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Astral Blessings are Chooseable Abilities (passive / active) which can change the playstyle.

Summoner Astral Blessings.png

Every Mastery grants to choose 5 of them from at least 10 (up to 15 probably), depending on the Class and Mastery

Spearmaster (Melee DPS and Tank)[edit | edit source]

Spearmaster has the Mastries General and Phalanx

General[edit | edit source]

1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option
Name Effect Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5

Phalanx[edit | edit source]

1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option
Name Effect Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1 Race To Heaven.png Race to Heaven The charge of "Clouded Hand" increases by 2. Preparing for War.png Preparing for War "Heavenly Fang" applies 3s "Dragon's Roar" effect to the target. Cloud Fang.png Cloud Fang "Clouded Hand" can also force 2 enemy targets to attack each other. The time to charge is reduced for "Heavenly Fang" by 5s.
Tier 2 Indestructible.png Indestructible Controll immunity and 25% Damage Reduction for the next 3 hits. 4.5s channel, 40s cooldown Great Wall.png Great Wall 40% Damage Reduction for 0.4s. 50% of the damage you would have received you take over the next 10s instead. If an attack was successfully parried, inflict some damage to the attacker, transform "Dragon Tooth Variants" into "Northern Lights Flame Spear" and reduce the cooldown of "Great Wall" by 5s. 0.4s channel, 25s cooldown.
Tier 3 Dragon Leap.png Dragon Leap Reduce the cooldown of "Dragon's Roar" and "Comprehensive Defence" by 30%. Brave General.png Brave General Increases the damage of "Great Wall" by 1000% and it taunts the target. Additionally, after a successful block transform "Dragon Cleaver" into "Dragons' Subjugation". "Dragons' Subjugation" increases the duration of "Dragon's Roar" by 8s. After using "Indestructible" gain a 50% physical attack buff and increase the aggro generation from "Dragon Tooth" and "Dragon Cleaver" for 12s. Guard Mountains.png Guard Mountains The channel of "Great Wall" is increase by 0.2s. Indestructible parries up to 3 attacks.
Tier 4 Very Courageous.png Very Courageous "Sacrifice" additionally gives you the buff "Strong Effect: Unrestricted" which decreases damage taken by 50% for 6s. Alter of Heroic Souls.png Alter of Heroic Souls During "Sacrifice", every hit you land is automatically followed up by a second which grants medium threat and a stack of "Diligence" (up to 10). Each stack of "Diligence" increases your physical attack and concentration by 1%. Raise the Weapon.png Raise the Weapon Increases crit resistance by 5%. Sacrifice taunts enemies within 15m and has its cooldown reduced by 25%. Whenever "Wrath of the Spear" is used while sacrifice is up, you are granted a shield equal to 6% of your HP.
Tier 5 Comprehensive Defence.png Comprehensive Defence Increases the damage reduction of "Comprehensive Defence" for both you and team members behind you. Additionally. "Comprehensive Defence" grants 15% physical attack and has its cooldown reduced by 20s. Turtle Protection.png Turtle Protection Perform "Wrath of the Spear" to enter the "Turtle Protection" state. Exit the stance with "Dragon Cleaver". After performing combat skills, the nearest 5 team members within 15m gain 20% damage resistance Phalanx Defence.png Phalanx Defence You suffer 100% damage on behalf of a team member for 3s on a 95s cooldown.

for more lookup the Spearmaster Page

Berserker (Melee DPS and Tank)[edit | edit source]

Berserker has the Mastries Slayer and Drunken Master

Slayer[edit | edit source]

1st Option 2nd Option
Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1 Sun Shooting Style.png Sun Shooting Style Cloudripper can only be charged once and deals as much damage as when its fully charged.

A hit with Solar Rider restores 20 Point(s) Strike. The cooldown of Overlord and Windbreaker Wine is also reduced by 2.4s.

Swallow Hunt Style.png Swallow Hunt Style A Phantom can be created with Solar Rider.
Tier 2 Scary Sky.png Scary Sky If the charge of Cloudripper causes damage to the target, the damage is increased by up to 28% depending on the number of Strikes used.

If the number of charged Strikes exceeds 55, the damage is increased by an additional 24%. (Torn Clouds can take effect.)

Flying Feather.png Flying Feather The damage dealt when a Phantom disappears is increased by 50%. The second stack of Phantom Storm causes phantom to charge at targets within a radius of 20 meters (PvP: 8 meters), dealing AoE damage.
Tier 3 Traceless Phantom.png Traceless Phantom The regeneration of Strikes when casting Killing without Trace is increased to 30 points. The next Cloudripper within 10sec. is a 4-layer-charge. Cloud without Trace.png Cloud Without Trace Killing without Trace does not consume any Edge. After casting charged Cloudrippers, each charge shortens the cooldown of Killing without Trace by 1s.
Tier 4 Overlord.png Overlord Replaces the Vortex Style with the Overlord Style. Vortices and Thunder.png Vortices and Thunder After activating Vortex Style, the target of the next two uses of Phantom Storm is rooted for 5 sec.

If a target is hit by multiple Whirlwind Phantoms, the damage increases by 10% (to a maximum of 50%). (this upper limit increases by 10% for every 3% haste.)

Tier 5 Supping from the River.png Supping from the River In the Windbreaker status, Strikes received through Wind Cleaver increases by 100% and the damage by Voracious Wolf Strike increases by 20%. The damage of Cloudripper increases by 20% and its charge speed is increased further. Rewarding a Good Deed.png Rewarding a Good Deed In Windbreaker state, every 3rd Wind Cleaver creates a phantom.

Drunken Master[edit | edit source]

1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option
Name Effect Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1 Getting Drunk.png Getting Drunk The intervall between automatic periods of intoxication is shortened by 3.5s. From Swallow to Shadow.png From Swallow to Shadow Every 25s the next Rainbow Shadow does not consume any Intoxication.
Tier 2 Expensive Wine.png Expensive Wine The Drink Up skill cannot be predicted, and the damage and aggro effect is increased by 30%. Pour Wine.png Pour Wine A hit with Drink Up restores 3 Edge Drunken Feiguang.png Drunken Feiguang If the Drink Up skill hits, the next Light Smash within the next 10sec. will not consume any Intoxication
Tier 3 Cloud Front.png Cloud Front The recharge speed of Cloudrippers is increased by 30%. Wind Searcher.png Wind Searcher If you are not in Wind Rider state, the crit resistance will be increased by 6%.

In Wind Rider state, the crit hit rate will increase by 10%.

Tier 4 Look for Soulmates.png Look for Soulmates If you are attacked while in Headwind Style, 1 point of Intoxication is restored immediately. A maximum of 2 points of Intoxication can be restored while active. Headwind Style.png Heroically into Battle If you HP is less than 50% during Headwind, the healing effect is enhanced by 15%.
Tier 5 Chasing the Wind.png Chasing the Wind Drunkenness cooldown is reduced by 20s. Rage of the Mountain cooldown is reduced by 10s. Quiet Counter-Attack.png Quiet Counter-attack Can trigger a precision block within 0.7 seconds of casting Headwind, which also reduces incurred damage by an additional 5% and restores 10 Edge points.

for more lookup the Berserker Page

Reaper (Melee DPS and Support)[edit | edit source]

Reaper has the Mastries Assassin and Occultist

Assassin[edit | edit source]

1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option
Name Effect Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1 Moth poison - low res.png Moth Poison The duration of Heart Eater is extended to 36s and cannot be reset any other way

- Heart Eater cannot be dispelled

- War Moon consumes 3 Incantations

When War Moon hits a target and that target has 3 Heart Eater stacks that you have added, thje target receives 1 stack of the Moth Cloud effect

Moth Poison is triggeredn when 3 Moth Cloud stacks are reached, dealing ___ damage to the target within 12s (affected by haste)

Thousand Broken Hearts - low res.png Thousand Broken Hearts - Heart Eater can stack 4 times

- If the target has not been inflicted with Heart Eater, the probability of being dealt 2 stacks directly increases to 100%

Tier 2 Moonset - low res.png Moonset - If Heart eater deals damage, you will receive 2 stacks of Moonset: Darkness for every stack of Heart Eater

- If Moth poison deals damage, you will receive 15 layers of Moonset: Darkness for every stack of Moth Poison

- 100 stacks of Moonset: Darkness are transformed into 1 War Moon: Darkness stack (max 2)

- Performing War Moon triggers the War Moon: Darkness effect

Once War Moon: Darkness reaches the max number of stacks, Spirit Strike, Moon Sickle and Heart Eater can also be triggered

Morning Light - low res.png Morning Light The range of War Moon is increased by 2m and hit targets are slowed

If War Moon hits a target, enemies within are radius of 8m are infected with Heart Eater

You receive 1 Morning Light stack with every infected enemy (max 5)

The Buff last for 8s and cannot be reset during the time

Every Morning Light stack increases the attack of War Moon by 6% (30%)

Resting State - low res.png Resting State If War Moon hits a target:

Duration of Heart Eater is reset

The respective Heart Eater stack increased the attack of War Moon by 5/9/18/42%

Tier 3 Winter Sacrifice - low res.png Winter Sacrifice The cooldown of Wheel of frost is increased to 20s

Within 8s of casting Wheel of Frost, the interval for Heart Eater is reduced 50%

If the target is a player, received healing is reduced by 65% for 6.5s

Rime Month Lamp - low res.png Rime Month Lamp The cooldown of Wheel of Frost is increased to 30s

Once damage has been dealt using Wheel of Frost, you receive the effect Rime Month Lampf for 15s, which has following effects:

- Damage dealt by War Moon increased by 55% (25% PvP)

- Damage dealt by Heart eater increases by 60%

Once the effect ends, you will receive the White Moon for 6s, which causes following:

- Damage dealt by War Moon is reduced by 45% (25 in PvP)

Night's End Lantern - low res.png Night's end Lantern The damage conversion rate of Light of Silence increases by 50%

The crit hit rate by 10%

Tier 4 Marionette - low res.png Marionette grants skill Marionette Maggot Awakening - low res.png Maggot Awakening If Heart Eater/Moth Poison deal damage, there is a 28%/18% chance to regenerate HP and receive Maggot Awakening effect

If Incantations are below 6, the Maggot Awakening effect is removed and you receive up to 4 stacks of Incantation

Tier 5 Life & Death - low res.png Life & Death grants skill Life & Death Silent Summoning - low res.png Silent Summoning In combat, the duration of Dust Bringer ist extended by 7s and you cannot be controlled by external influence

In Dust Bringer: Targets which have 4 stacks of Heart eater receive 115% more damage from it

The interval for regenerating Incantations is reduced by 50%

Occultist[edit | edit source]

1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option
Name Effect Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1 Endless Green - low res.png Endless Green Mana consumption of Enchanting Lotus is reduced by 30%,

the simple amount healed is increased to 40 and the interval is reduced by 25%

Moonlight at the beach - low res.png Moonlight at the Beach After using, Sea Fog, ___ Points are additional regenerated for 3 injured friendly targets within 10 metres of the main target Skeletons - low res.png Skeletons The simple charge level of Blood Circulation Summoning is reduced by 2s
Tier 2 Snake Drinking Dew - low res.png Snake Drinking Dew The Sacred Snake Spirit no longer attacks enemy targets

If Sacred Snake Spirit is not within range of Magic Lotus, it heals the team member with the lowest amount of HP within 18m for ___ points Hp every second.

In addition if Sacred Snake Spirit is within range, the healing affects 2 other friendly targets extra within 10m.

Furthermore, the meam member with the lowest HP receives the Healing Haze effect for 3s

Three Dispersions of the body - low res.png Three Dispersions of the body Healing Haze continuously regenerates ___ HP every second and grants the ally with the lowest HP within 20m Healing Haze for 2s every 6s

When performing Snake Handler, friendly target within 12m regenerates ___ HP

If you're also affected by Snake Handler, the time it takes for Healing Haze to spread is halved

Snake in the Clouds - low res.png Snake in the Clouds The Sacred Snake Spirit no longer attack enemy targets

Every time someone is healed by Sea Fog, the Sacred Snake Spirit heals the team member with the lowest amount of HP within 18m for ___ HP and bestows a Healing Haze on them for 3s

Tier 3 Life Prayer - low res.png Life Prayer Heart-Rending Worms affects all team members within 30m, while cooldown is extended by 20s

Within the first 10s, the player's healing effect is increased by 20%, while preventing healing effects from all other sources

Blood Oath - low res.png Blood Oath Grants the Skill Blood Oath
Tier 4 Star Spell- Call - low res.png Star Spell: Call Star Spell: Rest can be used immediately at a selected location, but will no longer have a sharing effect and its cooldown is extended by 60s

Also it protects teammates within range of the totem from death for 8s (2min Cooldown)

Heals for ___ HP when the effect ends.

If a teammate is fatally injured while the effect is active, the amount healed is increased by 10% for 15s

(cannot be triggered if the damage is more than double your own max HP)

Star Displacement - low res.png Star Displacement Star Spell: Rest reduces the damage suffered by teammates within range of totem to 15% Nüwa's Ritual formation - low res.png Nüwa's Ritual formation Grants the Skill Nüwa's Ritual formation
Tier 5 Elapsed Time - low res.png Elapsed Time The basic cooldown for Elapsed Time is extended to 54s

HP consumption is increased to 20% and duration extended to 15s

The amount healed is increased to 15%

The maximum number of friendly targets that Blood Circulation can affect is increased to 8

Essence Augmentation - low res.png Essence Augmentation The effectiveness of Spirit Growth: Healing increases by 30%

Spirit Growth also gives the Soul Bond target Spirit Growth: Healing

Any damage suffered by the Soul Bond target reduces the cooldown of Spirit Growth by 0.3s

for more lookup the Reaper page

Summoner (Ranged DPS and Support)[edit | edit source]

Summoner has the Mastries Nature's Wrath and Nüwa's Blessing

Nature's Wrath[edit | edit source]

1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option
Name Effect Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1 Radiant Skylight high res.png Radiant Skylight base rate of Stone Pylon / Spirit Beaver's Breaker Seal is increased by 30%

Haste increased the chance by 30%.

Breaker Seal can be stacked up to 6 times.

Racing Fire and Flame Curse added a stack of Excess Light, every 15 stacks can be converted Excess Light for 16 sec.

While active you can use 1 additional Bright Light regardless of Cooldown (for every 10% haste the stacknumber required is reduced by 1, the minimum is 10)

While equipped the following skills are selected: Bright Light, Golden Feather, Sunset and Phoenix Strike

Eastern Sun.png Eastern Sun While equipped you can summon Mingshi.

Damage increases by 13%

while equipped the following skills are selected: Beautiful Haze and Nüwa's Light Beam

Tier 2 Goddess Nüwa's Belevolent Blessing high res.png Goddess Nüwa's

Benevolent Blessing

The damage of each level of Bright Light also adds a Breaker Seal to the target.

The second hit causes all breaker Seals on the target to detonate.

White Sun has a 10% chance of casting an additional Breaker Seal

Goddess Nüwa's Favour.png Goddess Nüwa's Favour The Duration of the sunshine-buff is extended by 100%

The Damage of Mingshi / Stone Pylons is increased by 30% if targets HP is lower 50%.

If Mingshi deals damage while sunshine-buff, 3p Soulforce are regenerated.

Tier 3 Way of Life.png Way of Life Increased probability of triggering Breaker Seal by 20% and detonation damage by 25% Blessing astral blessing.png Blessing Changes Sunshine into Blessing Séance high res - fixed size.png Séance After Nüwa Rune got consumed, you have a 10% chance (for 5 sec) of receiving an additional Nüwa Rune slot.

Meanwhile White Sun turns into Stone Pylon

(Every unsuccessful attempt at triggering increases the chance for the next time by 2%)

Tier 4 Thousand Trials and Tribulations high res.png Thousand Trials

and Tribulations

Meteor Explosion has 2 stacks now.

Damage caused by Meteor Explosion is increased by 50% and the duration of the spirit animal is extended by 8 sec

PVP: If target has less than 20%HP, the cooldown is reduced by 80%

Thousand Lightning Bolt.png Thousand Lightning Bolt Soulforce regeneration speed is increased by 40% during Meteor Explosion.

You receive 2 Excess Light stacks upon successful completion.

Flame Curse can receive an additional 2 additional stacks for the duration of Meteor Explosion

Life Renewal.png Life Renewal Meteor Explosion puts all spirit animals in the Sunshine state for 16 sec.

Also, if Nüwa's Light Beam is in combat status, Meteor Explosion adds 3 stacks of Nüwa's Light Beam and you receive 1 stack of the Nüwa's Light Beam effect.

If you use White Sun during Meteor explosion, you receive the Nüwa's Light Beam effect.

Tier 5 Frewell to the Rain Swan.png Farewell to the

Rain Swan

If Blossom Twinkle is performed, Cooldown for Spirit Dove is resettet and you will receive the effect Farewell to the Rain Swan.

While in effect, damage suffered is reduced by 25%.

If you suffer damage you perform a counter-attack (minimum interval of 0.5sec).

Butterfly in the Rain.png Butterfly in the Rain After performing Blossom Twinkle:

Astral Blessing Radiant Skylight, the first 2 Breaker Seals which detonates within 10sec, apply an addition Seal of the Phoenix effect to the target

Astral Blessing easter Sun, adds one charge to Nüwa's Light Beam

Nüwa's Blessing[edit | edit source]

1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option
Name Effect Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1 Sunflower Mirror high res.png Sun Mirror Flower grant the skill Sun Mirror Flower Flowers in Full Bloom high res.png Flowers in Full Bloom grants the Skill Flowers in Full Bloom Coalesce high res.png Coalesce grants the Skill Coalesce
Tier 2 Moluo- Protection.png Moluo: Protection grants the Skill Moluo: Protection Moluo- Healing.png Moluo: Healing grants the Skill Moluo: Healing
Tier 3 Falling Clouds high res fixed size.png Falling Clouds Heavy Mists converts +30% (100%) of healing mist into instant heal

Heavy Mist causes the Healing Light effect to nearby targets, with 70% of the remaining healing, being activated immediately.

Increase Heavy Mist stack to 5 and reduces cooldown to 4 seconds

Healing Flush high res.png Healing Flush Increases heal of Healing Mist by 12%

If target doesn't already have Healing Light, the cast of Healing Light grants 2 stacks.

If the HP of a target with healing mist drops under 30% the remaining healing instantly gets applied

Tier 4 Sunny Again high res.png Sunny Again Cooldown of Blazing Sun increases by 10% but the number of affected targets is increased to 20 (before 10) Clouds Opening high res.png Clouds Opening Blazing Sun enhances the healing effect for 8 sec by 5%
Tier 5 Blossom high res.png Blossom Moluo takes blue colour and Moluo skill turns into Blossom Breeze high res.png Breeze Passive: Increase amount healed through Moluo by 10%,

While Breeze is in effect: 30MP of the caster is regenerated (half in PVP)

-- Moluo takes yellow colour and Moluo skill turns into Breeze

Perfume high res.png Perfume Moluo taked red colour and Moluo skill turns into Perfume

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Bard (Ranged DPS and Support)[edit | edit source]

Bard has the Mastries Dissonance and Harmony

Dissonance[edit | edit source]

1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option
Name Effect Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1 Double Brightness.png Double Brightness Hoarfrost City.png Hoarfrost City
Tier 2 Five Spirit Damage Spell.png Five Spirit Damage Spell Spell of Transience.png Spell of Transcience
Tier 3 Oblique.png Oblique Bring the Wind.png Bring the Wind
Tier 4 Dancing Notes.png Dancing Notes Thunder Wind.png Thunder Wind Wise Attitude.png Wise Attitude
Tier 5 Strings of Shang.png Strings of Shang Lightning Bolt.png Lightning Bolt Pentatonic Harmony.png Pentatonic Harmony

Harmony[edit | edit source]

1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option
Name Effect Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1 3 Stacks.png 3 Stacks Spring Orchid.png Spring Orchid
Tier 2 Dancing Orchids.png Dancing Orchids Rivers of Clouds.png Rivers of Clouds
Tier 3 Flowing Spring.png Flowing Spring Soulmate.png Soulmate Hoarfrost.png Hoarfrost
Tier 4 Solid Ground.png Solid Ground Exuberant.png Exuberant
Tier 5 Bi Chaosheng.png Bi Chaosheng Change of Strings.png Change of Strings

for more lookup the Bard Page

Spellsword (Ranged DPS and Melee DPS)[edit | edit source]

Spellsword has the Mastries Sword Artist and Bladestorm

Sword Artist[edit | edit source]

1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option
Name Effect Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5

Bladestorm[edit | edit source]

1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option
Name Effect Name Effect Name Effect
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5

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