit | edit source]

Complete all open world dailies of the production list and cultivation. In the open world you will complete heroic quests, a random dungeon and other different dailies.

Cultivation quests should be dealt already with during the leveling phase, as they explain parts of the PvE and PvP content of the game and also grant the last needed experience to reach maximum level.

Cultivation interface - Dailies
Cultivation interface - Dailies

Blood Ruvia[edit | edit source]

These are already available before the Max Level, as they are unlocked at level 20. However, it is recommended that you do the medium and strong bosses only when you have reached the maximum level preferably in a group with other players.

Blood Ruvia quests are weekly.

Turquoise Lantern[edit | edit source]

Just like with the bounties, the quests of the Turquoise Lantern are also about defeating opponents on the map. Your character will be teleported to an "alternative" version of the current area, where underworld bosses roam. These are divided into difficulty levels similar to the Blood Ruvia bosses.

Turquoise Lantern quests are biweekly.

PvE[edit | edit source]

PvE dailies and weeklies include Instance Exploration, which allows you to queue for a random normal mode Dungeon, Demon Elimination, Cloudrise Knight, Training against demons, Group Expedition, which requires you to complete an easy mode Raid, and more. Typically they reward players with items relating to PvE gear progression, such as Mysterious Parchments, Qin League, Blood Ruvia, and Turquoise Lantern currencies, and more.

PvP[edit | edit source]

PvP dailies and weeklies include Faction, Chang'an Battle Arena, Battle of the Continents, Land of Emerald Clouds, and Garden of Blades. They typically reward players with currency and items relating to PvP gear, as well as Combat Spirit and more.

Leisure[edit | edit source]

There are 2 recreational instances of minigames (Leisureland) with usually up to 6 dailies. Sometimes there is also fishing related dailies.