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Battle pass is an item that you can purchase for real money, or play through the first steps for free.

Battle pass
Battlepass first look

The Battle Pass feature will not be available at the time of release and will only find its way into the game with the summer event at the end of July.

You can access the Battle Pass via the "Daily Login" interface window. In the stream, the tab was still "Themed Season", which will probably only get its final name a few weeks after the official release.

The Battle Pass is divided into two areas. Once the normal area (free track), which is playable and free of charge for everyone. And the paid part (premium track), which will cost around 10 euros. You will be able to earn consumables and vanity items that can only be acquired through the Battle Pass. You can activate the feature with in-game currency. The Battle Pass Season lasts between 6 - 8 weeks.

Second Battle Pass has been confirmed to come in September 2021.

Back slot: Mermaid
Back slot: Mermaid

Furthermore, there are progression points in the Battle Pass interface that can be earned with certain quests (PvE, PvP and leisure activities).

Battle pass quests

Activation[edit | edit source]

In the Battle Pass interface you will also find the button to activate the premium feature for 1900 Crimson points.

Battle pass activation interface
Battle pass activation interface