Blood Ruvia

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Faction emblem blood ruvia.png

The Blood Ruvia are the largest mercenary organisation of the central plain, they call themselves "bounty hunters' and generally lead double lives. On their missions - which they always conduct alone - they carry a red feather as a sign to identify them, before going back about their ordinary lives.

Blood Ruvia is one of the factions in Swords of Legends Online. Items can be purchased in the faction shop, if the player has enough prestige level.

Blood Ruvia is an organization that specializes in bounty hunts. When becoming a Bounty Hunter, player joins Blood Ruvia as one of their member. The organization targets can be found using the Akabane Banner.

I've heard of the Blood Ruvia before. It's an organisation with relaxed rules, but it's still a virtuous faction. If you want to gain experience, working as a bounty hunter is certainly a valid way to go about it.

— Player's Pet about Blood Ruvia during Bounty Hunter quest.

Notable Members[edit | edit source]