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The Berserker is one of 8 Classes available in The Swords of Legends Online.

Unknown NPC representing Berserker class on Game's website
Unknown NPC representing Berserker class on Game's website

The class utilizes massive greatsword, and gameplay revolves around doing heavy close-combat damage.

The Berserker school was founded by the legendary warrior Qingya. Originally a gargantuan wolf, Qingya became enlightened by the teachings of Lan Yaoqi, who showed him how to focus his abilities and pass the knowledge onto his students. Renowned for both his fighting prowess and his legendary ability to hold his drink, Qingya’s students returned to the Valley of a Hundred Grasses and founded a Berserker school in his name.

Main Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description Unlock Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Effect Golden Shell
Wind Cleaver.png Wind Cleaver Damage "Basic Berserker skill. It is easy to lean their fundamentals, but difficult to master them" Beginner 1 Self, 3m cone 3m Deals damage to targets in front of you Low
Cloudripper high rez.png Cloudripper Damage "Sword Intent flows like floating clouds, leaving behind a feeling of ease." Beginner 1 ~0.8s per level Self, 3.5m cone Can be charged up to 3 times increasing the damage for each level of charge. Low
Blowing in the Wind.png Blowing in the Wind Purify "Berserker basic movement. At full power, the Berserker moves as fast as the wind and is almost invisible." Beginner 1 8s Self Dodge forward
Meteor Shower.png Meteor Shower Damage Purify "Be as fast as a comet racing across the heavens." Beginner 5 18s 20m Dash to your target and stun it for 2s. Can be used when charging Cloudripper. Low
Surging Shore high rez.png Surging Shore Damage Control "The skill described in the Blue Skies guide. Using it requires great determination and willpower." Beginner 8 0.35s 45s Self, 6m cone Stuns enemies in front of you for 6s. If more than 3 targets are hit, the cooldown is reduced by 50%. High
Headwind Style.png Headwind Style Protection Immune to Control "The novelty of Berserker sword fighting. You prefer defence to attack and fight bravely in the face of death. Beginner 14 45 Edge 3s Self While channeling, incoming damage is reduced by 20%.
Wolf Journey.png Wolf Journey Support "The last student of Qingya fashioned this magic in memory of his master. Berserkers can use it to transform into a wooden wolf. Its agility predisposes it to secret missions and reconnaissance. Beginner 14 0.8s Self Transform into a Blackwood Wolf, increasing your movement speed and allowing you to invite a team member member to travel with you.
Leaf Attack.png Leaf Attack Interrupt "The attack described in the Blue Skies guide. The aim is to stop the enemy rather than injuring them." Beginner 15 60s 12m, 4m radius Interrupts the target's casting
Windgliding high rez.png Windgliding Purify "The real world has so many restraints. I would rather enjoy my freedom in a carafe." Beginner 32 45s Self Move forwards rapidly and damage targets in front of you. You can tap the button again to trigger Broken Sword. Low

Masteries[edit | edit source]

Slayer (Damage)[edit | edit source]

As the name suggests, this specialization is all about hacking, slashing, chopping, slicing, and dicing crowds of enemies with a deadly Greatsword, fearlessly inflicting massive amounts of damage on throngs of enemies.

The Slayer Logo
Slayer skills.png

Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description Unlock Cost Cast Time Cool Down Range Effect Golden Shell
Solar Rider.png Solar Rider Damage "With this attack, a warrior once emerged victorious from a desperate battle. Your battle is only over when you lie dying." Prologue Quest 25 Edge Self, 4m range Strikes targets in front twice Low
Killing without Trace.png Killing without Trace Damage Evasive "The Berserker's strongest skill. Life is a never-ending cycle of falling down and getting back up." Prologue Quest 30 Edge 25s Self, 10m radius Creates 4 Phantoms. You are temporarily invincible for the duration. Medium
Phantom Storm.png Phantom Storm Frenzy "A Berserker material art that shows truths and fantasy that cannot be distinguished from one another." Beginner 6 Self Command the phantom to charge forwards. Tap the button again to cast Phantom Storm: Attack.
Vortex Style.png Vortex Style Frenzy Immune to Control "The swift breeze rises from the forest, inviting the Swallow to share the journey." Beginner 13 60s Self Resets the charge of Meteor Shower, instantly creates 2 Phantoms and switches to the Whirlwind state for 8s. Tap the button again to cast Whirling Phantom.
Eat the World.png Eat the World Protection "Don't worry about these little pests. Just have a glass of wine and ease your aching body." Beginner 13 60s Self, 4m radius Reduces damage taken by 50% for 6s. Enemies in the radius receive the Delay effect for 4s.
Shared demise.png Shared Demise Immune to Control "One mug, cheers! Two mugs, whoops! Three mugs, here come the immortals!" Beginner 13 50s Self Removes crows control effects and makes you immune to them for 6s.
Water Division.png Water Division Control "Slicing through running water is pointless ‒ seeking comfort at the bottom of a bottle is the better choice." Beginner 17 30s Self, 4m range Stuns the target for 3s.
Swift Swallow.png Swift Swallow Damage "A mixture of Berserker skill and hand-to-hand combat. It is unpredictable with no specific movements." Beginner 19 5 Edge 3s 15m range, 3m radius Deals damage to the target. Reduces their speed by 50% and their healing by 10% for 8s. Low
Windbreaker Wine.png Windbreaker Wine Frenzy "Berserkers who drink the Madman from Chu's Windbreaker Wine can go all out thanks to the potency of the wine. They become more limber, their movements sliding into one another like a flowing dance." Beginner 29 90s Self Activates the Windbreaker Status for 20s.
Return of the Wolf.png Return of the Wolf Damage "Condenses Swordsmana into the shape of a wolf, which you must kill as soon as it attacks." Beginner 36 30s Self, 8m range Summons a Blackwood Wolf that attacks enemies in front of it and roots them for 1.5s.

Creates 3 phantoms. Each hit by the Blackwood Wolf restores 15 Point(s) Strike.

Tap the button again to cast Voracious Wolf Strike

Loud Singing Blade Echo.png Loud Singing: Blade Echo "After drinking, casting and brandishing swords ‒ but it's not what you think. I'm the only man now who hasn't gotten drunk." Student 1 1 BH All attributes of every teammember increase by 10% for 30s.
Gleaming Blade Start.png Gleaming Blade: Start Damage "Somebody lit an oil lamp and woke the drunkard, whose sword was pointing skywards." Student 1 60s Self, 4m radius Deals damage to the target. Hitting a target with a smashed Golden Shell automatically triggers Sword Skill Gleaming Blade.

Astral Blessings[edit | edit source]

Unlock Name Type Description
Beginner 10 Sun Shooting Style.png Sun Shooting Style Passive Cloudripper can only be charged once and deals as much damage as when its fully charged.

A hit with Solar Rider restores 20 Point(s) Strike. The cooldown of Overlord and Windbreaker Wine is also reduced by 2.4s.

Swallow Hunt Style.png Swallow Hunt Style Passive A Phantom can be created with Solar Rider.
Beginner 15 Scary Sky.png Scary Sky Passive If the charge of Cloudripper causes damage to the target, the damage is increased by up to 28% depending on the number of Strikes used.

If the number of charged Strikes exceeds 55, the damage is increased by an additional 24%. (Torn Clouds can take effect.)

Flying Feather.png Flying Feather Passive The damage dealt when a Phantom disappears is increased by 50%. The second stack of Phantom Storm causes phantom to charge at targets within a radius of 20 meters (PvP: 8 meters), dealing AoE damage.
Beginner 22 Traceless Phantom.png Traceless Phantom Passive The regeneration of Strikes when casting Killing without Trace is increased to 30 points. The next Cloudripper within 10sec. is a 4-layer-charge.
Cloud without Trace.png Cloud Without Trace Passive Killing without Trace does not consume any Edge. After casting charged Cloudrippers, each charge shortens the cooldown of Killing without Trace by 1s.
Beginner 28 Overlord.png Overlord Passive Replaces the Vortex Style with the Overlord Style.
Vortices and Thunder.png Vortices and Thunder Passive After activating Vortex Style, the target of the next two uses of Phantom Storm is rooted for 5 sec.

If a target is hit by multiple Whirlwind Phantoms, the damage increases by 10% (to a maximum of 50%). (this upper limit increases by 10% for every 3% haste.)

Beginner 36 Supping from the River.png Supping from the River Passive In the Windbreaker status, Strikes received through Wind Cleaver increases by 100% and the damage by Voracious Wolf Strike increases by 20%. The damage of Cloudripper increases by 20% and its charge speed is increased further.
Rewarding a Good Deed.png Rewarding a Good Deed Passive In Windbreaker state, every 3rd Wind Cleaver creates a phantom.

Drunken Master (Tank)[edit | edit source]

Qingya was notorious for consuming massive quantities of specialized liquor that allowed him to move and bend his body in wild and unpredictable ways. The Drunken Master confuses their foes while numbing themselves to pain — and if all else fails, can call on a ferocious canine companion whose howls boost morale.

The Drunken Master Logo
Dm skills.png

Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description Unlock Cost Cast Time Cool Down Range Effect Golden Shell
Drink Up.png Drink Up Aggro "Developed from a martial technique. It looks like the jug is hurled at random, but it actually requires a lot of skill." Beginner 1 1 Intoxicated 20m Deals damage to the target and increases aggro.
Drink high rez.png Drink Taunt "A unique sword skill which is described thus in Drunken Master: The drunker you are, the stronger you get." Beginner 1 20s 15m Taunts the target.
Light Smash high rez.png Light Smash Aggro "A skill which the Berserker student generates automatically, and which is entertaining and mocking at the same time." Beginner 1 25m, 4m radius Deals damage and Aggro to targets in the selected area. If 3 or more targets are hit, the Aggro caused increases by 300%. Additionally, it leaves a 4m wide slowing puddle that lasts for 12s. Only 1 such puddle can be active at a time.
Awakening from the Dream.png Awakening from the Dream Protection Immune to Control "A blowhard will always end up drinking himself to death; I beg you, give up drinking and come back to Fairyland with me." Beginner 11 60s Self Immune to crowd control. Reduces damage taken by 20% for 8s.
Rainbow Shadow.png Rainbow Shadow Support "A basic Berserker skill. To master it, you must be as agile as a dragon who can cut the wind in two." Beginner 13 2 Intoxicated 20m, 7m radius Creates a phantom with 14% of your max HP pulling nearby enemies slightly toward it and taunting up to 3 weak targets for 5s. Enemies within 5m of the phantom take 6% more damage. The phantom lasts for 18s.
Drunkenness high rez.png Drunkenness Support Protection "Down a mug of foolishness squeezed from grapes and you will begin to act like an immortal. Insist on making the Pills of Immortality to gain youthfulness lasting one thousand years." Beginner 18 150s Self Reduces damage taken by 40%, prevents one death and instead regenerates HP. If the effect isn't triggered during the 8s duration, reduce the cooldown by 45s.
Rage of the Mountain.png Rage of the Mountain Shield Taunt Beginner 19 6.7s 120s 8m radius Get a shield for 15% of your max HP and take 40% reduced damage for 7s. Taunt nearby enemies while you are channeling. Tap the button again to trigger the additional ability Fast Like the Wind.
Wind Rider high rez.png Wind Rider Support "An advanced Berserker move. Moves like the wind, dealing incredible damage to you enemies." Beginner 21 Self Toggles Wind Rider state. While you are in the Wind Rider state your attack is increased by 20% and your generated Aggro is reduced by 30%. Your Cloudripper can be charged up to 4 levels but no longer grants a shield and using Phantom Return deals damage to the selected target and enemies in a 3m radius around it.
Call of the Wolf.png Call of the Wolf Support "Hearing the howling of the Blackwood Wolf is just as helpful as the advice of the ancestor Qingya, which is good for body and spirit." Beginner 22 120s 20m radius Increases attack by 10% and reduces incoming damage by 8% for all teammembers within 20m for 15s. Additionally, fully restore your intoxication and the shield recieved from Cloudripper increases by 350%.
Phantom Return.png Phantom Return Control Shield "One day, a Venerable Berserker encountered a returning barn swallow and learned this skill. Use it once to be like the swallow in the sky and 'feed' others of your kind." Beginner 36 Self Absorbs the nearby phantom with the lowest HP, generates a shield, taunts the targets within range and pulls enemies from the original location of the phantom to you. If you use Phantom Return within 3s after Rainbow Shadow restore 1 Intoxication. Low

Astral Blessings[edit | edit source]

Unlock Name Type Description
Beginner 10 Getting Drunk.png Getting Drunk Passive The intervall between automatic periods of intoxication is shortened by 3.5s.
From Swallow to Shadow.png From Swallow to Shadow Passive Every 25s the next Rainbow Shadow does not consume any Intoxication.
Beginner 15 Expensive Wine.png Expensive Wine Passive The Drink Up skill cannot be predicted, and the damage and aggro effect is increased by 30%.
Pour Wine.png Pour Wine Passive A hit with Drink Up restores 3 Edge
Drunken Feiguang.png Drunken Feiguang Passive If the Drink Up skill hits, the next Light Smash within the next 10sec. will not consume any Intoxication
Beginner 22 Cloud Front.png Cloud Front Passive The recharge speed of Cloudrippers is increased by 30%.
Wind Searcher.png Wind Searcher Passive If you are not in Wind Rider state, the crit resistance will be increased by 6%.

In Wind Rider state, the crit hit rate will increase by 10%.

Beginner 28 Look for Soulmates.png Look for Soulmates Passive If you are attacked while in Headwind Style, 1 point of Intoxication is restored immediately. A maximum of 2 points of Intoxication can be restored while active.
Headwind Style.png Heroically into Battle Passive If you HP is less than 50% during Headwind, the healing effect is enhanced by 15%.
Beginner 36 Chasing the Wind.png Chasing the Wind Passive Drunkenness cooldown is reduced by 20s. Rage of the Mountain cooldown is reduced by 10s.
Quiet Counter-Attack.png Quiet Counter-attack Passive Can trigger a precision block within 0.7 seconds of casting Headwind, which also reduces incurred damage by an additional 5% and restores 10 Edge points.

Media[edit | edit source]

1. Class Trailer

Books[edit | edit source]

Information about this class can be found in some books:

Notable Berserkers[edit | edit source]