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Bounties are a way to gain Ruvian Tokens. You will need them later for buying Talisman (where to buy Talisman -> Gear)

You can see your Bounty Hunter Progress when pressing "Cntr + Z".

There are three difficulty levels.

Solo-player bounties[edit | edit source]

Singleplayer Bounty.png Can easily be done alone. Check the boss level before trying.

Team bounties[edit | edit source]

Team Bounty.png

For this Bounties, you need a team of 2 people.

Group bounties[edit | edit source]

Group Bounty.png

For group bounties, you need a group of at least 5 people.

If you hold your mouse cursor over the signs on the map, you can see detailed info about the bounty. There you can also see if it is a weekly, half weekly or daily bounty. You can repeat the boss, but you will not gain any rewards than.

If the bounty has a yellow dot above its sign, it means that you get x2 rewards (see bottom right corner of the bounty detail).

Bounty Description.png

You can now go to the area, where the sign is on the map and use your Akabane Banner.