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Combat Spirit is a PvP system in which players obtain PvP ranks. This rank is separate from their Garden of Blades ranking, however, it does play a part in purchasing some PvP gear. Combat Spirit resets every week and is converted into a rank. Players can see information about their PvP rank through the Character (C) window under the PvP tab. Players can see stats about their Combat Spirit, their rank, and their projected rank for next week. Players can receive Combat Spirit rewards through the PvP window (Ctrl+K).

Combat Spirit[edit | edit source]

Combat Spirit tab in Character menu (C)

Combat Spirit can be earned in all PvP events and quests. It is reset every Thursday when it is converted into PvP ranking.

Players who join Heaven's Children or Mysticism are ranked within their factions on the Dragonstar List according to how much Combat Spirit they earn in the week. The highest ranking players receive a bonus when their Combat Spirit is converted into PvP ranking.

The maximum number of Writ of the Continents which can be earned in the week is also determined when calculating the PvP ranking.

Procedure[edit | edit source]

There are four major PvP tiers: Battle Cry, Dragon Thunder, Crimson Moonlight, and Final Lament. Each tier has four subdivisions. The higher your PvP tier, the better the equipment you can buy from the PvP merchant in Cloudrise (33,90).

Scoring Combat Spirit[edit | edit source]

Players who meet the following Combat Spirit thresholds are rewarded accordingly: 800, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4000, 4800, 5600, 6400, 7200, 8000.

Placement Rewards[edit | edit source]

Players receive rewards according to the following Combat Spirit ranks within their faction: 5, 15, 30, 50, 80, 150.

Multiple Characters[edit | edit source]

The Combat Spirit for different characters on the same account are calculated separately. The highest value is taken and used to determine the ranking.

Writ of the Continents Cap[edit | edit source]

The cap for Writs of the Continents is calculated each season, with the weekly caps and purchases added on top.

Weekly cap = (cumulative season cap + cumulative season points) ÷ 2 + new current week cap.

The seasonal cap for characters who are created during the season are calculated from the beginning of the season.

If more than 25,000 points are accumulated during the current week, each 5,000 point increase in the cap increases the rate for earning Writs of the Continents by 25%.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Combat Spirit weekly rewards seen from PvP menu (Ctrl+K)

Combat Spirit can be earned in all PvP events and quests. Unclaimed rewards and Combat Spirit are deleted every Thursday.

When playing PvP, you'll receive rewards from the Combat Spirit prize pool that correspond to your Combat Spirit earned during that month. Combat Spirit rewards can be received from the PvP window (Ctrl+K).

Reward Bonus[edit | edit source]

For players who receive too little Combat Spirit in a given week to receive rewards, these are rolled over into the following week's prize pool. The more rewards players have not previously received, the bigger the prize pool will be for that week, up to a maximum of four times the normal rewards. If there are any rewards left over, these are rolled over into the prize pool for the following week.

For players only joining after the start of the Day and Night battle, the combat spirit prize pool will be counted from the start of the battle.

Celestial Crystals[edit | edit source]

You receive Celestial Crystals for earning 8,000 Combat Spirit each week. Celestial Crystals provide a random piece of Battle for the Continents gear. The level of the crystals depends on your current combat tier.

PvP Tier Celestial Crystal Level
Battle Cry I - Dragon Thunder II 55
Dragon Thunder III - Crimson Moonlight II 60
Crimson Moonlight III - Final Lament III 65
Final Lament IV 70