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Lotus Fragrance Robe (Clarity)
An armour piece with Base and quality bonus attributes

Swords of Legends Online will have six basic attributes, Stamina, Fortune, Power, Agility, Skill, Wisdom.

Each Class and their specialization will have one of the attributes as a main stat.

While they are a total of 6 attributes available, only these 4 are are considered an main attribute; Power, Agility, Skill, & Mind.

While they are 3 major roles in game, Damage, Tank and Healing.

Note: *The Ones Marked in Brackets () are unofficial Translations

Basic Attributes[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Gear Level Total Gear Level
Stamina Increase HP
Dexterity Increase Concentration
Power Pending
Agility Increases Agility (Phy atk, Phy Str, Crit Rate)
Skill Increase Magic Attack, Increase Magic Power, Increase chance of Magic Crit
Wisdom Increase Wisdom (Magic Atk, Magic Crit Rate, Healing Effect)

Attack Attributes[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Physical Atttack Physical Damage Output
Magic Attack Magic Damage Output / Healing Output
Physical Strength Increase Physical Attack by %
Magic Power Increase magic attack by % / Increase heling effect by %
Mastery Improves mastery by %, Increases certain skills by %
Crit Hit Rate Increase the chance of Crits by % & Extra Crit Damage Increase. This stat is reduced in PVP / Extra Crit Heal increases
Perception (Accuracy)* Increase concentration
Haste Increases haste level. Reduced skill cooldowns, increase “Mana” regeneration, reduces charging time and speeds up DOT damage. Attack and healing mastery is reduced by in PVP.
Total Phy Attack Total Phy Attack
Total Mag Attack Total Magic Attack
Aggro Increase Basic Aggro
Healing Effect Increases Basic Healing

Defense Attributes[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Phy Defence Level Reduces Phy Damage Taken by %
Mag Defence Level Reduces Magc Damage Taken by %
PVE Damage Reduction Reduces Damage from NPCs by %
Crit Resistance Increases Crit Resistance for both PVE and PVP
Prescience Rate (Dodge/Block Rate*) Increase Prescience by
Prescience Effect (Dodge/Block Rate*) Increases Prescience by + Reduces damage from Prescience by %
Healing Effect Increases healing effect by + Increases healing effect %

Mastery Attributes[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Defence Upgrade Defence increases by x with active tank mastery. Additional defence bonus increases by %
Attack Upgrade Increase tank mastery (Increase attack depending on gear level with full defensive gear (not pvp gear)), healing mastery (increases attack depending on gear level with full healing gear) and DPS by Mastery by %
Increase Aggro Aggro incrased by % with active tank spec
Healing Upgrade Healing increases by % with active healing spec

PVP Attributes[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Tenacity Damage taken is reduced by %, Reduces crit

hit damage from players by %

Hundred Strikes Effective damage/healing in PVP increased by %
PVP Attack Increase PVP attack
PVP Healing Increase PVP defense

Dream Walker Attributes[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Dreamwalker Attack Increases attack by x in certain Dreamwalker instaces
Dreamwalker Healing Increases healing by x in certain Dreamwalker instaces
Dreamwalker Strength Increased Increases Strength by % in certain Dreamwalker instaces
Dreamwalker Strength Level Increases Strength by x le certain Dreamwalker instaces
Dreamwalker Defensive Level Increases Defensive by x le certain Dreamwalker instaces
Dreamwalker Total HP Increases Total by % hp certain Dreamwalker instaces

Other Attributes[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Movement Speed Incrase movement speed by %
Regeneration Increases regeneration rate by %
Loot Luck Increasesd Loot Luck which improves Drop rates and Identification
XP Boost Increases EXP gain by %
Elixir Boost Increase elixir effectiveness by %
Gourmet Increase attack/defense/support food effects by %
Cooking Boost % chance of increasing the effects of cooking
Master Chef % chance of increasing the number of meals
Food Duration Incrase food effect duration by x minutes
Fishing Boost % chance of getting extra loot from Gold of the Four Seas
Fishing Boost 2 Increases Range for gold of the four seas by %
Fast Fishing Reduces casting time for Gold of the Four Seas by %
Gold of the Four Seas Receives DuplicateProducts % probability of receiving products from Gold of the Four Seas Twice
Harvest Boost Increases chance of increasing harvest amount by %
Harvest Speed Reduces harvesting time by %
Harvest Quality % chance of getting high quality products
Residence Boost % chance of receiving building materials for residence
Sagacity Duration Increases acuity duration by %
Sagacity Trigger Chance Increases chance of triggering acuity effect by %
Artisan Effect Increaqses speed for acquiring craftsmanship mastery by %
Master Extractor Increases chance of extracting high quality materials by %
Refinement Duration Reduced Reduces refinement duration by %
Refinement Cooldown Reduced Reduce refinement cooldown by %
Crafting Duration Reduced Reduces Crafting duration by %
Master Crafter % chance of receiving extras when crafting consumables
Thrifty Crafter % chance of using less money when crafting
Chance to use less essence when crafting Chance of using less essency by crafting
Treasure Hunter increase chance of getting Treasure Maps
Map Accurarcy Increases Treasure Map Accurarcy by %
Treasure Master Reduce Casting time by Exchanging Treasure Map Items
Quick Treasure Reduce Time to Locate Treasures by Compass
Trial and Error Increasy daily limit for resetting Treasure maps by 5+X
Deep Pockets Increase purchase limit for Treasure Maps by

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Loot Luck[edit | edit source]

Useless in Raids/Dungeons, but it's efficiency shows in the open world.

Meaning – Let’s take the gathering as an example, in addition to the gathering of five types of items, there are also five types of auxiliary materials that you can gather.

So Loot Luck represents the extra materials obtained, and it doesn’t only increase the drop amount of the items, but also increases the drop rate of these items.

For checking ways of increasing this attribute, see Loot Luck page.