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There are currently eight classes in Swords of Legends Online including the two classes that were added in the 2.0 expansion "The Firestone Legacy". More classes are planned to be added in the future , see upcoming features page for more information.

Emblem Class Weapon used Tank Heal DPS Introductory Text
Class emblem reaper.png Reaper Scythe Icon healer3.png Icon dps3.png In ancient times, Nuwa guided the Longyuan Clan into the underworld and founded Spiritopolis there. Many clans that worshipped Nüwa wanted to follow her. But Nüwa had another task in mind for them, and so she ordered them to stay in the upper world. The Lao Clan from Heavenly Ridge was one such clan.

The members of the Lao Clan stayed in the upper world, where they continued to proclaim Nüwa's benevolence. Heavenly Ridge - where they later gathered - became the place of pilgrimage in which faith in Nüwa could fully flourish. Believers from around the world pay homage to Nüwa here. Beneath Heavenly Ridge there is a gigantic underground Nüwa Temple which is not accessible to outsiders: only the chosen ones have access. Shortly before she went to Spiritopolis, Nuwa sealed a 'Sacred Relic' within the temple and charged the Lao Clan with guarding it.

The Warlock guards of the Lao Clan, who lead a secluded life in the underground temple to guard the Sacred Relic, are the 'Reapers'.

Class emblem summoner.png Summoner Staff Icon healer3.png Icon dps3.png Summoners share the same introductory text as Reapers.

The Priests of the Lao Clan, who stay on the surface and welcome the believers, are the 'Summoners'.

Class emblem bard.png Bard Guzheng Icon healer3.png Icon dps3.png Together with Zhenren Chixia and the students from Taihua Temple, integrity and generosity found their way into the country. The demons were destroyed and Taihua Mountain gradually transformed into a true paradise. But just over a year ago, Zhenren Chixia was on a journey and suddenly lost contact with the students from Taihua Temple.

At around the same time, disaster befell her student Zhenren Zhengyang. Owing to the differences between him and his fellow student Heshuo and a series of unexpected incidents, a number of students suspected Heshuo was behind it.

After a series of arguments, Heshuo left Taihua Mountain and vowed to find the real culprit. Neither Heshuo's nor Zhengyang's students let the matter rest and none could convince the other. They subsequently separated and formed the two lines of Spellswords and Bards, who followed Zhengyang and Heshuo respectively.

The former Bard students of the Taihua Temple, Grandmaster Heshuo's followes, are today's 'Bards'.

Class emblem spellsword.png Spellsword Swords Icon dps3.png Spellswords share the same introductory text as Bards.

The former Spellsword students of the Taihua Temple, Grandmaster Zhengyang's followers, are today's 'Spellswords'.

Class emblem berseker.png Berserker Greatsword Icon tank3.png Icon dps3.png The founder of the Berserker school was called Qingya, who was originally a giant turquoise wolf. After Lan Yaoqi led him to enlightenment, she took him on as a student. During his travels he also recruited warriors and heroes. On the eve of the showdown with his fellow novice Yuejiang he wrote a will in which he urged his students to return to the Valley of a Hundred Grasses and serve Master Lan Yaoqi in his stead. Those followers, who had inherited Qingya's martial arts and his ability to hold his drink, named their school after their master's particular combat style, which it is still known as to this day: the 'Berserker'.
Class emblem spearmaster.png Spearmaster Spear Icon tank3.png Icon dps3.png Yuejiang, the founder of the Spearmaster School, was a student of Lan Yaoqi and rode a red tiger.

A thousand years ago, war and turmoil ruled the world. At that time, Yuejiang steeped herself in Lan Yaoqi's wisdom and achieved self-perfection. She believed the chaos in the world originated from those with strength striving for power. She could not bear to see any more suffering on the part of ordinary people, who were repeatedly robbed of their homes, so she decided to leave the valley. Using the wisdom she had gained, she wanted to found a unified kingdom to put an end to all the chaos in the world.

To pacify the forces of chaos and establish a unified kingdom, Yuejiang gathered a group of like-minded individuals around her and taught them her secret skills and martial arts. She trained them up into invincible elite masters, and soon there was no one who could stand up to them. Even monsters and demons fled as soon as they caught sight of them in the distance.

Some years later, before the big showdown with her fellow novice Qingya, Yuejiang dissolved the group and let them return to the Valley of a Hundred Grasses, far from the court, so they could join Lan Yaoqi. They would later become known as 'Spearmasters'. Later generations told the tales of how once upon a time, a wise ruler sent an army of Spearmasters to the Valley of a Hundred Grasses.

They were the first Spearmasters.

Class emblem warrior.png Warrior Swords Icon tank3.png Icon dps3.png The elite guards of the Floral Palace, specialised in the use of long blades, carry within them the blood of the Firestone Clan and the Spirit Foxes, but they appear human. Unlike the regular Floral Palace guards, they take a secret medicine for their cultivation which is made from soulstones, which gives them extraordinary strength and tenacity. Apart from that they're talented at processing and polishing all sorts of soulstones, which they refine intojade and jewels that possess the purest Soulforce. By using them on their weapons and apparel, they magically increase their attack and defence.

They fight using long blades. Moreover, they can transform their skeletons into gold iron and dress their bodies in a phantom armour made from soulstones. They are exceptionally resistant. They can also summon stone tablets and pillars engraved with fire runes from the earth as a form of defensive magic. The jade and gems on their blades display different light effects in combat depending on the action they're used for. When performing certain actions their left forearms become crystallised, which changes their combat style.

Class emblem fox mage.png Fox Mage Wreath Icon healer3.png Icon dps3.png The girls of the Floral Palace who cultivate spirit foy techniques have a combination of Firestone clan and spirit fox blood in their veins. Outwardly they are half-human, half-fox. As a result of their cultivation practices, their physical development only progresses slowly. Most of them remain at a stage somewhere between small girl and young woman; they are delicate, beautiful and cute. Yet they should not be underestimated.

For their cultivation, they bury Firestones in the earth and plant exotic plants on top of them. This lets them grow plants with extremely strong spiritual energy, enabling them to intensify their own soulforce and strengthen the barriers of the Floral Palace. By observing the cycles of life, in the growing and withering of plants, they learn to understand self-perfection and can thus enhance their magical powers. In combat they use the Twin Branches that were watered with lifeblood as weapons. They combine flowers and grasses to create poisons that drive their enemies insane and ultimately kill them. Alternatively, they can harness the force of growth in nature to heal their allies. Their versatility is highly impressive.

There are currently 8 available classes in Swords of Legends Online (source)

There are currently six available Classes in The Swords of Legends Online
Available classes at release.
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