Baxian Plateau

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Map of the zone

Located in the Taibai mountains southwest of Chang'an.

A legendary place where immortality can be attained.

It houses countless myths and artefacts that become visitle to a chosen few, or when the time is right.

Heroic events[edit | edit source]

heroic events available on Baxian Plateau.

All of these share the same rewards: 680Silver, 5366XP and 100 Cloudrise Writ

Name Objective Event Type
Attack from All Sides: Marauding Frostnewts Teach the Sanqing Pond Frostnewts a lesson. (0/12) Normal Monster
Attack from All Sides: Marauding Stone Sprites Teach the marauding stone sprites a lesson. (0/1) Boss Monster
Brown Spring Mud Brings Out Flowers Use the Snow Purification Amulet to clean the snow on the Taibai Pavilion. (0/8) Interaction
Clean Xuexitong Get rid of the raging Xuexitong. (0/1) Boss Monster
Remnants of the Awakeners: Sealscript Plateau Defeat the Devastators and Awakeners on Sealscript Plateau. (0/12) Normal Monster
Remnants of the Awakeners: Snowdrift Plateau Defeat the Devastators and Awakeners on Snowdrift Plateau. (0/12) Normal Monster
Noisy Chanchus Defeat twelve Chanchus. Normal Monster
Frozen Water Sprites Use the Deliquescent Amulet to free the frozen little water sprites (0/8) Interaction
jade Soul Qi Collect soul qi at the Thermal Spring (0/8) Interaction
Greedy Water Sprites Defeat Qi-stealing Water Sprites (0/12) Normal Monster

Blood Ruvia[edit | edit source]

Go to the Baxian Plateau and use the Akabane Banner to defeat these monsters.

In General, the harder the boss the higher the Rewards

Boss Name Challenge Scale Boss Level Ruvian Token Reward Reward Limit
Frostnewt Bruiser Group Beginner 36 30 Ruvian Tokens 3 times
Frostnewt Warrior Team 15 Ruvian Tokens 18 times
Mysterious Beast
Earthshaker Beginner 35
Renegade Xuexitong Leader
Water Sprite Single Player 07 Ruvian Tokens 15 times
Raging Beast Beginner 36

Underworld[edit | edit source]

Baxian Underworld.png

Go to the Baxian Plateau and use the Underworld Lantern to defeat these monsters.

In General, the harder the boss the higher the Rewards -> 1/5/? Blue Lotus Notes and 2/5/15 Soul Liberation Points

every boss has 3 difficulties which decides between the Level "Beginner 35/GS 35", "Beginner 36/ GS 80" and "Student 1/GS 90"

Boss Name Challenge Scale Repeat Limit
Frostnewt Brawler Single player 99 times
Evil Priest Ghost
Souleater Spectre
Sad Cat Monster Soul
Wandering Xuexitong Soul
Stuck Wandering Soul

Trivia: It's theoretically possible to farm 594 Blue Lotus Notes

Instance Entrance[edit | edit source]

There is currently one instance in the Baxian Plateau: Ice World.

Name Type Level required Recommended gs Recommended Teamsize Important Drops
Ice World (easy) Raid Student 1 50 10-20 none
Ice World (normal) 65 75gs
Ice World (hard) 80 90gs
Ice World (Extreme) 90 Hero Tokens

Connected areas[edit | edit source]

intern[edit | edit source]



Goldstar Cave

Goldstar Cave

extern[edit | edit source]

Daily quests[edit | edit source]

Rune of Release, Expires after 15min, using increases Good Qi by 10

Doable daily Quests in this area

Huang Xiaoguo's Quests
Name Objective Reward
The Pious Huangshulang 1 Collect Shuangyu Grass Sprigs (0/5) 60 Silver + Unlock The Pious Huangshulang 2
The Pious Huangshulang 2 Question the residents near the Rain Prayer

Platform for details about the Rain Prayer Book (0/5)

60 Silver + Unlock The Pious Huangshulang 3
The Pious Huangshulang 3 Let the Water in the Water Bag freeze to ice at the

places of Pure Ice Energy around the Rain Prayer Platform (0/3)

60 Silver + Rune of Release

Game of Eternity[edit | edit source]

besides the Dragonstar Formation there are some NPCs which play the Card Game with you

Name Difficulty Coords Reward
White Serpent Dragon Hard 30,-85 / -54,-239 ??
Liangcheng Basic -10,-96 ??
Anli Normal 9,-98 ??
Changi Basic 10,-158 / 38,-214 ??
Zhang Sanshi Hard -15,-187 ??
Kingfisher Pond Training Normal 36,-247 / -8,-237 / 24,-266 / 28,-289 / 0,-281 / -3,-286 ??
Shi Feiliang Hard 19,-368 ??
Mysterious Swordsmith Hard 9,-442 ??
Cong Yongning Hard -104,-52 ??
Yangze Basic -277,-118 ??
Sixe Medium -450,-160 ??
Zhao Hu Hard -310,-325 ??
Chang Qi Medium -285,-422 ??
Chang Yue Basic -262,-411 ??
Xue Cha Basic -278,-360 ??

Materials[edit | edit source]

following Materials are obtainable in the Baxian Plateau

Each Material has a Elementaltype (Water, Wood, Metal, Fire, Earth) which decides a possible extra drop from gathering, extraction and refining

Name Elementaltype Rarity Exclusive in this Area?
Water Jade Water Blue Yes
Xihua Stone Metal Golden No
Ice Soul Water Golden No

trivia: a lot of the golden rarity materials (especially Xinhua stone) is hidden in Trees

Fishing[edit | edit source]

following fish-foodstuff are obtainable in the Baxian Plateau

none of them are exclusive to this area

Name Rarity Type
Twig Catfish Rare Fish
Speckled Perch Rare Fish
Armed Crabeater Uncommon Gold Guzzler
Mantis Shrimp Uncommon Gold Guzzler
Sea Grass Monster Uncommon Gold Guzzler
Small Sea Dragon Rare Gold Guzzler
Goldfish Rare Gold Guzzler
Pearl Spirit Rare Gold Guzzler
Octopus Rare Gold Guzzler
Feiyi Epic Gold Guzzler
Toad Epic Gold Guzzler
Fairy Turtle Epic Gold Guzzler
Hermit Crab Epic Gold Guzzler

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Area Exclusive Achievements in that area

Name Objective Reward
First Arrival at the Baxian Plateau Arrive on the Baxian Plateau for the first time 10p
Reached the Peak Visit all areas of the Baxian Plateau 10p +

"Cloud Jade Mountain"- Song

Baxian Plateau: Dragonstars Activate 3 Dragonstars on the Baxian Plateau 10p
Baxian Plateau Treasure Hunt Use the treasure map 50 times to find treasure on the Baxian Plateau 20p
Travel sum: 50p + 1 song
Name Objective Reward
Travel Notes on the Baxian Plateau Complete all the quests at the Baxian Plateau 20p +

"Baxian Plateau"-Avatar

Spirit Animal Breeder Complete the biography 'Spirit Animals in the Spring' 10p
Beat the Bear Cubs Collect and kill 3 Xuexitong simultaneously on the Baxian Plateau 10p
Deadly Field Escape the cold damage of the Frostnewt clan on the Baxian Plateau at least once 10p
Qi the Killer During the attack on the Devastators on the Baxian Plateau, five stacks of negative qi were accumulated on your body 10p
A person protects a clan Complete the expedition against the Frostnewt Bruiser 5p
Marvellous! Baxian Plateau Defeat all Baxian Plateau solo and team bosses 10p
Safe Crossing: Baxian Plateau Complete all expeditions gainst solo and team Turquoise Lantern bosses on the Baxian Plateau 10p
?? Complete the expedition agsint the Underworld Lantern boss ___ 10p
Scales of the Deluge Dragon You keep yourself busy with the treasure hunt, because the scales of the White Serpent Dragon in the snow. There aren't many, but they are of unmatched quality 15p
Cleanse the Heart Meditation under a waterfall to cleanse both yourself and your heart 15p
More than One Step zo Heaven Jumping down is, in a certain sense, also a 'rise to Heaven' 15p
Come to the Light Side, Friend Defeat 10 Awakeners from Goldstar Cave 5p
Be rid of your obsession! Defeat 20 Awakeners from Goldstar Cave 10p
The Lost Son will not change Defeat 50 Awakeners from Goldstar Cave 20p
Heroic sum: 175p + 1 Avatar
Name Objective Reward
Adventures in the Cold Pond (Easy) Defeat the Jadewater Spirit on easy difficulty 10p
Adventures in the cold Pond Defeat the Jadewater Spirit on normal difficulty 10p
Seen it all before Defeat the Jadewater Spirit without being caught in the sleet 10p
Off Break 1 Ice Flow Hub in a battle against the Jadewater Spirit 10p
That won't freeze me Defeat the Jadewater Spirit on hard difficulty without getting frozen 20p
Back to the Ice World Defeat the Jadewater Spirit on hard difficulty 20p
Back to the Ice World (Extreme) Defeat the Jadewater Spirit on extreme difficulty 30p
I was just getting warmed up Defeat the Jadewater Spirit on extreme difficulty with every in the team being frozen at least once 30p
People on the List Get all the achievements from the Ice World 30p
Instance 170p
Name Objective Reward
Water Jade River Collect Water Jade 30 times 10p
Life 10p
Total 405p + 1 Song + 1 Avatar

Books[edit | edit source]

Information about this place can be found in some books: