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Chang'an map.png

One of the two major cities in the Empire. This has been the capital city ever since Emperor Shengyuan founded the Empire. After two flourishing dynasties, it became known as 'Chang'an of the Eight Rivers'. At the moment it's under the rule of Empress Cisheng.

Instances[edit | edit source]

Instances of Chang'an

Name Type Level required Recommended gs Recommended Teamsize Important Drops
Chou Prison (practice) Dungeon Beginner 18 19 1-10 25gs
Chou Prison (normal) Student 1 45 5-10 50gs
Chou Prison (hard) 50 60gs
Chou Prison (extreme) 70 Hero Token

Connected Areas[edit | edit source]

extern[edit | edit source]

  • Zhongnan Foothills
  • Weichuan Highlands

Daily/Weekly Quests[edit | edit source]

Doable daily/Weekly quest in that area

Yongping's Workshop Battle Arena
Name Objective Reward
Chang'an Battle Arena Go to the Chang'an Battle Arena and defeat ___ who will use at least 30% of his/her combat strength (0/1) 35 Amulet Coins (heaven) + Mystery Chest + 150 Writ of the Continents
Chang'an Arena (weekly) Go to the Chang'an Battle Arena and fight ___ in a showdown (0/1) 1.8G + 45 Amulet Coins (heaven) + Lotus Chest + 300 Writ of the Continents

Note: There are multiple Options as enemy

Bai Miao (Summoner), Liyan (Reaper), Jing Luo (Bard), Jue (Swordmage), Lifeng (berserker), Wuyi (Spearmaster)

Game of Eternity[edit | edit source]

besides the Dragonstar Formation there are some NPCs which play the Card Game with you

Name Difficulty Coords Reward
List will be filled in future

Fishing[edit | edit source]

following fish-foodstuff are obtainable in Chang'an

none of them are exclusive to this area

Name Rarity Type
Prawns Uncommon Fish
Mandarin Fish Rare Fish
Jade Carp Rare Fish
Speckled Perch Rare Fish
Armed Crabeater Uncommon Gold Guzzler
Mantis Shrimp Uncommon Gold Guzzler
Sea Grass Monster Uncommon Gold Guzzler
Small Sea Dragon Rare Gold Guzzler
Goldfish Rare Gold Guzzler
Pearl Spirit Rare Gold Guzzler
Octopus Rare Gold Guzzler
Feiyi Epic Gold Guzzler
Toad Epic Gold Guzzler
Fairy Turtle Epic Gold Guzzler
Hermit Crab Epic Gold Guzzler

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Area Exclusive Achievements in that area

Name Objective Reward
Prosperous Capital Visit all areas of Chang'an 10p + "Prosperous Capital"-song
First Arrival in Chang'an City Arrive in Chang'an City for the first time 10p
Chang'an City: Dragonstars Activate 5 Dragonstars in Chang'an City 10p
Wings to Cloud Nine Stand on the roof of the highest tower in Chang'an City 10p
Travel 40p + 1 song
Name Objective Reward
Travel Notes on Chang'an Complete all main quests in Chang'an City 20p + "Chang'an"-Avatar
The Girl's Heart Complete 'Real Notes and Fake Notes from Yichen' Biography 10p + "The Girl's Heart"-title
The Voice The best singer in Chang'an City. She sings only for those few who appreciate her singing 15p
Lazing around during work If you're looking for Berserker students in Chang'an City, you definitely need to go to the Junxiu workshop. My Spearmaster sister really wasn't lying 15p
The new superstar The chef of the House of Beguiling Grafrances wants to turn you into a superstar. Are you okay with that? 15p
Clean and decent Get clean with Soap from the West 15p
Shh! Don't Disturb the Players! Here' the go set. Do you want to play? 15p
A good Person If i weren't so poor, I would buy the genuine 'Tales of Supernaturalism' to praise you! 15p
Heroic 120p
Name Objective Reward
Arrive at the Palace Receive the prestige of Chang'an City 10p
Prestige 10p
Name Objective Reward
Adventures in the Temple of Mercy Reach all goals in the Nightmare Temple of Mercy on practice 10p
Back to the Temple of Mercy Reach all goals in the Nightmare Temple of Mercy on normal 10p
Subjugator of the Temple of Mercy Reach all goals in the Nightmare Temple of Mercy on hard 10p
Where Are You Going? Defeat the Nightmare Demon General on normal or hard without any team member being hit by the Army Breaker 10p
Show Mercy Defeat the Nightmare Demon General on normal or hard without any sculpture being broken in the hall 10p
Soothe the Soul Defeat the Nightmare Demon General on normal or hard after destroying all 27 sculptures located in the Temple of Mercy's Court of the five Essences and Hall of Resentment 10p
No Reaction is the Best Reaction Defeat Nightmare Wu Rui on normal or hard after seeing all of his sword movements 10p
Alone and Helpless Defeat Nightmare Wu Rui: Mosheng Sword as the only left standing 10p
Conquer the Temple of Mercy Reach all goals in the Nightmare Temple of Mercy on extreme 10p
Cleanse the Temple of Mercy Unlock all Nightmare Temple of Mercy achievements 30p
Instance 120p
Total 290p + 1 Avatar + 1 Title + 1 Song

Books[edit | edit source]

Information about this city can be found in some books: